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  • creator786 12w

    Stranger who cares

    I may not mean much to you.
    After all I'm like a stranger you never knew.
    If you ever feel my need,
    You don't have to worry
    Nor plead.
    I shall get rid of all the shackles
    Off your feet.
    Before you even realise
    And you'll be freed.


  • creator786 151w

    The love of my life

    Tears in my eyes
    Smile on my face
    You are my beautiful sunrise
    That I love to chase.

    I know I am weird
    In a lot of different ways
    I promise to change a bit
    If you promise to be with me always.

    Easy to make me mad
    Easy to make me sad
    You are the only one who can calm me
    In all the situations good or bad.

    I am a knucklehead boy
    Who has sworn to give you all his joy
    You can never get rid of me
    I will always be there with you to annoy.

  • creator786 172w



  • creator786 173w


    Lost in your eyes
    Though all I see
    Is a beautiful sunrise.
    It will be hard to get you
    A High price to pay.
    But I promise
    I will always love you night and day.

    Our late night chats
    Always fills my heart with happiness,
    Staying up late, waking up in the morning
    Makes my body filled with laziness.

    A minute feels like an hour,
    An hour feels like a day,
    And I get bored
    If I don't talk to you everyday.

    This long distance is killing me
    Would be better,
    If you'd have been closer to me.

    And I will be your man
    And you be my wife,
    For you,
    I can even give up my life.

  • creator786 174w


    Live your life as a free bird,
    Rather than a slave of someone.
    Be the person you want to be
    Than the other self that your
    Master want you to be.
    Freedom is just ahead of you
    Just try a bit to get through
    It's better to die like a free bird
    Than live on your knees
    Slavery will break you
    Freedom will mend you
    At the end, mend someone
    Who is special to you
    So that, that special person
    Will live forever and ever for you.

  • creator786 174w


    Would love to give,
    You a lot of care
    But whenever I see you
    In front of me
    I can do nothing but to
    Stand still and stare