red pill in the matrix

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  • dark_moon 25w

    Last night , I teleported us back to May
    When the birds used to sing our song
    And I would call out your name like worship
    Do you remember how the flowers would bloom from our love

  • dark_moon 79w


    I've heard the strange madness growing in your soul
    You understand the derangement of my senses
    Beloved, you are an oasis in this waste land.
    You will always be loved by me

  • dark_moon 97w


    I was a happy island
    Until you decided to sail my seas and awaken a deep curiosity within me

    I let you in , thinking you'd cultivate the lands
    Thinking you'd fill my seas with pearls
    Instead you ran them dry !
    Instead you tried to turn me into the city that had cut you off!
    You'd constantly compare my Bird of paradise to a cellphone tower
    I permitted you to cut down my trees!
    I permitted you to tame my seas!
    All in the name of forever

    All defences cut down. I felt the cold
    "Tell me about the city" I commend
    You spoke about the city
    you spoke with much adoration and yearning
    I saw the love in your eyes
    I saw all you wanted
    I saw all I could never be

    The volcanoes which once were my creation thought of nothing but your ending.My soul resembling an inferno. A hurricane deep inside me began to build up. The seas roared with sorrow and anguish . The sands shivered , the skys wept. The sun sank.

  • dark_moon 99w

    I fell in love

    The red flags were all up
    caution tape around you
    the sirens loud and clear
    All you did was call out my name
    The warning signs became blurry with every step you took towards me
    glitter around caution tapes
    The sirens silenced
    Call it temporary insanity if you must
    But somewhere in between the stares ,the long talks about the mundane parts of life and about celestial beings,holding of hands ,amongst other things, under the table during literature ,as the teacher explained the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet
    I fell in love.
    I fell for your eyes first ,then your mind and the rough feel of your hands, finally, I fell in love with your dark soul .
    "Thus with a kiss I die..."

  • dark_moon 100w

    Bond energy P2

    You'd tell me that we werent living according to any theory or law, that we were special. I believed you because every moment spent with you was purely divine, light on light months of infinite possibilities.We began to forget the "self" and became one. There wasn't a moment where you began and I ended. We just were. Forgetting we ,too, are atoms and that one day, Gilbert Newton Lewis’s findings will be the death of our souls.

  • dark_moon 100w

    Bond energy

    Atoms are said to attract each other through bond energy, the closer they get, the higher the attraction.They then become so close that they begin to repel each other. I personally feel this happens because the atoms lose the "self" and become one, where there isnt a moment one begins and the other ends. foolish atoms thinking they can out run Sir Gilbert Newton Lewis’s findings.

  • dark_moon 101w

    By The Meadow

    dearly beloved,a new moon is forming,it takes me back to the meadow. Where you and I would talk about celestial beings and atoms.I had my hands in the holes of your sweater.A new moon was forming .We both wished we'd die with the moon and wake up in Callisto,not forgetting an umbrella for the stroms in Jupiter .We'd then explore Saturn and go around the rings as if they were ferris wheels.I remember your smile when I told you how we'd have chocolate flavoured ice cream by the milky way.A new moon is forming,I sit here alone,wishing to die with the moon,and explore the unkown

  • dark_moon 101w

    Dim The Lights

    Take your shoes off before you enter,
    for the ground before you is holy
    confess your sins lest thou be punished
    go down on your knees ,sing my praises.
    worship me.
    let me rejuvenate you
    explore the promised land
    allow me to take you out of the physical into the spiritual
    make your desires known unto me, for your wish is my command
    go down on your knees, sing my praises.
    worship me.

  • dark_moon 102w

    Pyrotechnic fantasies

    gasoline? check
    match? check
    gunpowder? check

    we met in a gallery on 5th avenue
    you wore a ripped shirt, black studs and dr.martens
    I approached you
    it might have been the tough guy front or the way you studied Dalì's "Venus and Sailor" which ever it was , you had my attention
    you spoke of the paintings as if they were caged souls wishing to be set free
    later that night we set the city on fire
    later that year you set my soul on fire
    you mentioned how one day we'd get married in the Louvre museum
    you prophesied your love to me
    a month later I discover you to be a false prophet

    The Mona lisa really is lovely. What a pity

    Gasoline? check
    match? check
    gunpowder? check

    Paris is on fire.

  • dark_moon 102w

    Golden hour

    Pastal yellow, violet blue and blush pink paint the sky
    The wind whispers sweet nothings to the field
    The honey birds sing sweet melodies making
    the flowers blush and the bees jealous
    The trees telling legends of old to the baby's-breath
    The sun worships her melanin
    red carnations on your afro
    Us , hand in hand, nothing on our minds but pure bliss
    words seemed trivial .