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  • danial_ali 11w

    Reddened handprints on my cheeks,
    remind me of my once innocent blush.
    If this is married happiness,
    I believe I'll be glad,
    to maybe, be sad..

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    Posting after too long, trying my luck in 2 sentences.
    Let me know what you think!

    #horror #shortstory #horrorstory #2sentencestory @writersnetwork @udit94 @the_story_weed @mistywins15 #ceesreposts #passerby_11 #aurbatao @zoldyck

    Read all of my horror here : #horror_byDan

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    My neighbours keep complaining about my son ringing their doorbell and running away.
    "You're not supposed to do that anymore...rest...please.." I say as I keep a bouquet upon his grave, trying to soothe him back to sleep.

  • danial_ali 61w

    Since I'm fairly a beginner in poetry, @tengoku I'd love to have your opinion!

    All suggestions and opinions matter, do let me know what you think!��

    @songlessnightingale @musing_pixie @priyanshu__ @elusive_me

    The following is a work of fiction.

    #pain #love #heartbreak #valentinesday #ceesreposts

    Walking down the street this morning
    Just like any other day,
    Don't know why it hurt so much,
    When I saw you with another today.

    Our colourful world outshone so well
    This myriad of all that's grey,
    I realised this is all I have left now,
    when I saw you with another today.

    Acceptance sinks in slow, you see
    Know this or not, you may.
    My strength's nowhere to be found,
    since I saw you with another today.

    Stuck in endless cycles of pain,
    To find love again, I pray.
    But I doubt if it even exists anymore,
    'cause I saw you with another today.

    I wanted to bring you the stars, my love,
    But all I can do is walk away.
    My love for you now lies homeless,
    For I saw you with another today.

    I wish I poured my heart out then,
    Now there's nothing left to say.
    So I'll shake my head and wipe my tears,
    For I saw you with another today.

    Oh God this kills me every second,
    But, of course, "I'm okay.."
    Well duh, obviously I don't mind
    That I saw you with another today...

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    I saw you with another today

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  • danial_ali 64w

    Once again, my study break lasted longer than I'd have wanted it to last. Today's story is not exactly paranormal, but it's 'close to my heart'��

    P. S. Some other minor creepy things happened too in that room, but this one takes the cake.

    Pic Credit: Google/Facebook (it looked eerily similar to the picture)

    The character in my story resembles the one from the movie Lights Out, and some other movies made on creatures that lurk in the dark. One happened to stumble upon my room I guess��

    #horror_wt #horror #horrorstory #story #realstory
    @little_brown_girl @songlessnightingale @the_story_weed #ceesreposts #julietscorner #scared_wt

    Read all my horror stories here : #horror_byDan


    The Shadow

    I've been having sleep paralysis since childhood, few and far in between. Just an inability to move that lasts a while, nothing else.

    This time last year was dotted with books and schedules as 12th Board exams were coming up. And on one such night I slept late, alone on the first floor of my home. Lying on my back with hands on my chest (yeah I know.. shouldn't sleep like a corpse), my body suddenly became non responsive. I started wriggling my fingers to get out of it like I usually do. It worked, and gradually I drifted off.

    Then I woke up with a start, it was pitch black. And I couldn't move. Something was off, I couldn't see anything. Not even the things the eyes see after adjusting to the dark.

    I tried moving, and woke up, again.

    This time it was worse. I couldn't even try to move, I was losing my abilities to hear, see, and even feel my fingers brushing against each other. Not to mention the fact that I was suffocating.

    As I lay in this state, the room door opened and a black figure, like a silhouette glided in.
    It slid along the walls, up and down, and stopped above my head.

    The figure somewhat had a build like my younger brother's, and my panicking brain wished it was him. So in a desperate attempt to get his attention or help, I started grunting and moaning through my nose. But as soon as I tried this.. I realised my voice had died.

    And then the panic set in. I couldn't see, hear, speak, feel or breathe. And for the seconds this lasted.. the experience felt longer than a lifetime..

    Meanwhile the Shadow put its hands on my head, and pushed it into the mattress repeatedly. Now I was panicking frantically, so I put all my effort into moving a hand..

    And...finally, I woke up.
    For real this time...

    They say dreams can act as a portal between our world and theirs, it scared and fascinated me at the same time..

    But.. needless to say, I ran downstairs and didn't sleep in that room for weeks..

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    The Shadow (Real Story)

    The door opened, and a black figure glided in. It slid along the walls and stopped above my head..
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  • danial_ali 69w

    Uncertainty filled
    the voids of our bond like
    tears on a diary page..

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    Posting after a long time, let me know what you think! Also let me know if you'd like to be tagged or not in the stories I post.

    Here's my entry for FridayFun Challenge (I guess horror is my idea of fun����)

    #FridayFun #Mirakee #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #horror #forest #cabin #story #paranormal #ceesreposts #satender

    @writersnetwork @udit94 @meghana27 @songlessnightingale @the_story_weed

    Read my other horror stories here : #horror_byDan


    The Cabin in The Woods

    Whistling to my favourite tune, I make my way through the forest. Even though I had told my friends 'exploring' without proper gear would be problematic, I had no other choice but to oblige to their whims.

    It's been 30 minutes since we all got separated. Mind you, I'm not the one lost, they are. Considering the wise advice hunters always give, I started walking towards North till I make it out of the woods.

    As the evening turned into a moonlit night, I started reconsidering my state when I passed by a tree I had seen a while ago. Panic settled in, and I realised I was getting nowhere.

    "Hello..!! ANYONE!? HELP!" I yelled as I started walking fast just for the sake of not standing still. I began sinking into hopelessness when my calls for help went unanswered. Collapsing under a tree, I was about to cry when a distant voice called out to me..

    "Hello...? Who's there?"
    "Hey! I'm lost, help!" I yelled as I ran towards the voice desperately.

    When I got to the place I thought the voice came from, I found myself standing in a clearing with an old looking cabin in the middle of it. A broken, rusty bicycle stood against it's side under a broken and barely working bulb.

    The voice never came again.

    Scared, exhausted and hopeless, I decided to spend the night in the cabin, for it was the only safe place as compared to out in the woods with wild animals. Just as I approached the cabin, my flashlight died. Uneasiness washed over me as I opened the door and waited for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. I stepped in and sat on a makeshift wooden bed in one of the corners, leaning my back against the wall.

    The Cabin was full of old and dusty furniture, tools, paint spray cans and liquor bottles. The slanting ceiling was adorned with many portraits of disfigured faces with grim expressions, with eyes wide open. Although the staring faces really made me uneasy, I had bigger things to worry about.

    I was woken up by a whispering noises that stopped as soon as I came out of my slumber. Brushing it off as a nightmare, I opened my eyes and lay still for a second, before screaming in horror as the realisation hit me..

    Grabbing my belongings, I ran out of the cabin and didn't stop till I reached a road... never to return to those woods again..

    The realisation still haunts me to this day; when I opened my eyes that morning, there were no portraits on the ceiling, only windows...

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    The Cabin in The Woods

    I ran till I reached a road, never to return to those woods again..
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    First of all a huge thanks to Carolyn ma'am @lovenotes_from_carolyn for the amazing challenge!
    Here's my entry for the challenge. Happy Halloween everyone! ����

    I've chosen this line
    "Bloody thou art; bloody will be thy end" - Shakespeare

    @writersnetwork #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #cees_spookies #horror #horrorstory #shortstory @udit94

    Read all my other stories at : #horror_byDan

    The Stayback

    "I'd rather be with Jake than doing this stupid English project. He's my Romeo after all, not this one." Lisa said as she took a long drawn breath while cutting a poster of Romeo and Juliet with a pair of scissors.

    Susan flinched when she heard Jake's name from her mouth. The chilly evening winds blowing on the school's terrace only reminded her of the coldness her heart had for Lisa.. Her blood boiled as memories coursed through her mind of how Jake, the love of her life, had rejected her, for this girl...

    "I mean, staying back to work in school is pretty cool. No one's around and everything, but I feel uneasy..I guess I'll have a dream like Portia's tonight" Lisa said, giving a light chuckle. "A Shakespeare joke for ya!"

    "Yeah good one, but don't be uneasy or anything...in fact I have a good feeling about today." Said Susan as she walked closer to the edge on which Lisa was sitting.

    "What...are you doing...?" Lisa whispered as Susan put her hands on her shoulders.

    "You forgot? Juliet dies in the name of love...and SO WILL YOU!!" Yelled Susan as she pushed Lisa over the guardrail.

    Lisa screamed as she tried holding on to the rail, but in vain, and fell down two floors headfirst onto the concrete below, a pool of blood emerging around her twisted corpse.
    Taking her eyes off Liza's mangled body, Susan dialled 911.
    "911, what's your emergency?"
    "Oh my GOD!! Send an ambulance! Liza..fell off the terrace! I was just coming up..and she was... sitting on the edge...her grip loosened..I..oh my god..! Hurry!!"
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Burying the past in an unreachable corner of her mind, Susan returned to the school as an English teacher 10 years later, and fitting in at a familiar place wasn't difficult.

    But she never felt at ease in the building; it always seemed like someone was watching her, she had recurring nightmares about Lisa and her mangled body crawling around the school looking for her...

    Staying back to correct answer sheets of her class, on a cold winter evening, Susan sat in a classroom with a cup of coffee by her side. As she marked another, she heard a distant thud. Then another, followed by another, the sound coming closer with each one.

    Susan walked slowly towards the door and peeked out. What she saw outside made her blood run cold. She held back screams as she saw Lisa, walking on all fours, her head dangling from her body and hitting the ground with every step she took. Horrified at the sight, Susan ran to the corner of the class and hid between a wall and the cupboard, her heart pounding furiously..

    As the thuds grew louder, she heard the door creak open, and a raspy, demonic voice hissing "Suuussiiiieeeee....?"

    She held her breath for what seemed like an eternity before finally moving as the thuds faded away. She ran towards the exit, but to her horror, it was locked.

    In a desperate attempt to save herself, she ran upstairs, hoping to get the attention of the guards from the terrace. Her lungs begged for air as she reached the terrace, screaming, "HEEELP!! HELP ME!!"

    Then she heard it; rapid thuds coming from the staircase and then through the hallway, as the same demonic voice screamed, "Found you..."

    Susan took a step to run but it was too late..

    She stood frozen at the guardrail in terror as Lisa emerged from the shadows. Blood spilled out of her dangling head and lips as she mouthed inaudible words while running on all fours towards her.

    The last thing Susan saw before her world went black, was a twisted body with bloodshot eyes leaping onto her..

    Susan was found dead the next morning two floors below, with a sentence written in blood beside her disfigured body..
    "Bloody thou art; bloody will be thy end.."

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    The Stayback

    Blood spilled from her dangling head
    as she ran on all fours towards her...
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  • danial_ali 77w

    #MondayMantras #mirakee #writersnetwork @writersnetwork

    Make the day what you want it to be, because we tend to overlook our own desires too often.

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  • danial_ali 78w

    @mirakee #mirakee #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #ceesreposts #julietscorner #passerby_11 #FridayFun
    It's supposed to be Friday fun, but this one's not, Halloween is just around the corner after all����

    @writersnetwork thank you for the kind repost ��

    Read all of my horror stories here : #horror_byDan

    The Stormy Night

    "Oh come on!!" I screamed, slamming my palm on the steering wheel.
    I got out of the car with the umbrella, the winds making it difficult to hold it in place. Opened the hood only to find the engine smoking. I tried calling dad, but no signals.
    "Perfect... First you have to work a nightshift at a job you hate, then drive a longer route back home through a storm only for your stupid car to drop dead in the woods. Freakin' amazing!"

    As I resigned to my luck, a light in the distance caught my eye. I locked my car and examined the situation one last time, but finding myself wet, cold and hopeless, walked down the road towards it, deeper into the woods.

    Upon reaching it, I stood in front of an old and ill maintained hotel. The walls were covered in dirt and a dead plot of land in front of the gate had dead flowers.

    'Nice job Mr. Gardener' I thought.

    The receptionist was an old and fragile looking man, his eyes looked as dead as the flowers outside as he peered at me through his horn-rimmed spectacles.

    "Your name, sire?"
    "Oh, it's Brian Johnson."

    He wrote my name in a pale register, holding a fountain pen with his bony fingers.

    "SUV 300, the 'offroader', easy to advertise right? Well mine dropped dead coz of a splash of water and a few damn bumps!"

    He didn't laugh, didn't even smile, his expression barely changed as he handed me the keys.

    "Room 209, sire, and may I request you not to go near room number 210. It's ...eh...closed.."

    He gave me a tired grin as I began walking up the stairs.
    I crashed on the rickety bed and tried calling Dad, but it didn't connect. Groaning in dismay, I closed my eyes..trying to sleep despite the burnt smell that engulfed the whole building..

    I was woken up by tapping noises. Blaming mice, I turned in bed. But then the noises came closer and stopped. As soon as I put my head back on the pillow, a loud thud from the other side of the wall had me jolt out of bed.

    "Who's there!? Keep it dow.."

    The sound of my room door creaking open interrupted me.

    'Alright that's enough!' I thought, stepping out into the hallway only to hear faint groans coming from the room next to mine, number 210. Gathering courage I stepped closer to the door and peered through the keyhole. I could hear the groans clearly, but all I saw was the color blue...

    Suddenly I felt something wet under my feet. I screamed as I fell back horrified, as blood gushed out from under the door. As soon as I stood up to run, a bloodcurdling scream erupted from the room.
    Scurrying back to my room I grabbed my wallet and phone with trembling hands and ran down the stairs, out through the gate all the way to my car without looking back.

    "Oh thank God!!" I yelled as the car started with a jerk on the first try. I slammed the accelerator, I had to get out of there as fast as I could. Looking in the rear view mirror, I saw the receptionist standing in the middle of the road, waving...

    On my way home I called the cops, explaining what happened.

    "Sir are you sure you're talking about the woods behind redwood county?"

    "Yes! I was just there in that hotel!!"

    "This can't be true sir, I was assigned that case."

    "What case?!"

    "A woman murdered her 2 children in Room 210 and set fire to the hotel, 7 years ago... I have the report right here. The murderer, 27, was psychiatric patient. 5' 7, brunette, blue eyes, pale skin..."

    "No I didn't see anyo...wait.. did you say she had blue eyes...?

    "Yes, she did... "

    "Oh God..."

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    The Stormy Night

    I fell back horrified, as blood gushed out from under the door...
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