Trainee poet trying to write few poems n stories..

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  • cruel_world 17w


    And eventually Time heals even the deepest of wounds...


  • cruel_world 56w


    If one of the things you believe in,
    Is that this world’s an ugly place,
    You must have never gone outside at night,
    And stared up into the space,
    You haven’t felt the way the air changes,
    In the minutes before it rains,
    Or watched the world pass by below,
    Out the window of a plane,
    You’ve never been awake so early,
    That you see the moment the sun starts to rise,
    And you’ve never laid with your back on the grass,
    And made shapes with the clouds in the sky,
    But maybe if you’ve done all this,
    Then why don’t you believe it’s true?

    -Maqbool Saiyed


  • cruel_world 67w

    Silent Tear

    Just close your eyes and you will see
    All the memories that you have of me
    Just sit and relax and you will find
    I’m still there inside your mind

    Don’t cry for me now I’m gone
    For I am in the land of song
    There is no pain, there is no fear
    So dry away that silent tear

    Don’t think of me in the dark and cold
    For here I am no longer old
    I’m in that place that’s filled with love
    Know to you all, as “up above”

    -Maqbool Saiyed


  • cruel_world 67w

    Happy New Year

    Bye bye 2019
    It’s new year now
    Forgot all the past low
    And being the new with win In a row
    Learn from those mistakes
    And make them your future advantage
    Don’t look back now
    You are not going that way anyhow
    Don’t wait for opportunity Seize em’
    Don’t work for rewards but for yourself
    This is a new beginning so do your best
    Don’t worry about others forget the rest
    And welcome the the new year with a smile on your face
    Don’t let your past get you traced
    Happy New Year!!!

    Maqbool Saiyed

  • cruel_world 87w


    She was the Rose,
    In the hands of those
    Who had no intension,
    Of keeping her their own...

  • cruel_world 87w

    Happy Independence Day!

    Saluting India!
    Where each bud blooms in its true colours,
    Where each day is celebration of unity, harmony and sanctity

  • cruel_world 102w


    Tears rooling of the eyes,
    Broken hearts,
    But were still wise,
    Had no choice,
    But to live the life,
    Living was dying,
    Until I found a gem,
    Which was better then them,
    This is were my life lies,
    And I m still that wise...


  • cruel_world 104w


    Always keep me in your mind,
    Weather I may be the worst wine.
    Cause you are only there for me,
    While others left me free.
    Please forgive me every time,
    Weather I may have done the biggest crime.
    Alaways remember my chase,
    Even if you have won the race.
    Let me be the reason for a smile,
    Weather it may be in a while.
    May the good deeds of mine be the reason for my remembrance,
    Although I might be a quite hindrance.
    Always be the reason for my remembrance


  • cruel_world 104w


    My heart dripped the blood that my mind wipe, and your mind played a game that your heart never advised...

  • cruel_world 104w


    Behind every smile, there can be a missing peice of heart waiting for the beat.....