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  • crazydesigirl 93w


    The Universe is but an ocean,
    And I am swimming in this commotion;
    The ocean takes me to dark depths,
    To shallow shores,
    Always a different end.

    The ocean is filled
    With unknown depth and mystery,
    And in that lie my million thoughts
    Of success and failures,
    Of daydreams and nightmares.

    With a horizon so distant,
    And we, the scattered fish,
    Sometimes it's hard to differentiate
    Between the sharks, the whales,
    and the bright and colourful fish.

    The ocean whose end is doom,
    I am wandering in the region dark blue,
    Sometimes I wonder if
    Like the ocean
    Life can be immortal too,
    But then I remember...

    Life is not an ocean.

  • crazydesigirl 97w

    The books whisper stories
    Of the dead and undead
    Of the mortal and immortal
    Of the love and hate.

    The dust hold memories
    Of long forgotten tales
    Of legends and myths
    Of never-ending trails.

    The silence holds answer
    Of all the unasked questions
    Of all the thoughts of solitude
    Of all the dreaming of chaos.

    The books and dust and silence
    The key to our lives
    The beginning and the ending
    One just needs to dive.

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  • crazydesigirl 113w

    Flames licked my fingers,
    Before engulfing my pages,
    My memories flew with smoke,
    Remaining are the dust and ashes.

  • crazydesigirl 113w

    Chatting and smiling,
    All the time wondering,
    Asking crazy questions,
    Keeping the conversation flowing.

    Didn't know when,
    A feeling in me bloomed,
    Tried to deny it,
    My words had everyone fooled.

    Here I am,
    All the way confused,
    My heart knows the answer,
    My brain compels me to refuse.

  • crazydesigirl 115w

    I believe there's someone,
    Someone writing down about us,
    Laughing at us for being self-absorbed,
    Laughing at us for thinking we're more than fiction.

  • crazydesigirl 117w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short write-up on Intend

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    No negativity intended.

  • crazydesigirl 119w

    She held secrets,
    Whispers of happiness,
    She held the knowledge
    Of peace and forgiveness.

    She screamed in agony,
    Silence thundered in her home,
    She withheld others' bitterness,
    With miseries of her own.

    She sang her song,
    She wielded her strengths,
    Disgraced and called a demon,
    What began is bound to end.

    She is the purest truth,
    The ultimate end,
    The end to life,
    She is called death.

  • crazydesigirl 120w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short write-up on Feathers

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    Flying around,
    Whispered breaths,
    Singhing love,
    Feather settles,
    Then flies.