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  • cosmicegg 153w


    A Beginning is always a Beginning, be it a Day, a Week, a Month or a Year!

    What Counts is How Well we carry this very Beginning towards an End that brings us Success accompanied by Satisfaction, Goals being Accomplished, and Dreams fully Realized!

    Hence, its Time we Hold on a Moment to take Resolutions that make this Year of our lives Enliven with Highest of Ideals!

    Around 9000 Hours of #2019 Awaiting To Be Optimized!

  • cosmicegg 161w


    D-ispel the Darkness that Pretend to Creep Around You!

    I-nvoke the Eternal Light Hidden Deep Within You!

    W-ard Off all Nightmares that Keep Haunting You!

    A-rise Back to the Real Purpose that Life Owes You!

    L-ight Up the Candle of Delight to the Needy Around You!

    I-nvigorate the True Colours this Eve Bestows Upon You!


  • cosmicegg 161w


    There are Two kinds of Work in a Writer’s professional life:

    One he writes in Compliance to Clients;
    The other, he writes with a free-Spirit towards Self-Satisfaction.

    While the latter - which gives the Writer a High - may seldom meet client’s Objectives, the former- though not fully pleased- makes him reach out for Appreciation in the Market.

    This is the Convention which the world today is compelling a Writer to Subjugate his Potentials!!!


  • cosmicegg 163w


    Kindled by the Divine Spirit of his Father!

    Ordained to Carry forward the Lineage!

    Nobility Impersonating in all Augmented Pursuits!

    Envisaging a Firm Foundation for Future Engineers!

    Rejuvenating the Men with an Irrevocable Energy!

    Unflinching Feet that March to Blend Past & Future!!!


  • cosmicegg 169w


    Laziness is that Attribute of Self-Confidence where, The Will Directs Mind to Disengage and Restores Physical Activities back to Inertia!

    Laziness is an asset, not a Liability. As the Perception of it is Socially Conventional, an Individual is prone to be Deluded!

    Not-to-Do is also an Act-of-Will where one is obliged to Do. It is the Appearance that makes people Ascribe Laziness!!!


  • cosmicegg 171w


    Intellectual differences between two soulmates arrive towards the ends that evolves collective-becoming as,
    mutual-surrendering is the sole unifier;
    This is the Ideal between two wise men.

    If it isn’t the case, then envy deceives both for their lack of discrimination;
    This is where the world of friends separate taking differed justification as their alibi.

    Self-love Alone demarcates Envy from wise to be what they are to each other!


  • cosmicegg 172w

    M Y T H

    Myth is a Distant Story that’s unfortunately been Dejected by the Law-of-Causation, it’s only Testimony, and in turn Helplessly Ever-Awaiting Mankind along Sands-Of-Time to find a way out and Unravel it’s True Mystery.

  • cosmicegg 173w


    An Historical & Jubilant Day every Indian has an Irrevocable Imprint in his mind ever since that remarkable Midnight!

    The Father of our Nation stood Tough & Tall against Slavery Triumphantly by bringing Diverse people from all corners to Stand United for Freedom.

    71 years of Incredible Unity has Liberated us to March ahead of the world Today. Let’s Carry this Spirit Forward in following the Foot steps of all those men of great sacrifices towards Prosperous Generations to Come.


  • cosmicegg 173w

    Lost In Rain

    On my way, my love, driving towards you
    Thoughts pleasant surface upon dew
    But Drops strike so hard on my head undue
    That My girl! Pleasant feelings obscured few

    When on wheels, You turn back and wait
    When I break, you must hold up straight
    When drizzles hit makes me hate
    For the drops shut my eyes’ fate

    You never knew how I hit the road
    But still struggle before you aboard
    Storms resist how hard I pace my speed
    Leading you still innocent of my need

    And you head away when it’s late
    No matter how tough I fight my fate
    My girl! You simply exit the gate
    Thinking as if am on another Date

    It wasn’t the rain that fault
    It wasn’t your unintentional halt
    It was me who was hazy out of slot
    Failed to meet you meant my spirit a lot

    Never do I miss you my girl
    Even In an indecisive pool of whirl
    As now I missed you by a mile
    I Shall never let things lead me to vile

    I promise you shall ever be mine
    Not taking another excuse as this Rain
    Embrace you ever with heart rid of my Brain
    Lost in rain is as silly as missing the train


  • cosmicegg 174w


    “Greed is the Drive to Gratify one’s Desire for what is Unnecessary.”