I love to walk my way the way I walk #always_improving

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    Luka chhupi bohut huyi
    Taras gyi meri aakhiyan
    Chhupna ab tum band karo
    Mere paas aajao na yaar....

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    Your eyes were magic
    It make me freeze
    I know you feel my love
    Yet want me to show it all
    Your smile was dazzling
    It brought me light
    I know you love me too
    Yet you wanted to hide...

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    Kuch doston ki kahani mohabbat ki kahaniyon se aabad hoti hain....Mohabbat mukamal ho na ho dosti jiski mukamal ho uski zindagi kamyab hoti hain...

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    Hume log aksar tumhare naam se chidate hain
    Log hume jodidar btate hain
    Par log yeh nhi jante
    Ki hume tumse mohabbat nhi
    Ki hume tumse mohabbat nhi
    Bas dosti se hadd se jyada hain
    Bas dosti hadd se jyada hain...

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    Is it a blessing to receive love, or a curse to lose it soon...???
    Do answer me in the comments...

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    My heart aches everytime
    Thought of you come by
    Years have passed
    You left but memory lasts
    The sorrow of your absence
    Is covering my present
    Was I blessed
    To receive your love
    Or was I cursed
    To lose it soon ?
    Should I be happy
    To experience love
    Or sad for the loss?

  • crescent_corner 2w

    Those who experience setbacks
    Only they can create new setmarks....

  • crescent_corner 3w

    Jo waqt se majbur hote hain
    Milna chah kr bhi nhi milte hain
    Akshar dil m aane wale woh log
    kismat main nhi milte hain...

  • crescent_corner 5w

    Only you know what
    makes you happy,
    Don't let others shake
    your part of smiles...

  • crescent_corner 6w

    Happy Ganesha chaturthi everyone....
    #Devotion #ultimatesoul #pray #divine

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    Hey vigna harta
    Vighna tum harna
    Paap jo baad raha
    Unka naash krna.

  • crescent_corner 6w

    Even at times
    we don't meet
    I will come to you
    like snow and tide
    Even if we belong
    to different worlds
    I will come to you
    making all ends meet
    Even at times
    you won't remember
    Our memories will come to you
    like summer and winter
    Even at times
    I won't be here
    I will come to you
    in smiles and tears
    Even at times
    that will come and go
    I will come to you
    like your favourite show.

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    #mirakee #writersnetwork #poetry #love #fun #life #words #magic #life #peace #writing

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    I will come to you
    Like drops of rain
    To quench your thirst
    And relief your pain.

  • crescent_corner 6w

    You're my sunshine
    That make me grow
    I became a flower
    That bloomed for you.

  • crescent_corner 6w

    Not all dreams come true by sleeping
    You need to wake up to live them,
    Not all hard work pays off by sitting
    You need to learn to be persistent,
    Not all smiles means happiness by looking
    You need to search for true joy in this world,
    Not all todays are beautiful by wishing
    You need to make it up in coming tomorrows...

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    Work hard

    Your tomorrow should be better than your today...