17 yr old with a love for writing,reading and humane people.❤

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  • crackhead06 4w


    Mirage views, false hopes,
    A heart that fails to register the
    Echoes and screams of the brain.
    Confined to translucent bubbles
    Smile I do, wide and big.
    Somewhere I've lost a piece of me
    The innocence, the confidence I miss
    Too scared to let go, to live my best life.
    Am I cut out for this race
    Or is it just false hope


  • crackhead06 34w

    This time I won't bow my head,
    Not in shame, not in fear.
    I now know the cards we have to play,
    The rules we have to break,
    The empathy to shatter, the strings to pull.
    Competitive world they say
    But is it really?
    When all there is to it
    Is knife on wrist and noose 'round neck?


  • crackhead06 83w


    Time , it passes , and so do we
    They say I've changed
    That I ain't the old me.
    A girl of thirteen, do they expect me to stay?
    I've grown up ,
    Realised the real from the reel
    I now stand up for myself
    Have stopped playing the fool.
    I now have powers,
    Powers to see through your phoney- baloney.
    Now I know it was poison ivy
    And not tulips that I grew.


  • crackhead06 94w

    When you're standin at crossroads
    All hope lost, your cheer dimmed
    Just know the worst is for the best
    Maybe today wasn't meant to be
    The morrow mightn't be any different
    But remember the light in you
    The one that fought
    Battles innumerable
    At the end of the tunnel
    The light always waits
    Today a failure, tomorrow a warrior
    Could be you, could be me
    The day is yours, own it, seize it.

  • crackhead06 94w

    Thinking of random words and trying to write poems has clearly not been the best of my abilities.
    @ataraxia_evoked @keytothelostsoul

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    Mistakes we make
    We fall and break
    Feelings as cold as ice
    Yet when we do rise
    Why dont they ever pave way
    Don't our brains have a say ?
    How long do we play the fool
    Have we all lost our cool ?
    Is this all we've become
    A never ending blue outcome ?


  • crackhead06 124w

    Bad over good

    All these little gestures
    Turns to dust and ashes
    For when we take
    One wrong path, once in life
    All this turns into
    Nothing but oblivion
    Maybe that's what
    The world has come to
    Maybe a reason why
    All these bloodsheds
    Grow in number
    With every passing day or so

    Why is it that the bad prevails the good
    Why so complex
    Our tiny little brains
    Guess we all screw up once
    Does that spell an irrevocable us
    What about the me and you
    That did good long back then
    Do the good deeds
    Fade into nothingness
    In the wake of a mistake


  • crackhead06 166w

    I still remember that last day
    You looking into my eyes
    My stomach going on a roller coaster ride.

    Darling all the beautiful memories
    You gave in a couple month's time
    Will for eternity be cherished by me.

    Things went weary
    Tough times came by
    But you never left my side.

    I found my strength in you
    Notifications of your messages
    Were my ticket to the realm of happiness.

    I miss you every single moment
    All I want is to feel your arms around me
    Keeping me safe and fine

    Can't touch you,can't see you
    But yeah, I feel you here
    Every minute, every second
    With every beat of my heart.


  • crackhead06 178w

    The day my kingdom burnt to the ground
    I realized who my knight in shining armour is.❤