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  • daisee 8w

    God of small things :-

    Nurturing her little ones in her faithful lap,
    She has been treated with dreadful tantrums but still she never even thought of looking back.
    Even after getting unforeseen obstacles in her life , she did overcome each and every hurdle,
    Gradually she became fast and furious but once she also commenced her life as a slow and steady turtle.
    She have set up a whole new world of small things in her angelic epitope,
    She is casting her love equally in our immense sphere to allow us to fulfill our cherished hopes.
    Her kind gestures of love is dominating day by day over the potentialities of mankind,
    She has faced many hardships in her life but still her ability does not get declined.
    She is the God of small things whose capability can never be defined,
    Serving all sorts of creatures with love and morality in her heart is always refined.
    We all have Godly characters in us but it is mostly horrified,
    We constantly harm her every single day but still in her actions , it is never fortified.
    She is none other than the beatifically blissful nature,
    Being pampered by her unconditional and endless love , some dominates over her with their so called supreme features.

    - Debarati Das

  • daisee 8w

    The supremely auspicious one :- Goddess of Knowledge
    In the constructive journey of being a toddler to a dreadfully tedious teenager,
    Superfluity feelings of compassion has turned some amiable ones into negligible strangers.
    In these terrible situations , she is deliberately casting the power of wisdom,
    So that none of her children gets restricted from their ideal freedom.
    On this auspicious day, schools and colleges are being charmingly adorned ,
    Scholars are waken up early by the chirping of the delightful flying birds on the radiant morn.
    Bengali lovers visits to Puja pandals holding hands of each other,
    They visualises the images of their togetherness no matter who else would uncertainly bother.
    Maa Saraswati keeps on projecting the dedicated learners towards mountainous challenges,
    Underprivileged orphans prays to Maa for a nurturing life in the mournful orphanage.
    She casts the power of creativity in all irrespective of caste, creed and complexion,
    The growing youngsters gradually matures their view of perception.
    Why not we educate each other and eradicate brutality ?
    Let us cast out caste and make it all about humanity.
    - Debarati Das

  • daisee 14w

    The life saviour- Water

    Since the day we were born,
    We all have been victims of the society's norms.
    In every person's life from birth to death,
    The presence of water have always been blessing us with never-ending love and faith.
    Advancing from the rural areas up to the urban,
    Water has proved to be useful than the prestigious turbans.
    Many people have been living their life without love,
    But surviving without water is extremely tough.
    Don't use water more than it is needed,
    Since water is only the life saviour without which our death may be preceded.

    - Debarati Das

  • daisee 14w

    Serenity of tranquility :-

    Each and every distinctive human are not supposed to be the same,
    Some are robust while others might be unanticipatedly lame.
    Our planet is frequently being concluded by its exterior atmosphere,
    Still some negros are eagerly waiting for the day to approach when this vile prejudices would entirely disappear.
    Women are becoming victims of molestation,
    Forest are growing into barren lands due to enormous deforestation.
    People's heartbeat are being increased by the triggering of electrical impulse,
    Youngsters are hardly getting time to put stress on their swelling pimples.
    In this hard situation people thrive to deep dive in this world of rejection,
    So that their near and dear ones do not have to slump in deep dejection.
    Adoring their darling ones in hard times matures the feeling of euphonious serenity,
    Although the intimidating pandemic is growing detrimental to the world's state of tranquility.
    In this ferocious days, human hearts are being touched by the serenity of tranquility,
    Human hearts are being touched by the serenity of tranquility.

    - Debarati Das

  • daisee 15w

    Days of unfulfilled dreams :-

    Growing up steadily with unfulfilled dreams,
    Her own people enforced her to suppress her painful streams.
    Hidden emotions excited her lacrimal glands to pour unrestricted tears,
    There was no one in this boundless sphere who allowed her benevolent self to speak without fear.
    Slowly and gradually she was overburdened with anxieties and youthful sadness,
    The surrounding masses considered it as her absurd madness.
    She started to hate and hurt herself more than any other homo sapiens did,
    Exploring her possibilities inflicted her into a new catastrophic fit.
    She locked up herself in a hushed chamber to feel the melifluous serenity of her existence,
    She hallucinated of getting renumerated for her idiosyncratic persistence.
    Those throbbing ages are often being horrified to her as the dreadful reminiscent of her childhood,
    But still she is neighbourhooded by some malicious falsehood.
    Still each and every day she awes to fight for her days of unfulfilled dreams,
    To fight for her days of unfulfilled dreams.

    - Debarati Das

  • daisee 15w

    #mirakee#writersnetwork#have a good day.
    By unknown writer#qod

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    A hand which wipes off our tears during our miserable days is all way superior to the thousands of hands which claps for us after we achieve success.
    --- Debarati Das

  • daisee 19w

    One less lonely night

    The stars over us kept shining so bright,
    Looking at someone special gave me great delight,
    The unspoken words in those eyes kept me standing upright,
    We both proved to be in love at first sight.
    The sudden gasp of wind touched me as a whole with immense pleasure,
    Your presence felt to me more than an inexhaustible treasure.
    One step by one step we came closer,
    Our inner feelings got a stupendous exposure.
    When you started invoking me to be highly versatile,
    Somehow I started getting hypnotized by your affectionate smile.
    We broke all the boundaries in love according to stereotypes,
    Our utmost concern for each other was enough for our sorrow to get completely wiped.
    It has been two years since we parted happily with each other,
    Since then my heart has always convinced me to accept you as my elder brother.
    - ©Debarati Das

  • daisee 19w

    Writing is my passion

    As a struggling teenager when I cry my heart out,
    I remember about those starving person who are suffering in the heavy drought.
    Sometimes, I feel like to treat myself with a fierceful clout,
    But nothing works as a miracle since my heart has a lot of insane doubt.
    One day I realised that I have some other influencing talents in me,
    But I have never thought to set them off, free.
    That day I took a piece of pen and a paper,
    And gradually the dormant soul in me started changing into a mindful scrapper.
    I started developing writing as my passion,
    In order to add values to others' life with some motivating lesson.
    Writing about a certain things have changed myself into a positive person,
    I am trying my level best to change myself into a stunning version.
    - Debarati Das

  • daisee 22w

    The festival of lights - Diwali

    Scintillating lights are found all around,
    Our festive mood gets dynamic with enthralling sound.
    Diya and lighting enhances the beauty,
    The Innocent gets justice from maa who are not guilty.
    Victory of light rules over darkness,
    Knowledge gets priority over ignorance.
    Sweets and gifts are happily distributed,
    Winners of various cultural competitions are feliciated.
    As the time wents by from day to night,
    The enthusiasm among the people gets a stupendous height.
    Although Maa Kali comes once in a year,
    She leaves us with inexplicable tears.
    These five days we celebrate the victory of good over evil,
    The demons shivers with the nature of a harmful devil.
    The female deity gets worshipped by the devotees,
    But still most women are not treated with respect and equity.
    In each and every Puja pandals mantras are being chanted,
    On the other hand ,the virginity of the living Goddesses are deliberately hunted.

    - Debarati Das

  • daisee 24w

    Raise your standard , not your expectations.