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  • ct_and_skylines 12w


    I am the mad hatter, I am the Queen.
    I am the Alice that wonders why all of this happens to me.

    I throw the tea parties with characters made up from all the inward parts of me.


  • ct_and_skylines 20w

    I’m going to find you and you catch me; hold each other gently and feel the same gravity of love when we look one another in the eyes.
    I’ll find you but I won’t be looking you’ll find me; you catch me in the stream of my creation in a dark room I celebrate.. I am fulfilled I am alone at a bar with a whiskey on the rocks in my hand and I’m smiling.


  • ct_and_skylines 21w

    no warmth of a stranger could heat the corner of my dark room. It’s the same as before, like a touch of the sun, then winter comes.
    cold again.
    there’s no getting anything right when nothing was wrong. all part of it, I’m still dancing when I’m stuck, lost in a sad song. I’ll look you in the eye and smile, you’ll never know the murmurs of my heart and why it stings.
    i have to be the one to get through this thing.
    if I don’t hold my own woes, if i don’t learn to console my soul, where will I go, when everyone and everything disappears?
    and the mirrors are all broken.
    the sun doesn’t shine like it used to.
    and the floor is cold on my bare feet.
    i’m shivering, what’s left but me?
    what does it mean to feel free?


  • ct_and_skylines 37w

    Love is here. Settle in.
    #love #presence #writing #friends #poem #poet #encouragement 💡 in the #dark
    with love it’s a #start #writing now #write till your #fingers fall off #wordsmith #mirakee #writersnetwork #words the nectar of #mind

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    Cherish the friends and ones you have close to you.
    You don’t need to look far.
    You want to help someone in need, catch a ride, jump in your car, they’re down the street, not terribly far.
    Someone close could be having a bad day.
    Call them up, say hello,
    tell a joke let them know you’re there.
    That’s kindness, your presence and attention.
    But our presence and attention
    goes to our phones.
    The next idol to take
    the world by the storm.
    And we forget who is close.
    To the love in front of us; aging,
    but we look to the screen to catch a permanent picture of a beauty queen.
    All the troubles of the world
    at the press of a button,
    and those who want your attention, tuning in to distant places when the trouble is outside your own door.
    Sending love where it isn’t seen
    if we could only put down the screen.

    My love is within reach when there’s nothing in-between, aging in love, my friends and me.


  • ct_and_skylines 52w

    When you give your love and you go away
    it’s not your fault,
    It just fucks with me.
    Too many words to explain why
    and the pain is hard to describe;
    your love fucks with me all the time.
    From person to lover to stranger to lover to lonely again,
    with myself for so long
    I forgot how many days
    it’s been since I’ve walked outside.
    And you’ll never get it, it’s a lesson, you don’t know you’re Teacher and it hurts: strike again.

    My lesson:
    your love finds me
    and fucks me every time.


  • ct_and_skylines 59w

    I touch myself and I see stars.
    I hold myself and I feel my scars.
    I hid myself because, I thought you’d love me only in my finality.

    Nothing is final.

    Not my words.
    Not this verse.
    Not your love.

    So, I’ll touch myself and drift to my safe place. I don’t know that you could hold me this way.
    It’s okay.
    Your touch lacked love and your words promised too much.
    That’s okay.

    It’s okay.
    I’m okay.


  • ct_and_skylines 59w

    You lead me astray in the light of day.
    I could pray for your return but your choice is your own and I lost my footing along the way.
    You loosened your grip after a single kiss and I’ve never stood tall since.
    You lead me astray once like suffocating sweet love under a feather stuffed pillow; suffocated on my own desire.
    I was a fire and you put me out.
    Now that I’m ash, the wind will whisk me away.
    I stretched my roots into the ground, made a promise to my heart that it is my own love I can lean on, and I’ll never be alone to wander in the dark.
    Night can fall and I’ll be there for myself. Goodbye, your love was sweet till it was sour and I’m far gone, I’ve lead my fear astray and no longer hold my shackles, dear.
    Farewell, I wish to be free and only I can speak for me.


  • ct_and_skylines 60w

    I stare at Buddha and she’s so fucking
    still when I need her.
    When I thought I did, anyway.
    Statues and synagogues.
    With all the answers.
    Their answers.
    Who answers?


  • ct_and_skylines 61w

    Shall I need you,
    another time?

    I can’t be something new.
    I’ll be everything you’ve ever seen.
    But the feeling,oh; the feeling.
    It’s fresh and the air feels light in my lungs and upon my face. It’s a new air I breathe with you.
    If we both fall we’ll feel it together.
    One of us will stop soaring so high.
    But since we are still high, will the other one catch the other as they progressively fall?
    It happens slowly and it’s in every moment we find our-selves in. If we aren’t tuned in it’s hard to see.
    He didn’t see my fall as a possibility.
    I assure you we didn’t see eachother.
    And one of us stopped soaring.
    And the other felt some of it too.
    But saw themself akin to the vision in their mind.
    Not present in two worlds at the same time.
    Because we aren’t the same no matter how we try.
    You feel the temperature of the air and
    I’m amassed in the color of the sky.
    The sunset stole my heart
    and you loved the depth of the ocean.
    I cannot be angry,
    I haven’t tried,
    it’s just not there; inside.

    Because it was love,
    just a different kind.

    ~Christian Taylor

  • ct_and_skylines 81w

    You At My Door

    I like the moth reach for the light and descend into darkness when it burns too bright.
    Give me time;
    I’ll fly higher.
    We’ll start fires no one can put out.
    If I don’t burn to ash before I climax.
    We have a chance take my hand I’ll meet you at the bitter end when I’ve climbed all I can.
    It’s your eyes I imagine
    when I get sore.
    It’s your stare that
    brings me to the shore.
    Because the water gets
    heavy when my muscles are tired.
    I remember you and the resilience you see in me.
    It’s more credit than I give myself.
    It’s a force I can’t ignore.
    You look at me
    and I can become anything.
    The darling I see from afar,
    you touch my heart.
    I see your soul and not a thing more.
    Love me will ya?
    Maybe when I’m gone.
    Maybe we’ll be allowed.
    It may be everything I’ve wanted;
    everything I’m looking for.
    You, at my door.