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  • curiositylive 3w


    Yes I am a misfit,
    I want to change the world, change the way you think,
    Change the way you live!

    Yes I'm a misfit.

    I'm not your cup of tea, I'm your cup of craziness,
    I'm your cup of happiness that you never had!
    I can make you crazy ! I can make you mad!
    But I'm not normal, like he and she.

    I prefer wisdom over knowledge,
    But I doubt I have both,
    I take the road not taken,
    Cause that's the surprise I like!
    Hot and cold...

    Yes I'm a misfit and I want it all!

  • curiositylive 4w

    I'm grey

    I can't be too good
    I can't be too bad
    I love both!
    What's being too good gonna do ?
    Go to heaven ?
    What's being too bad gonna do ?
    Land me in prison ?

    When you want both, it's neither
    You're just grey

    I stay grey, it's just grey is all!


  • curiositylive 5w

    A happy face
    A sad face
    A neutral face

    What am I ?

    I am a mess inside, perfect outside!

  • curiositylive 5w

    I'm one of a kind

    Crossing mountains, fires and desserts,
    A rollercoaster of life,
    I've been drowned, beaten by life in everyway.
    I still wake up stronger than ever,
    Like the diamond burning through your soul.

    I don't wear a mask, cause I'm me.
    One of a kind.
    Fierce, wild and nothing alike.

    *I make my own happiness and spread them*

  • curiositylive 6w

    I want it all

    Jack of all trades,
    Master of none!
    I want to master two!
    Will you be my two!

    I'll master you with care and nourish you by learning.

    Please be mine and I'll be yours.

    *Life of a Curious person*

  • curiositylive 7w

    That one messy best friend

    It breaks me that we don't talk,
    All the misunderstanding for what?
    People had fun telling lies,
    And we pay the price?

    It saddens me that we don't talk,
    It kills me inside out!

    Wish it were different..
    A story where we just talk,
    Where we are there for each other.

    *The only one i regret, wish it were different*


  • curiositylive 10w

    Colder than ice!

    The numbness that stays, like a cold winter
    Where feelings are dreams, far away
    I wish I could feel what I felt before
    The tenderness of affection,
    The tenderness of love,
    But, all I could feel is numbness and dessert consuming me.

    I could remember, but it's a curse that never ends
    Being reminded of everything old, while it's still new.

    This emptiness, this numbness, when will it ever end ?

    It's hope that makes me stay awake, stay alive!
    Will I ever wake up ? From the curse of stone cold numbness!

    *Hope I find pain, love and tenderness*

  • curiositylive 12w

    Sister from another world

    It was a sad evening and the world was slow,
    I was drowning with sorrow,
    You lifted me up, made me know
    The world is cruel than I think,
    Harder than I imagine,
    You gave me hope, gave me inspiration
    When I was drowning from river to sea.

    You maybe far, but you still hold a place in me.

    *Thanks for holding me up always*

    I'll meet you one day!
    It's just not today..

  • curiositylive 19w

    Let there be bang

    There was a big bang and there will be a bang,
    We'll just be another star, who blinked for a second,
    For another galaxy, for another alien
    We'll all be gone just like the dinosaur,
    Just like a few extinct species.

    At Least those dinosaur's din't destroy,
    We cruelly killed, destroyed, farmed animals,
    War, pollution, deforestation.

    We don't deserve this planet,
    Let there be bang, let there be chaos,
    Let's all begone for the nature to flourish.

    *Stop destroying our planet*

    © Curiosity_Guru

  • curiositylive 52w


    Soo geniune I can't resist, I desist
    Your cheeks glow and my heart skips
    My nerves tremble and shiver
    And all I can think, is you and your smile
    The rush of harmones, the rush of blood
    The rush of every cell, ever lived in me
    to see that one beautiful second of smile
    I would wait forever and till the end of time
    For that one last smile.

    *Your happiness is mine to bear, and only mine.*