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  • czarcasm 13w


    Your scorched my skin
    Beautiful pain
    Was your ignorance

  • czarcasm 13w

    A single tear trailing down the face of the broken
    Misunderstanding, not comprehending
    How they couldn't be good enough
    The had fought with all their strength
    To be recognized
    Yet all they were met with was ignorance
    Making them want to give up completely
    Jealously is a cruel thing
    But they cant help but have it
    For they have never had anything good
    Past shrouded by constant fails
    They struggled to make a place in the world
    Incomplete, not an easy feat
    They angrily wipe the tears away
    For its a sign of weakness
    And to be weak in this world is to be thrown to the demons
    And they werent as hungry as them


  • czarcasm 13w

    Only human

    Wind ruffled his hair in the midnight breeze
    And he took in a deep breath
    It was peaceful and he was at rest
    Standing there beneath the moon
    Today had been long
    The challenges close to breaking him
    But he had stood strong

    The crickets around him in perfect symphony
    Playing him a song in tune
    Told him he had done good
    As if someone was watching over him
    A frog before him interrupted the night
    And he had to look down at
    The solitary figure
    Alone tonight, just like him

    The stars above him glimmering so softly
    They were a beauty indeed
    He always came here when he needed to think
    Looking up at the sky eyes slowly
    Getting heavy
    Stars, galaxies, and planets remind him
    How small mankind was
    For it was the stars that reminded him
    That he was only human

  • czarcasm 13w


    Widow, widow
    Weeping beneath the willows
    What troubles you so
    Did another loved one just go
    Your cries are so haunting
    To approach you is daunting
    Solitude you are flaunting
    Is being alone what you're truly wanting?

    I can sit right beside
    And we can both watch the tide
    There's no need to talk
    Let's just go for a walk
    I know what youre feeling is heavy
    It's not something anyone would envy
    But I don't want you thinking 'End me'.

    You still have love
    From everywhere, even above
    His grave I helped weeded
    A legacy he planted, seeded
    Don't let your last moment be that you were defeated
    I can't let you go, for you're still needed


  • czarcasm 13w


    You who once held me in the dark
    Failed me
    Potions concocted to help me
    Ailed me
    Cruel the words you used
    Impaled me
    A future you easily thought
    Entailed me


  • czarcasm 13w


    Dark was the night
    That caressed my hair
    Sensual the movement
    The fluidity of the rain

    The tapping of you
    Upon the leaves in the forest
    Distract me from my dilemma
    A peaceful break

    Sticky was the fluid upon my hands
    Barely seen until lightening striked
    A stark red
    Against a background of white

    I had gone too far this time
    I would admit that
    But I always did that
    Something I couldn't control

    I would have to burn these clothes
    The rain only to wash it away
    To get it off my skin
    The copper smell reminded me of pennies

    It amazing how I was able to stand here
    In complete silence
    After the malicious act I had committed

    And I had enjoyed it
    But I didn't enjoy this
    It welded itself to my skin
    The water in the flashes of light
    A deep red
    Slowly lightening until it was gone

    Everything but me
    And the indistinguishable figure
    On the ground
    They themselves had been a serial killer
    And thought I was just another victim

    Little did they know
    That there was something even worse
    Than them
    And now they were dead
    As the many victims before

    And I stood yet again the victor
    Clothes stained in red
    Some would say dead in the eyes

    The body beside him
    Stabbed multiple times
    The memory of blood going everywhere
    A beautiful horror even to me

    What was I?
    A murderer?
    Im just like you
    If I walked past you wouldn't even see me
    Blind are you to the mundane before
    That move about their day

    The sound of the shovel
    The clapping of thunder
    The tapping of rain
    My own concert
    As I dug their last resting place
    They didn't deserve a proper burial
    But I have to do it right
    And when I walk away

    It'll be as if none of us



  • czarcasm 13w

    Thoughts of a Reckless Mind pt 4

    A future I will never see
    I'll die hopefully of old age
    But what will happen after me
    After my legacy is set and lives on
    I worry for their future
    For the world grows ever darker
    And the troubles if the modern world
    Lurk before in an even evil darkness

    For the world has been peaceful for too long
    And I'm worried humanity will lose sight
    For humankind has been too reckless
    And the balance is close to tipping
    But it is for my offspring after me
    That keeps me up at night

    This world has changed too much
    We've lost sight of what it really means to be human
    And I'm worried there will soon be
    A war or a virus that wipes us out completely
    But I am helpless for I can't even help myself

    A country full of democracy, capitalism at it's finest
    People going homeless because others care about
    A green piece of paper
    A piece of metal

    People living pay check to paycheck
    Some having to go without for their family
    For this country isn't equal money is more important

    So many things set up before our time
    To make us work ourselves to death just to make a living
    It isn't fair, it isn't right
    And it makes me worried

    Will humanity continue down this road as if it's
    Set in stone
    Or will they finally come to their senses

    Before everyone's future after us

    Is doomed

  • czarcasm 13w


    Such a peaceful bliss
    I lean into this
    And many memories that I reminisce
    Such continuity
    I allow it to come through to me
    Embraced and cradled my eyes can see

    Blind I was to the woes of man
    That I'd tell almost everyone to talk to the hand
    Like sifting for gold in a metal pan
    I've fought for the rewards on to which I stand

    Comfort me is the light wind
    It vows to support me to the very end
    From the enemies I can't defend
    A shield from the world I shall reprimand

    The dark tries to take me it won't let me go
    Such wisdom and persistence only God should know
    Some would say it's easy just to go with the flow
    But I'd rather keep my sanity a ship without the tow

    Such liberties in life I've never seen
    I look for a tree of which I can simply lean
    To rest my feet, from comfort I wean
    I look for a play that will be serene
    I once thought that my soul would remain unclean
    Id need more than a cup of dark caffeine

    I walk across the path to the water
    Wishing and praying my courage won't falter
    Or even slightly recklessly alter
    Reminded me of the stories about Gibraltar

    Wandering I stay trapped in my mind
    Freedom something I hope to find
    Like an old clock in need of a wind
    Time passes by and I'm reminded to be kind
    Yet it seems as to other it's something I must remind

    If only I could rest in peace
    But it seems as if my mind will never cease
    I'm looking for the cure, escape, release
    I hope for happiness before I am among the decease


  • czarcasm 13w

    Last one before I go to bed also prayers to everyone in New Orleans y'all stay safe <3
    #sound #silence #pain #sad #feelings #poetry #memories #poem #lost

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    Silence so thick it's loud

    But it depends on how one views silence

    But even those who know what total silence know

    That there is never complete silence

    For you can never silence your mind

    Especially when you're like me

    Who lives in your own head

    You can be surrounded by anyone

    They can be talking

    But all you hear is silence

    Everything completely quiet besides the voice

    The one that won't shut up no matter how many times I ask

    The one that keeps me up every night

    She tells me of futures I can never have

    And whispers of a past I should forget

    But how can you forget what you can't remember

    That too is a silence

    A forced one

    Of memories left best forgotten

    That still poisons the mind

    And troubles me

    So I still look up to the stars

    Who am I

    Why have I been destined


    To this life of mine

    Why is it that I wake up every day

    Hating the very planet I'm on

    Knowing out of everyone on it I'm just a number

    And a small one at that

    So trapped within my own body I hardly even talk

    Seeing through eyes I sometimes feel to not me my possession

    In a place I can never call my own

    For what is a home

    It's not an obsession

    To want a better life

    One will always look for light within a dark place

    But they never said that even the light could be bad

    Days spent still sad

    Not knowing who I truly am



  • czarcasm 13w

    @writersnetwork been a minute ik but hi :) decided to tag you on a sort of inspiring one.. well ig it's more about courage
    #poetry #poem #rise #scars #hope #courage

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    Sometimes I wish I could retake that road
    Pull back on a mistake
    Even though I know the actions of my past define the future

    Sometimes I wish I could turn on the lights
    So I could see the mistakes before they came
    Even though I know I would make them again

    Sometimes I wish they could feel how sorry I am
    So that I can finally forgive myself
    Even though I know they never will

    The mistakes I made I wear like my scars
    Stories of past lives untold
    Simple things that ricochet through feelings
    Shattering even my own heart

    I'm not perfect but no one is
    We each shed the same color blood
    How is it there is favoritism
    When there was no favorite to begin with

    All these excuses I make to validate myself
    Are just excuses
    I don't need them
    But I do

    All of your anger I take
    I can be the reef protecting the shore from your angry winds
    For I will remain long after even you

    All of these lessons I learn
    Willing to get scarred again
    But courageous enough to walk through the flame
    For I know I'll rise