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  • cutelight 16w

    Being Low-key and working on yourself without labelling It​ or convincing others about your moves, is a truer reflection of growth.. When you are in it for you, you don't need validation from others...

  • cutelight 18w

    Why Everytime a good woman is defined good only if she listens to everyone and pleases everyone? Why she doesn't have a right to put her thoughts and opinions in front of everyone?
    Then... If she just have to do what others say nd keep her wishes, choices and everything aside den is that really called a relationship​, whether it's with her husband or her in laws or her parents?
    Will not be that called "Slavery" ?

    Why she should speak only wen asked? Why she can't express her feelings freely?

    Why she should seek permission from others for everything? Why can't she take her own decisions?

    Why do people forget that a women also has a heart.... She also get hurt... Wen u tell her to live by dissolving her very own existence, she breaks from inside... But yet live... Just for the tag of #Acchi Aurat.

    Why others decide what she should wear, how she should sit or how she should speak?

    Why can't she stand for her ownself?

    Why she can't say what she likes and what she not likes?

    And if she does all these, she is defined as "ill mannered" or "without any sanskar" !!

    Being good doesn't not mean when u become slave to others and forget your very own existence.
    But being good is how pure and nice your thoughts are, how good and clean your heart is and lastly how pure your intentions are... And how compassionate you are to other living beings...

    Good women or "Acchi Aurat" is not one who gets supressed by others, speak, sit and wear clothes as other say and lastly forget her own existence.

    Women's can have a choice and live how they want and if they do like that.... Then that doesn't mean .. she is not an "Acchi aurat"

    Society should actually not focus on "Acchi aurat" but should focus on " Good human SHE and HE beings" !! ��

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    What's called an "Acchi Aurat" or "Good women" ??

    Please Read the caption!

  • cutelight 18w

    My Love for you is unconditional.
    My feelings for you are uncontrollable.
    Can't go a day without thinking about you.
    Without you I am not complete.
    With you my heart finds it's rhythm.

    My heart is filled with joy because of your love.
    You are my strength, without you I'm Weak.
    Before you came into my life, I was
    Alone, sad, scared
    When u showed up, I knew that you were sent to me.

    You are always here to make me secure and cheer me up.
    Your smiles makes me the happiest,
    And sometimes I wonder where you have been all this while,
    But I am just glad that I managed to get you in
    My life!

  • cutelight 85w

    Your journey might be scary right now. But, it is also full of excitement and faith that whatever is meant to happen will happen. The things standing in your way might be there to steer you in another direction. The disappointments might be there to guide you towards trying something new. When life takes you in unexpected direction, TRUST that is taking you closer to where you are meant to be.

  • cutelight 100w

    Unconditional love is very rare and one of the life's most beautiful gifts❤️

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    Not everybody is someone's brother or sister
    Or someone's father or mother
    Or girlfriend or boyfriend
    Or lover or Friend
    Some relations go beyond the human confine of words...
    Some relations which define you...
    But you can't define them, No matter how hard you try ! ❤️

  • cutelight 113w


    Man does not like suffering, but loves its causes- Ego, Attachment and expectations.

  • cutelight 115w

    Is there anything she can't handle?

    She's been broken, She's been
    knocked down, She's been
    defeated, She's felt pain that most
    couldn't handle, She looks fear in
    the eye, year after year, day after
    day, but yet she never runs, she
    never hides and she always find a
    Way to get back up.

    She's unbreakable
    She's a warrior
    She's you.

  • cutelight 120w

    As you awaken,
    You will come to
    Understand that the
    Journey of love isn't about
    Finding "the one",
    The journey is about
    "The one"

  • cutelight 122w

    The world would like to change you;
    There pressures all around.
    You must decide just who you are,
    Then firmly hold your ground.

    You have an image of yourself,
    An ideal sense of you;
    And to this vision you must always
    Struggle to be true.
    You know what you're good at,
    And you know where your talent lie;
    But if you are ruled by others,
    Your uniqueness could pass by.

    Remember there is much to learn;
    But all new things aren't good.
    Wisdom lies in what we've learned
    And what you have withstood.

    So be Yourself and don't allow
    The world to take control.
    Preserving your identity
    Is life's most precious goal.

  • cutelight 122w

    She believed she could
    But she was tired
    So she rested
    And you know what?...

    The world went on
    And it was ok because
    She knew she could
    Try again tomorrow..