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  • crystal_snow 12h

    I'm sorry that its different from what you guys mentioned in the challenge.I'm I love with so many songs and its really hard to choose. Hope you will like this one :)

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    I love the music of spring.
    The sapphire blue sky, painting a smile.
    The pretty flowers blushing, as it fell for the lush green grass.
    Butterflies fluttering, carrying different shades of hope in their spectrum wings.

    I love the music of summer.
    Bees buzzing around. Making the winds giggle.
    The scorching yet happy sun dancing with the clouds.

    I love the music of monsoon.
    The rain pours down, to wash away all the pain stacked up in the heart.
    Even the grey clouds smile, when the romantic pair share an umbrella, and blush under it.

    I love the music of winter.
    The innocent snow kissing my eyelashes.
    Also kissing the atmosphere, with joy.
    As little ones throw snow balls at eachother.


  • crystal_snow 1d


    thank you so much for the ❤️ (14) your kind repost (1)��✨

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    within and without
    I adorned my poetries with lies
    Beautiful ones, only to disguise myself as a poet.
    Some I stole from the dead autumn leaves.
    Some from the smiling flowers.
    And some even from my own melancholic shadow.
    They had a beautiful fragrance, just like that of cinnamon.
    And yet full of lies,
    I smile, and my poetries look at me and smile too.


  • crystal_snow 2d

    I dip my quill in the ink.
    But now what?
    My mind turns pale.
    Words don't flow through my veins.

    But what if?
    what if I collect the golden beeds of joy the smiling sun provides me?
    Will my poetries be golden too?

    what if I touch the autumn leaves that holds the remain of broken hope?
    Will my poetries be coverd with hope too?

    What if I steal stars and hide them in my pocket?
    Will my poetries glitter too?

    Now I realise
    Words don't flow But,
    Poetry does.


  • crystal_snow 3d

    I must confess,
    My love for you kisses the stars.
    I would cry you rainbow tears, blended with sweet talk.
    I shall dip my quill in those tears and write you poems.

    // So that my once buried feelings will rejuvenate . And I shall cry actual tears of diamond containing your glory//


  • crystal_snow 3d

    Broken crayons in my bag.
    And they broke,
    I pressed too hard on hope in my hopeless sky
    I loved like how the night sky loved the stars. Too much, so that one snapped too.
    I had to break faith, the lovely blue faded. Not even the least was left, even a flower couldn't keep faith in a pretty butterfly.

    But who said broken crayons don't colour?

    I took the red one and coloured the stars.
    I melted the yellow one and painted a beautiful shimmering sun.
    And lastly blue, I made it collide with the sky and brought the pretty blue back and coloured the fluttering butterflies.

    I made a whole painting with it. And my heart didn't remain empty thereafter.


  • crystal_snow 4d

    #imagery #wod

    Milk: peace
    Cherry : love
    Roasted almonds: hope
    Powdered sugar: happiness

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    Life is Just like dark chocolate.
    Sure, alluring and beautiful, but one bite it's all bitter.

    But what if you add some milk in it? wouldn't it make it less dense?

    Add some cherries too, so red like love. It's definitely going to make your cheeks Redder than those cherries.

    Oh! And some roasted almonds too! Golden like hope, as it touches your tongue, your soul is gonna jump!

    And once it's all ready, sprinkle powdered sugar. It's gonna look all ready. And once it collides with your taste buds, it will gift you a smile :D


  • crystal_snow 5d

    #wild #wod

    Sorry for posting this sooo late :(
    You can skip this's shit

    @miraquill. @writersnetwork
    Thanks a million for the ❤️(13)
    and EC (3)��✨

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    Dear hope,
    It's been ages since I have met you. So long that a memory of you in my head is vivid like unclear water. Were you threads of gold? Did you give out warmth?Did the flowers smile when they saw you?...I can't recall.
    When am I getting to see you?...I don't see a near future with you. I need you. It's WILD inside, with moths and withered flowers, creepers and what not. All this has been happening since you withered too. I wish to see you ... hopefully before I die.

    Love, me

  • crystal_snow 1w

    Braid my hair with your lovely poetries.

    Decorate love on butterflies and place them gently place them on my collar bones.

    Steal the stars from the night sky and replace them with my eyeballs, I shall see you brighter.

    Kiss me with the beautiful lies you created, only to make me feel I'm yours.


  • crystal_snow 1w

    Sometimes, sweet honey is all I taste.
    Sometimes, a thick veil of hatred covers my eyes.

    Sometimes, the spring blossoms tickle my eyelashes.
    Sometimes, winter's cold crystal flakes Pierce through my heart.

    Sometimes, the glistening sun rays play with my skin.
    Sometimes, the melancholic rain drowns my heart in pain.

    Sometimes, lovely music is all I enjoy.
    Sometimes, it's just white noise accompanying my loneliness.


  • crystal_snow 1w

    Don't mind..ik it's shit... just wanted to write something :)

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    I wore love like glass bangles on my wrist.
    All red, pretty and glittery.
    It shone brighter when it mingled with sunlight.

    But it left scars on my skin which never healed.