Mystic! May Allah guide and help us always.

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  • darkestaura 3d

    I guess that the blinding lightning and the powerful thunder which brightened my sky is the epilogue of my story.

  • darkestaura 3d

    My reality fantasy world made of true lies and My imperfectly perfect mistakes drove me cleverly insane which paved way to my dark bright universe.

  • darkestaura 1w

    Why is life so hard sometimes?
    It mostly seems like a drag.
    I really haven't lost anything at all
    But I've lost all interests.
    Why can't I be so strong when I know that I'm right?
    Is it the feeling that I might be wrong?
    It hurts to not reach people expectations.
    I don't wanna give any excuses and I won't
    Will I be given a chance if I take up responsibility for the mistakes?
    Ahhh.. Who knows gotta try..
    I guess every thing is a lesson even if I don't wanna learn
    I'm taught the lessons the hard way
    So I can't help but learn even though it's not what I want..
    I just wish none of my efforts go waste
    I wish I live with dignity
    I wish I can settle the storm in me
    And remain calm no matter what the situation is.

  • darkestaura 3w

    If you make me feel down, won't I strive hard to reach the top?
    If you make me feel I'm worthless, won't I search for what makes me worthy?
    If you think I'm a fool, won't I show you who the real fool is?
    If you keep showing me how hard reality is, won't I live in the fantasy and show you how easily you could live?
    If you keep annoying me, won't I show you every time how much u mean to me?
    If you feel orphaned, won't I show you the way to home?
    I always feel like we are on the extreme ends, we always get stronger in the end, no matter what the struggle is.

  • darkestaura 4w

    Everytime I was so cautious of everything.
    Everything seemed to change as I started to get rid of heaviness a little.
    The sad part of our story is that I did know you but not anymore.
    But you know I can't give up on you just like that.
    Idk what happened and ik it's beyond my knowledge,
    And I never deal with things which are beyond my knowledge
    And that's what I'm taught
    What are you scared of?
    Being misjudged, oh come on haven't we seen enough already?
    Sometimes even I do feel bad of being misjudged
    The truth is I'm not a good person,
    And it breaks me apart.
    But my intentions weren't those..
    Everytime I remain silent and ask myself was I aiming for the stars?
    And was I forgetting my beautiful circle?
    A strong no is all I give myself.
    I'm hella tired of being hurt,
    If that's your intention just leave.
    From the moment I started to realize that me inking my feelings in a blank space just gets darker,
    Nothing seems surprising these days I'm fine with anything and everything.
    The world doesn't stop for you, if you stop.
    You'll be left to watch the things reaching forward and forgetting you.
    The clock ticks and people tricks you.

  • darkestaura 5w

    Fluctuating are the people around us,
    Based on the situation that people stays or leaves,
    The weakness are all buried long back,
    Tears stays stagnant,
    It's the piercing memories which remains,
    The things that l get addicted to never gives happiness,
    But can't stop myself from finishing it.
    Everything starts to have an end.

  • darkestaura 6w

    Sometimes I close my eyes to feel the things which I didn't pay attention,
    As the things around me engulfed me.
    But when I do it now all I hear is your piercing cry because of continuous betrayals.
    All I felt was I wasn't capable of doing anything,
    I can't take away the pain from you,
    All we can do is share a little.
    So long I never felt the small things were causing a big impact on me.
    I always want to stay away from my people,
    Because I can't handle the way that makes me feel like a wimp.
    From your point I might look like that.
    But I never cared about being judged at any point,
    Because I know I can't change the way you think and so I never bothered about it.
    What is so wrong with me being me?
    All I feel is numbness now,
    I'm Tired and weariness put me down.
    But I can't stay there any longer,
    I'm really done this time.
    I breathe..
    Thoughts going round and round
    I'm navie or I pretend to be naive to the things going around.
    I don't know what is happening,
    Or what happened or what's going to happen..
    But I know everything happens for a reason.
    And it'll be such a relief to have a clear vision after everything settles down.
    We are just humans
    So we suffer and learn in the end.

  • darkestaura 6w

    For all the down phrases of our lives I believe that it'll pay off someday,
    Everytime what I realize is how much ever we wanna let go of the troubles,
    It keeps coming back.
    How much ever we do things for the world it never seems enough.
    You know what?
    Even a small little thing could hurt sometime,
    All I think of is if someone can't understand a small thing they could never understand the bigger stuffs,
    But I just say myself it's just the small stuffs in life,
    People with bigger problems are putting up with life so beautifully,
    The way we lead our lives matters,
    Sharing our problems with someone isn't going to solve our problems.
    We must stand for ourselves even when no one does.
    It's not easy and I know it but getting deprived of life never helps.
    Do you know why you should love yourself sometimes?
    There will be moments where you love and hate yourself at the same moment,
    But only when you accept yourself and stop justifying yourself when wrong,
    Will actually make you feel light,
    The heaviness won't weigh down on you anymore,
    All you gotta do is change the way you think.
    Let our only motive be to reach jannah,
    And before that we must prove we are worthy.

  • darkestaura 6w

    I don't know why it happens,
    Maybe he test us to make us stronger
    But what if as time passes
    I realize that I'm actually so weak?
    It's okay..
    Because I did realize you gave me my hands to wipe of my tears,
    Because I did realize that everytime I fell
    I had my legs to be back on my feet.
    Because I did realize that everytime you was there by my side.
    And I trust in you everything is gonna be ok.
    Alhamdulillah for everything I learnt and I'm learning.
    I hope someday I'll prove that leaning onto someone in this world is completely unnecessary.

  • darkestaura 7w

    Why is it so hard to tell you that I miss you.. But I'll never ever disturb you..
    #wod #postcard

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    Dear homie,
    It's really been so hard without you,
    We were together through everything.
    Hand in hand all the way we go,
    Till the roads end.
    Sometimes it's the lack of tears which tears me apart,
    But everytime I think about you tears make it's way home.
    Couldn't find the right words to tell you,
    But hoping for the best for you.
    Smile a little brighter for me.