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  • cosmic_venusian 15w

    Loving Fear

    There are only 2 choices. Love or Fear

    Both are un-escapabale.
    Both are apart of you.

    Creation is Love. That is you.
    Destruction is Fear. That is still you.

    Destruction is Trauma.

    Trauma is apart of the human experience. I dont believe in an utopian fantasy where all healers heal all personal or generational trauma.

    Trauma makes us primal. Trauma makes us human. Feeling into the dark spaces to transmute it into love..

    Now thats a practice.

    Loving fear.. thats a game.

    Fearing Love.. well we all do that.

    I love trauma. Because I know love still lives there.

    The intention is the sweet spot its your power.

    I came here in fear and I will leave in love~

    Bc I am In love with the entire lucid loving misery of this human journey..

    Maybe im crazy
    Maybe I am
    Just ..
    Fear and Love ~

  • cosmic_venusian 42w

    You will be "too much"

    I see you. But they wont. Ill see your raw expressiom of emotions never to be hidden even if they are dark or light. You arent crazy. You are human. They will try to label you as such. But you are too real to hide among the fake smiles and pretty faces. You like your emotion to be niagra falls. They like theirs to be a clogged sink.

  • cosmic_venusian 47w

    She didnt need a man to give her anything. Because most of it she could give herself. She wanted a man who gave to himself like he is inlove with life.. and then she wanted them to take both of their cups and water the world together

  • cosmic_venusian 47w

    Over taken by the extecy of loves passion, forbidden intertwined by the fruits of labor

    For her heart shined so far it lit the sorrow away creating a vortex of chemistry

    Held together by fools of love
    In the moment transpiring false promises and false hopes

    Turning her deeper into lust
    Into her soul
    To navigate the uncontrolled

    Destiny leads the way
    Taking it day by day

  • cosmic_venusian 52w


    Tremondous to our growth, I'd say..
    For Transcendental energies to flow
    We must let go
    Of the grief
    The sorrow
    Our comfort zones
    We always stay in comfort zones
    But we must restructure our code
    Unfuck our bloodline trauma
    Infinite beings we be
    Creating life of eternity
    Rising from our in capabilities
    Is truly amazing
    Then we will see
    What it's like to be free
    Transformation is the sacred key

  • cosmic_venusian 114w

    Sweet Remembrance

    When you look into me
    The sweetness of your touch
    Begins to travel deep and internal
    My spirit escapes and unravels
    Your love echos and its substantial
    My breath is paralyzed
    What I feel is hypnotized
    You see me with out fear
    We adore eachother, its clear.
    I'll always love you far or near.

  • cosmic_venusian 114w

    Free flowing is where we want to be
    We have the ability
    The stability
    Oxytocin in our brains
    Only we can create the chain
    The connection that Sparks
    A million neurons
    Don't be afraid
    Of the abundance around you
    Inside you
    Don't hide
    the darkness in
    Accept it
    Transform it
    Only we can create the link
    Between our hearts and this earth
    Loving you
    Love i
    Loving love untill it hurts

  • cosmic_venusian 126w

    Higher self

    My higherself led me here
    Connecting deeper into my own sacred codes
    Destiny travels in whispers in my ear lobes
    I can finnaly hear my heart speak
    Thumping to the path of surrendering
    To awaken
    To aknowledge
    To accept.

  • cosmic_venusian 128w

    There is a place where all beings are free. A place with not many desires. It is not ran by time . There are no darknest and light. Your emotions are non exsistant. A place where a unit of souls see no face. A place that welcomes the poorest of the poor. A place deep inside us all that actualy may or may not exsist when compared to a small fraction of consciousness. A place that is only brought upon by death. For one day, we, i, and you, will come to this place in the most perfect and beautiful alignment with the universe. ~ The ending~ . But also the begining of a new and reoccuring life

  • cosmic_venusian 132w

    Right here Right now

    We're right where we need to be
    He said.
    In this very moment.
    Its true for me.
    True for us.
    Contemplating eternity.
    But tomorrows never promised.
    Emotional layers turning into sickness
    As I rise from the ashes of old selves
    Im laying his words on my mental shelves
    We're right where we need to be.
    You said that for us, but im using it for me.
    Im right where I need to be.
    Letting go
    Loving myself
    Maybe we are here to love ourselves deeper
    Twin souls
    Drained from similar experiences
    We are right where we need to be
    Feeling you as me and I as you
    Maybe thats eternity