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  • dark_ink_01 5d

    You are weak until you realise
    Your inner potential.
    And it becomes your strength once you know how to channelise this energy into something meaningful .

    You are weak until you realise
    You're enough being who you are,
    What you do is enough and what you have is enough.
    It becomes your strength when you accept yourself the way you are and you work for making yourself content and proud firstly .

    You are weak until you realise
    That you don't need to define or change yourself for anyone.
    You just have to be the better version of yourself by learning from your past mistakes .

    You are weak until you realise
    You are not supposed to be the one who should be seen as a coward.
    And it's best if you help other people to live with dignity too.

    Once again collab with panda �� @uttkarsh_15

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    You are weak until you realise
    No amount of guilt can solve your past and
    No amount of anxiety can change your future;
    The guilt just drowns you deep in your dark past,
    So it's better to swim out with handful hopes rowing through hurting memories and take good parts from them with you and turn them into some Cherishable moments in your near future.

    So remember to learn from the past and keep an eye on the future,
    Always remember it's often good to be obscure.
    Having your own personal space is necessary too for living a good life with a healthy mind and soul .

    You are weak until you realise
    You are special and unique
    To go far in life is what you should seek.
    You are weak until you realise
    You are brilliant ,
    You prove to to be amazing every day,
    And there is someone who will love you in every way.

  • dark_ink_01 1w

    Ro bhi nahi sakte
    Aur hass bhi nahi sakte,
    Dard-e-zindagi ne gamho
    Aise uljha dala ke,
    Kisi se keh bhi nahi sakte,
    Aur seh bhi nahi sakte.


  • dark_ink_01 2w

    One must have a specified goal for leading a meaningful life.

    Some people become sedentary in life, lose hope and insist on their own pessimism.

    There can be many reasons for such ...
    You may have suffered heavy losses in many areas of life.
    You may have been denied the opportunity to get Recognised or rewarded.
    You may have been cheated upon.
    You may not have received proper encouragement in your area of your interest from an early age.
    You might have lost interest in your life purpose by becoming a drug addict, due to which you may also lose concentration and enthusiasm in your work too...Or
    May be it is because of a breakup in relationship.
    Which can cause many obstacles in the way of having and achieving a specified purpose or goal in life.
    In such a situation, even if you try to ask for help , no one may come forward for help.

    In today's competitive world, it would be a rare chance that anyone will pay attention to you.

    In such a situation, be your own guide and set the goal of your life on your own , and never depend on anyone and always be with yourself if no one does and love yourself too.
    Collab with @uttkarsh_15

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    "Life without a specific target can be such as a ship is caught up in a storm".

    Choose your life goal according to your passion and area of interests.

    Make your objective clear and to the point, and your objective should not be momentary.

    Firstly try to remove the anxiety of doubt from your mind that whether I'll be successful or not.

    Know your objectives , make a plan to fulfill them , work towards your goal and remember "the secret of your success is hidden in your work."

    It is totally normal to have some obstacles and boulders in your journey.
    In such a situation, try not to get distracted and work honestly towards your goal.

    Do not procrastinate your important chores because of the little worries and try to enjoy the process of doing the chores itself.

    When your enthusiasm will be on the skies , only then the obstacles and troubles will be cleared in a moment from the path of your destination.

  • dark_ink_01 3w

    Every obstacle we come across in life gives us an opportunity to improve our circumstances, and whilst the lazy complain, the others are creating opportunities through their kind hearts, generosity, and willingness to get things done.

  • dark_ink_01 4w

    Yes i can understand
    There comes a turning point in all of our lives.
    Where we all are afraid to start a new chapter of life.
    Maybe that turning point is necessary in life.
    Perhaps that turn must have come to show the real faces of people,
    Either to make us aware of our mistakes.
    Whatever the turn is, it comes only to teach us something.
    Learn and grow up.
    (Very easy to say isn't it?) ��
    Yes I understand.
    it's hard to move on
    But how long will you keep reading that incomplete story?
    Maybe it was never meant to be completed?
    Maybe some stories have to be incomplete....


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    The Chapter is over, the page has been turned
    Here's to a new beginning
    One that is for only you to start
    Sometimes the road may seem tough and too long
    Just don't get down because this is where you belong
    The trail you left behind is a great one to follow
    You've become role model
    Your journey has just begun
    Although it may get busy don't forget to stop sometimes and just have fun
    Now the pages are blank ready for you to start
    Enjoy yourself and always follow your heart.

    But never forget your not alone god is always with you.

  • dark_ink_01 4w

    Smiling faces hides the tears,
    Laugh hides the screams.

    Sweet talks hide the hate,
    Laughter hides the enmity.

    It's been this way for years.
    Things aren't as they seem.

    People always seem so happy.
    With not a care in the world.
    But you should know, sadly
    Many things go untold.

    Nobody really knows
    They only know the cover.
    But I wish I could know.

  • dark_ink_01 4w

    My life is misery
    So many things wrong with me
    What's lacking is abstinence and sobriety
    I am broken
    I am damned
    Alone in this world.

    Ohh God
    Kill me please, I beg of you,
    come and take me from this place.
    take away all of my pain,
    please put a smile on my face.

    embrace me warmly in your arms,
    wash me of my dirty sins.
    take my life onto yourself,
    and let the sadness win.

    so kill me now, I ask of you,
    and I will not ask again.
    for you are the one I turn to,
    your the angel of my pain.


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  • dark_ink_01 6w

    Do lafz hi hote hai akhir
    Kisi ko zindagi dete hai
    Aur kisi ki jaan le lete hai,

    Do lafz hi toh hai akhir
    Kisi ko bana dete hai
    Aur kisi ko bikhar dete hai,

    Akhir do lafz hi toh hai....


  • dark_ink_01 7w

    Jisko tumhari zindagi se jaana hai
    Tumhare hazar koshish ke bavjood bhi chala jayega...

    Jisko tumhari zindagi me rehna hai
    Tumhari hazaar galtiyo ke bavjood
    Tumhare saath rahe ga...

    Yeh zindagi ke safar me log milte rahenge aur bichadate rahenge...

    Itane majboot ban jao ke
    Kisi ke hone yaa naa hone se tumhe fark na padhe...

    Jab tumhare hone ya na hone se uss shaqs ko koi fark nhi padhta
    toh kyu tum uske liye itana rooge...
    Sirf ek galati ke tumne usse pyar kiya..
    Akhir kab tak khud ko uss galati ke liye saza doge?? Akhir kab tak?

    Kya tum uss shaqs ke saath na-insaafi karna pasand karoge jisse Rab ne tumhare liye banaya hai?
    #motivation #love #life

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  • dark_ink_01 7w

    Rab ne bohot khubsurat chiz banayi hai "MOHOBBAT"

    Par jabse logo ne mohobbat ko kapado ke jese badal na shuru kiye tab se yeh sabse Badsurat chiz ban gayi.