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  • dark_sunshine_01 28w


    I did not knew this would happen,
    When the lord asked me all of a sudden
    What role you wanna play
    When I send you down to the clay

    I said send me to be the best kind
    The kind who has a soul,body and mind
    I leave the decision on you to decide,
    My gender on earth, by which I'll thrive

    He answered my child ,the one,
    With the fairest soul,body and mind ,
    To them ,the others are not very kind
    They are chewing my creations down
    For their greed ,lust and crimes

    He said, to be the best of the kind ,
    You'll have to pay a heavy price,
    To bear the pain they inflict on you,
    Soak their tears and sorrows in you,

    Live with no respect nor pride,
    Follow the fools alongside,
    Please them forever and never be known
    Child, would you Live forever just to owe

    I smiled at him ,
    looked straight into his eyes, and replied
    I will go and fight to survive
    But as a foolish autarch, I won't abide


  • dark_sunshine_01 29w

    You shouldn't.......

    If the time it took to build it,
    Was longer, than the time
    it took to shatter and fall
    There's no need to try
    To save from the ruins

    The effort it took to create
    Were harder than
    the effort it took to destroy

    Nothing's worth saving there.......


  • dark_sunshine_01 29w

    I stand strong
    Damn ! M strong

    I was a fool to not understand
    What happened
    It'll never not be untrue
    That you didn't saw "the girl " in me
    You saw " just a girl" in me

    M may be I m just a girl
    Unknown with the plays and tricks
    That I could be played upon

    Even now ........
    I can't believe I felt for you
    I can't believe I saw in you

    But you don't have to think yourself as the man that you think you are
    You fell for my wit which ended up being crushed by only you
    I wasn't stupid
    Until you made me be one


  • dark_sunshine_01 29w

    Does it not?

    The more you get hurt
    The less you feel the pain
    With time your newness fades
    And you feel numb against the change


  • dark_sunshine_01 30w

    Back again

    I Am feeling it again
    After Being dead for so long
    M being good again
    M behaving polite again
    I feel the change

    I feel the hormones rushing
    After so long
    They were desperate
    To function
    They create heat inside me
    Awakening an urge
    To be okay again

  • dark_sunshine_01 30w

    Kim namjoon

    I don't love him for an idol
    I love him for the person he is

    he's like my sorrow for not walking while I am flying
    he's the soul I think of when m sad
    he's the person I compare people to

    he's the shine and glitter
    he's a poet and writer
    he's deep and thoughtful
    he's clumsy but careful

    I relate to him the most
    I understand the struggles
    he went through
    I don't know him
    but I know him

    he's not a prince ,
    he's not a king
    he's a person ,
    who cannot sing (°=°)

    he wrote a song
    for what he felt
    for the things
    he wanted to have

    in the back of their videos
    you'll see him
    playing on his phone
    but I see the pressure on his brows

    he runs, he walks
    he fades ,he shows
    his power ,his nature
    his love , this creature!

    I don't know him
    but I know him

    more than anything
    I wish I could tell him this
    by myself

    or if he could read this

    but I know
    he works
    he works for us

    bcz he loves us the most
    and that's why I understand him
    why I relate to him
    bcz he cares for others
    more than himself

  • dark_sunshine_01 30w

    I made a mistake
    I shared my secret
    I thought they could carry it
    But got crushed under it, instead.

  • dark_sunshine_01 30w


    I am not ashamed
    Not for myself or for my deeds
    I feel no guilt
    Not for my words or my intentions
    I just feel bad
    Bad for those nights
    I stayed up to pull you up
    The cold freezing nights
    When you needed help
    And I chose to fill you up

    I regret
    I really regret
    Not my actions
    But the people
    I choose
    To invest my emotions

  • dark_sunshine_01 30w

    The person who is funniest the most
    is the scariest when mad

  • dark_sunshine_01 30w

    I am right..... Right?

    They call you beautiful
    "you're blessed with this gift"
    All they see is this
    When they don't know
    The price I pay

    I break hearts.....
    I hurt people.....
    I choke their feelings
    And emotions to death
    I feel responsible
    For somebody else's deeds

    I burn out of guilt
    And I want this to end
    Only if I could quit
    Being the way I am

    I don't sleep at nights
    I keep apologizing everyone
    To them for loving me
    I am not what you think of me

    My eyes don't turn suddenly blue
    My hair doesn't fly in the wind
    Don't keep these memories stuck as glue
    M not that of a beauty
    which you discover in me

    Them who felt for me were good people
    There were men and women
    They faced something they never deserved
    And They suffered bcz of me

    I know it CANNOT be helped
    No matter how much I try
    I feel sorry for them and
    I never feel tear-dry

    a blessing they call it
    I call it a curse
    When I've intentionally killed souls
    To keep safe mine