darkness never dies

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  • dark_writers 28w

    The pain that I don't feel..

    A bullet goes through my heart
    Everyone thinks he die really hard
    But no one knows that inside I'm too dark
    That I have no heart..

  • dark_writers 29w

    When God peeking from his side:

    Every single time I check on my children
    I cried silently with thousands of crystal falling from my eyes.

  • dark_writers 29w

    Edge of Darkness

    I run on the line of rejection & pain
    In the end the feeling doesn't matter to me.
    I feel like a dead body, living in this world
    Where the feeling of pain & happiness are just words where I forget how's these feeling ever feel like. This line some people called it the edge of darkness world.

  • dark_writers 30w

    Kite fest

    Fly together
    Happiness to be in air
    Feels like no one can stop you now
    Kite struggle by cutting other down
    But everything has end
    At last someone break your thread
    And that what make you heartless
    Till you fly another kite...

  • dark_writers 31w

    I just tell my mind
    Stop thinking
    So we can live Afterlife

  • dark_writers 31w

    Love War

    Everyone stuck in delusion of
    LOVE and WAR,,
    Every War Starts for Love & end on love
    Every Love is cause of War & end by war...

  • dark_writers 32w

    Fest Love

    Winter is kind a fest of love
    Where you love to be cupid
    By being stupid..

  • dark_writers 32w


    In the darkest hour
    Of darkest Night
    I gonna Hug you
    Full tight...

  • dark_writers 32w

    Don't Stop just go for it.

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    Abhimanyu son of Lord Arjuna

    I feel like Abhimanyu ( son of lord Arjuna)
    I know how to start and crack my life goals
    But I don't know when to stop
    Until I die.
    Because when you achieve your day to day goal, you go for challenging yourself with harder goals to achieve and become successful instead
    you stop and feel useless ..

  • dark_writers 32w

    Sometimes me more focused in work is the reason for silly mistakes output work...