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  • crystal_eternal_love 6w

    I am not that audacious
    to call myself a lowly poet

    My metaphors are not that
    strong enough to break my ribcage

    Lunacy in my vocabs are
    not selcouth ,but it is nuisance

    Though I'm from a group of bad poet,
    I can try to step up my game

    in this way everyone becomes a poet

  • crystal_eternal_love 6w

    Daisies-purity and innocency
    Lavender-love and serenity


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    daesyn daisies
    I bloomed lavenders

  • crystal_eternal_love 6w

    O sky!
    Can you wrap that radiating silver
    moon with curtain of muddy
    red and white cloud?

    It resembles a dreamy pastel art
    I can gaze at this serene beauty of you without blinking my eyes

    I saw the moon lover bamboos
    trying to touch the ivory moon with
    their long and shivered leaves

    Can you bend a little bit and
    let them touch their beloved moon?

  • crystal_eternal_love 7w

    Fallen feathers of my broken wings still on their way to be sewed on your sternum


  • crystal_eternal_love 7w


    Thanks for the EC@miraquill��

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    The rain is falling on the sacramento hued sun-kissed leaves
    Rejuvenating their souls with the audacity for new beginnings

    How the rain can leave her amour black cloud behind , alienating his heart from moreish love
    filling it with the dolorous of asunder

    How can the darkest cloud can let his inamorata go without holding her cold skinned ,pale hands again?

    Mother nature who nourishes her children with her everlasting love
    Does she have a frosted heart to make
    two lovers apart ?

    Each time their heart flutters
    Each time their eyes met before cold winter


  • crystal_eternal_love 8w

    There's a river flowing inside
    the deepest woods of my dreams

    I found eel grasses of hope
    growing on the river bed of despondency

    I perceived some Sagittarius lancifolia
    with their white petals and orangey-yellow anther hidden in my secret pocket
    ruined by devil of my soul

    I dipped my wounded feet in
    the river of serenity ,then suddenly a downpour clean my lession with the courage to clutch my dreams
    with golden fingers

    The drowning and rising sun
    below the horizon reflect rays on the
    lucent water of river to nourish with the hope that my wrecked ship will sail
    again ,on the sea of endeavour

  • crystal_eternal_love 8w

    Thank u so much for EC @miraquill ��
    Thanks a lot team @writersnetwork❤️

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    I want to create a cosmos for me
    to nourish myself with the purest love

    I want to sprinkle hues of
    honey tangerine on the black clouds
    to pour me with sweet and
    orangey rain drops

    I want to spray fragrance of sweet
    smelling lavender on the layer of earth
    to sleep on the soil for mangling
    all my distress

    I want to create a gypsophila garden
    to embellish my tangled hair
    with the alluring flowers

  • crystal_eternal_love 8w

    She is like the cheerful sun
    Who can give me warmth in frost winter
    Her dark black loose plait braided hair with silver clip looks like the silver stars sewed on the midnight sky
    I lose myself in the greenery of her emerald green eyes
    Her bewitching dimples are like never ending line of happiness scribbled on the canvas of my hopeless life
    She cafunes my hair dipping her fingers in serenity stolen from heaven
    Her voice is as husky as roaring waterfall that can make me fall asleep washing away all my sufferings without thinking about her disappearance
    She is the one for whom my heart beats without skipping a beat
    She is the one for whom I can die thousands of time to live peacefully with her

  • crystal_eternal_love 8w

    Can I touch the welkin of my fate
    Crossing the scorching summer sun?

    Can I overcome my acrophobia
    walking through the mountain
    ranges of Everest?

    Can I call myself a strong girl
    enshrouding all the scars
    given by the society?

    Can I walk behind the horizon
    during sundown imbibing the
    pain of my burning soul?

    Can I dive through the ocean
    of storms embracing the agony
    of freezing water?

    Can I amble through stinging thorns
    pricking my wounds with torments ?

    Can I cross the bridge of serenity
    across the river of turbulence ?

    though the vicious world won't
    let me to chase my heart I have
    to cross the seven seas of desires
    to make my dreams fly with me.


  • crystal_eternal_love 9w

    I love the way loon sang the song of tragic love with a trace of reawakening hopes

    I love the way lotus bloom in Marsh for the love cherished by sun

    I love the way sea sparkle creates the mirage of fallen stars on the seashore washing away the torment of onlookers

    I love the way rain trying to hide behind the dark clouds in the hot summer days

    I love the way glimmering stars listen to my lunatic jokes with smirk on their face