A writer should have the precision of a poet and the imagination of a scientist

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  • dar_shakeel 13w

    In Today's world, the deceiver often becomes silent and the beguiler shouts that I have been cheated

  • dar_shakeel 25w

    Deceit world

    This world is a house of deceit, if u put your heart to the world, then this world does not give anything but only cruel nd rude. But if u attach your heart to Allah, he never makes a person Jealous nd Angry. And Allah is the only one who will give u the peace nd happiness.

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    World is so wide but life is too short, then why we are behind this ending world, why we shouldn't recognize our God, we all know that every soul shall taste death(surah:-Al-imran, verse no.185). So, Seven of Allah, add your own palate, your world will become a bay and The Hereafter will eventually become a bay.

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    Most relationships don't succumb from legitimate explanation.They are slay by stinginess, inadvertence, inadequacy of deliberation, fiction nd occult.

  • dar_shakeel 66w


    Nullity is prominent than a bizzare, ardent nd convivial relationship.

  • dar_shakeel 71w


    Don't venery the folk. Prevail you, accomplish your peculiar point nd agonize. The overhaul the folk who permeate in your soul intension materialize to you, nd delay.

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    "Temporary things are meant for those who's expectations are on people & are impatient, permanent things coming from creator with patiences...

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    Comprehension nd Reconnaissance

    Comprehension is having the unerring remedy, reconnaissance is querying the unerring quizzing

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    Constraint base your accord determinations inoperative of the consultation of folk the one in question embargo have to animate with the sequels.