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  • daemon_dejurium 13h

    I still believe
    All the bad things
    You said about me

    - Master Manipulator

  • daemon_dejurium 1w

    "I love her, not you."

    Whether that phrase was said
    Through lips
    Or actions
    I have heard it enough times
    To have it become carved
    Into my heart

    - I Just Want to Be First Choice

  • daemon_dejurium 6w

    I thought that I wouldn't be able to live without you
    I ended up beginning to love life
    After leaving you behind

    - Put to Rest

  • daemon_dejurium 6w

    You are a chapter that has ended
    But a book that will never close

    - The More I Force it the More it Resists

  • daemon_dejurium 16w

    I hope
    I was at least
    A good enough
    For you

    - If Anything

  • daemon_dejurium 18w

    You can't feel cold
    If you're numb

    - Lesser Than Two Evils

  • daemon_dejurium 19w

    "At least
    You got to know
    What love was."

    Maybe so
    But if it will be
    My only experience
    Then I'm afraid
    It's more heartbreaking
    Than comforting

    - I Got to Know What Abuse Was Too

  • daemon_dejurium 19w

    It hurts to think
    That in your head
    I'm to blame
    For your decay

    Until I realize
    That I believe
    You're to blame
    For mine

    - I Guess We're Even

  • daemon_dejurium 19w

    "I don't want to lose her."
    Then that means
    That you're okay
    With losing

    - Your Voice Had The Same Tone As Back Then

  • daemon_dejurium 24w

    I have lost faith
    In Thee

    - Lament #7