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  • dakami 33w

    #Smoke Signals

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    History on a Ashtray

    Miss the lines of a book pages that tell stories
    History on a ashtray
    Mystery on a slow train
    Plain pages, blank pages
    Beneath these pavement lies our history
    No longer sketched on blank pages
    Someone paid the bearer on demand
    Erase the canvases ,that depict our stories
    The promise that was supposed to bring the nation its glory
    To its promised land, long forgotten
    Heights once attained
    Now at the bottom
    Broken are its roots
    Derailed are its new shoots
    Who will tell  The truth?
    Who is going to school the youth?
    History on a fast train or history on a slow train?
    Mystery of a slow train
    Whats forgotten, broken?
    As the smoke raise

  • dakami 45w

    Ghostly Memories

    Ghostly Memories
    Last night again ,it proved that distance doesn't matter
    In this world ,the barriers between us and our memories
    Is like a curtain, and sometimes wind blows breaking the
    Like a kitten stalking its prey young and naive
    Here we come face to face with sweetest pain
    Ghostly Memories  that we dig up again
    Recuddling a relationship with a phantom of delight
    A kiss on the forehead to easy the pain caused, but never
    Saying sorry for thats a magical word for the real world
    So cruel, not even an apology
    Swiftly the barrier is in place
    Memories refreshed, reasons once dead relived, lessons relearned
    We remain with
    Scars that tell stories of once fresh wounds
    A link between us and the past
    Ghostly Memories never vanishing
    Beautiful pain, once again
    In time we dine, with beautiful pain of
    Ghostly Memories

  • dakami 51w

    Love Summary

    My love 
    You don't have to illustrate your love
    Like a mathematics teacher  on a black board
    With chalk in his hands
    Breaking down a quadratic equation
    Or those simultaneous equations
    You're confusing me
    You say you have  some confession
    That sounds like history
    And I should start note talking?
    How about English , I mean a summary
    With the present verbs , pronouns and nouns
    Loving me, me loving you


  • dakami 51w

    Cities Apart

    These city walls have
    rejected my kind
    The exiting is a journey
    In search of my kind

    Yet with time I learn,
    That my kind I left behind the walls
    Of the city that injected me

    With time  The other kinds
    I find along the way
    Reminds me only of my kind
    I left behind ,the walls
    Of the city

    In the strangers smiles I see my kind
    I never belonged
    Yet I long for the city that rejected me
    For with time the strangers
    Will become my kind

    Still I don't belong
    Within these walls that will
    Reject me

  • dakami 60w

    Onions Layers

    The other day I was shedding tears
    With a silent T
    It was to many ears
    Onions are there, Opinions are rare
    Especially the ones that makes us shed tears
    Like onions layers
    I have got memories that I need to erase,
    But each page is made of layers, Flares
    Flash backs that define me
    I shed them off
    Beautiful memories  of onions
    Layers that leaves me naked
    I can not fake it peeling them off
    Kills a part of me, they hold
    You're a beautiful memory
    That leaves me naked, I can't fake it ,For it  leaves with
    a part of me
    Like these layers
    I tried to get rid of you
    Afraid having you around
    Causes me pain , But then I learn
    You make me who I am
    Layers of Onions Shaping my life
    I tried to get rid of you
    I forgot I was an Onion
    Each layer Shed off with a birth mark
    A brand new skin returns with you deep in
    Everything beautiful about you
    Was ,is part of me

  • dakami 65w

    Reach to people before they get consumed
    By what can be solved by a human collectively

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    Open up

    You thought you would hide
    False steps taken
    What you didn't know was ,that
    Would be shaken
    You were suppose to be like a kite
    Exposed to the winds
    Even when lightening strikes
    It reaches out to the skies never shy
    Nor afraid of the heights
    It kisses the wind
    Now every human being
    Knows about your secret dunes
    Opening new wounds
    For the secrects you chose to hide
    Are back to hunt you
    Exposing your weaknesses
    As the world bare witness
    You never opened up
    The real you

  • dakami 65w

    The Cursed Regrets

    She was like my slave
    And I was her master
    Only with a different name lover
    With all the scars before heavenly sites
    She kept the pain undercover
    Inflicted on her precious soul
    By her so called soul mate
    I Was in denial when she left
    For not even angel's lullabies
    Could calm her
    I was in denial when she left
    So I can relate when you
    Say you wanna wait
    Sing your sad love songs
    But the curse is real
    The price mortality
    For breaking an angel's heart
    Celibacy till old age
    Maybe in the After life
    She may forgive ,but you
    Don't you forget  a lesson
    Taught by the heavens

  • dakami 66w


    His thoughts are more lethal
    They penetrate even brickwalls
    Subliminal deep through even cutting through stones
    His thoughts are more lethal
    They penetrate deep even through brickwalls

    Unlike a fools mission
    Whose ideology is power that divides
    Ignorance devour, that which is devine weaken
    High tower of consciousness
    Whose cup is never full
    State of hopelessness

    A wise man's mansion is built on unite
    Softness that unites and never
    Selfish acts that cause a spark
    Never a portion of the wise,
    For he subtract ignorance from his cooler cup
    Think twice
    His tools are like a nuclear reactor
    So on the global stage he is a factor

  • dakami 67w

    War is Bad who benefits?
    Who wins ,who loses? Who gains out of it?

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    Devil's Business Booms

    As the world goes up in flames
    The devils addictions returns
    Seen him light a cigarette
    From the burning fires
    His desires fulfilled
    Sits back and relaxes
    Listening to his favourite playlist
    This smoke that chokes you, Its his
    Favourite perfume the frangrace
    Of chaos
    Advocates are born he treats them like his own too,
    But he later burns them
    That satisfies his desires
    The lies his favourite designer's garments
    Torment comes to those
    Who wears them
    The Devil Grins takes a puff He is Back
     In Business

  • dakami 67w

    Life is a Bits Of Pieces

    Only if tomorrow
    Had windows like yesterday's
    Instead of the ones that open
    Against the wall that gives us pain
    The scenery hidden
    For our stories are written backwards
    Like the steps we take
    Make us move forward
    With time we see how
    Far we have come and how
    Much ground we have covered
    So maybe tomorrow's story is just a recap of
    Yesterday's story
    Better told today in a moment
    Like in the apple guy's words;"You can't
    Connect the dots looking forward:You can only connect
    them looking backwards.So you have to trust that the dots
    Will some how connect in your future."-Steve Jobs
    With time we learn that our today's stories we penned Yesterday