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    Thoughtful Mind

    "Our goal shouldn't be to prove ourselves best/better than others but to do/achieve what we're passionate about."

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    Cleansing Mentality & Believes

    "Change your source of knowledge(Society etc) & it'll automatically change your believes
    You can change/alter one's believes by changing the source of one's knowledge."

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    4th of April 2021 #5

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    Root Word (1)

    Omni: (All)

    Omnibus: a vehicle carrying many passengers.

    Omnidirectional: in all directions.

    Omnigenous: Containing all varieties.

    Omnifarious: Of all varieties.

    Omnificent: creating all that comes into existence.

    Omnilegent: who has read everything.

    Omniphibious: can land on any surface (water, ice, snow, or land)

    Omnipotent: Omni + potent(powerful), Almighty.

    Omnipotence: Unlimited power.

    Omnipresent: Present everywhere or Ubiquitous.

    Omniscience: Quality of having infinite knowledge.

    Omniscient: Who knows everything.

    Omniverse: a universe that is spatiotemporally four-dimensional.

    Omnivore: Who eats plant & animals both

    Omnivorous: Who eats everything.

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    4th of April #4

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    : A decision made by public voting

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    4th of April 2021 #3

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    : Disrespect religious place/object.

    : to violate the sanctity.

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    4th of April 2021

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    One word substitution

    : One who isn't sure about god's existence.

    : Who has changed his faith.

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    #4th April 2021

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    Today's Phrasal Verb

    Come about
    : To happen
    Ex. How did this situation come about?


  • daily_inspirations__ 94w

    My Religion is Humanity

    There's roughly 4200 religions in the world but how many of them teach us humanity? Nowadays Religion has become just a business & for some just a way to brainwash peoples & urging 'em to work against humanity. People have become monsters. I don't understand what kind of religion there follow, being a human having no humanity. I wish there were no religion, No Discrimination, No Caste, No affluence, No penury. I wish we all help each other, we all were human first, there were a sense of gratitude in everyone, there were humanity in all of us. I wish... !!

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    It's all about your attention, concentration. The more you'll concentrate on something, The more easlier the task will be for you. Our every action needs some concentration some needs subliminal & some needs profound concentration.

  • daily_inspirations__ 94w


    Taking yourself towards perfection is grinding up all day in your skill & still not being complacent. Achieving perfection is "Still one step away of perfection". As Perfection is like a bird Which is never caught. No matter how much time you've invested in something, Still you'll be away of it, You still make some trivial mistakes & still learn.