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  • danablipsey 6w

    The Call of Eden

    On Earth we dream of Eden.
    We yearn for a fertile, green ground under feral bare feet, and a pampering sun upon our exposed skin.
    We dream of being reunited with something bigger than ourselves, an ancient ache for connection, it’s what drives us to survive.
    Or, it’s what finally does us in.
    And so we keep dreaming and keep searching for that which we feel we cannot grasp, and in desperation concede that we are wandering in a wilderness of misunderstanding.
    But, what if we aren’t?
    What if Eden is here, on Earth, with us, all around us, a Spirit tethered to us like a gravity in our souls?
    What if Eden is simply just listening to the everyday organic call of Christ?
    His voice, like a surround-sound of swoosh, swoosh, breezes through leaves, or the pulsing of One heart.
    We just need to dance in the acceptance of its beat.
    And live for eternity, in the dream.

    @danablipsey Dana Lipsey

  • danablipsey 12w

    The Breath of Life

    I think.
    Too much.
    About breath.
    The first interaction between God and man.
    Divinely given.
    So. . .
    Why is it?
    So hard?
    To breathe?
    I become still.
    And quiet.
    And listen.
    To the shallow sounds of my own breathing.
    I draw in air.
    And deeply determined,
    And then.
    I let it go. . .
    Rushing sounds in my ears, like the voices of water.
    My minuscule version of the Master’s exhale,
    A gust of the wind which gave Adam his life.
    All other creatures were silent,
    Or maybe they cheered, like an audience geared, with one perfect mind.
    Did the trees bend their knees, waving arms, while their leaves became a deafening applause?
    I shut off my sight, so I can see.
    And again I breathe.
    An inhale.
    Smooth, sharp, and sudden.
    A woman gathering oxygen for the very first time.
    And I,
    Let it go. . .
    Somewhere an ocean moves to the rhythm making me wonder.
    When I open my eyes,
    Will they divert to the world?
    Or stare directly into the face of Christ?
    Connected forever.
    By breath.

    Dana Lipsey @danablipsey

  • danablipsey 15w

    Depressive States

    My soul is an empty chair,
    Uncomfortable and forgotten,
    Misplaced in a room filled with no light.

    Dana Lipsey

  • danablipsey 24w

    Dying Young

    The taste of green apple gum,
    The sound of Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds,”
    The touch of your warm hand resting upon my tanned thigh,
    While, through the windshield, blue skies roll into my peripheral vision.
    I am young, though I won’t stay that way.
    You, on the other hand, are forever 23.
    You look over and smile at me, quizzically wondering why I am staring.
    But, at that moment I know.
    This image will have to be enough for an entire lifetime.
    I smile back, and will myself to stop being weird. . .
    Intuition is a very peculiar thing.


  • danablipsey 43w

    The Search

    There is a broad, beautiful valley shaded in lush greens that can only be reached by a narrow path blurred in pain and tears, a profound place between the knowledge of self-significance and the total stark realization of being utterly insignificant.
    This is where God lives.

    Dana Lipsey @danablipsey @preparingtheheart

  • danablipsey 53w

    Have You Forgotten?

    I Am the same Person I was yesterday
    As I Am today
    As I will be tomorrow.
    My Spirit is not fear, it is Love.


  • danablipsey 71w

    Solitary Sunday

    I see a sleek snake making S shapes slowly, into the shadows of the earth’s dark surface.

    Terrified yet tempted, I become like Eve, longing to follow him.

    Into the deepest dark, bared naked of good, I seek.
    What? Knowledge...Shame?

    So, I hide myself from God, an evil body of sin, whose soul also slithers.

    In the end, I yearn.
    And I try to remember how it felt to be content with Him, walking in the garden.

    Dana Lipsey @danablipsey

  • danablipsey 86w

    Dear Virus,
    There are two sobering facts you’ve taught me about myself.
    1. It turns out I really do need, and maybe even like other people.
    2. For a very long time, my day to day idol, has been the fear of inconvenience.

    Dana Lipsey @danablipsey

  • danablipsey 101w

    Please remember this Christmas season that if the significant female in your life seems like a tweaked-out squirrel in need of a Xanax, cut her some slack.
    It’s tough being Santa, and Martha Stewart, and every one of those dang Christmas ghosts all rolled up into one.
    Making magic is difficult and the wand gets heavy.
    Patience, smiles, and the giving of random hugs may help lighten the load.
    A little liquor in her coffee doesn’t hurt either.
    Merry Christmas!
    ...P.S. She wouldn’t trade it for the world🎄

  • danablipsey 117w

    Ode to a balloon

    Head-up, hovering from the wrist of a child.
    Brightly bobbing, hot pink dot among faces in a crowd.
    Desperately desiring a chance to float free to the clouds.
    Pop! Downward flop, dropped forgotten on grave green ground.

    Dana Lipsey @danablipsey