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  • creative____writings 134w

    Its okay to make mistakes,
    Its fine to be selfish sometimes!

    Its not a bad thing to lie if situation demands,
    Its okay sometimes to cheat in exams!

    Its good to cry and scream,
    intsead to bottle up feelings in mind!

    Its fine to be silly sometimes,
    To make memories that can make laugh anytime!

    Afterall this is the era of sin and evil,
    So Its okay sometimes to be a happy devil!


  • creative____writings 141w

    Be my Loyal genuine friend you will meet the most selfless person, be a backstabber with fake loyal front you will meet the most selfish person becoz believe me or not One or some other way I will get to know your real intentions without you finding about it!


  • creative____writings 143w

    It's up to us what we choose to become , what we choose to do...want to do! It's up to us whether we want to fight our demons or controlled by one...and these emotional demons: anger, selfishness, hatred and more...are far more dangerous than the physical ones around us,destroying not only our humanity but our inner self too and thus pushing our close ones away!


  • creative____writings 147w

    "Nah..I don't believe in promises and other shit said like we are forever! I believe in actions and efforts. You have to start to draw a line and I will definetely help to complete the picture!"


  • creative____writings 148w

    Spend carefully your rich and powerful resources like kindness, trust, loyalty, love,and honesty because not everyone has it and only some deserves to be treated with it!

    So Spend Wisely, Live happily :)


  • creative____writings 148w

    "How are you feeling right now?"

    "Disappointed but Determined"


    "Disappointed on myself for the mistake but determined to make everything right again!"


  • creative____writings 149w

    "Do you mean Loving me was a mistake" he asked.

    "Nope.. Loving you was never a mistake but trusting you was" She replied with a sad smile.

    Only he knew how much he regreted the mistake.
    But only she felt the pain when not only her heart but trust too broke down into thousand pieces.


  • creative____writings 149w

    My idiot best friend

    I know I have many friends, and I called some best friends too BUT that doesn't mean YOU are replaced! You will remain the only monkey in my life who knows my deepest secret to stupid, dumbass things I have done ! No one can take place of my Human diary...and about them,they are just temporary ones but YOU are my soulmate!So remember buddy, YOU are stuck with ME forever

    Your Bestest and Awesome Friend


  • creative____writings 150w

    Life is so beautiful you know,
    It loves like a mother and hates like a pro!

    It shows our shadows and devils in the dark,
    Sometimes truth is bitter from the start!

    The one I thought will show the light,
    Is the one who pushed me in this night!

    The journey to light was full of hurdles,
    After all it was created by my own brothers!

    But the life showed me the real sight ,
    Like a mother it teach me to fight solitary without any knight!

    Now the night as passed ,A new day has start!
    But I have become tough with a strong heart!

    I have learnt my lessons,
    Thank you Oh life!
    Although world is not rainbow and unicorns,
    Now atleast I learned to survive.

  • creative____writings 159w

    In Friendship it matters how much YOU know EACH other not how LONGEST you have known each other because after all quality matters not quantity!