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  • consciousteja 3w

    Friendship turns cold as it becomes responsibility where you have to think twice before saying something so that you don't light up an argument.

  • consciousteja 3w

    Being available for people who will not to the same starts seperate kind of self war

  • consciousteja 4w

    Friendship with Restrictions is a job with no joy

  • consciousteja 5w

    True love in friendship is to understand your friends and don't give a shit

  • consciousteja 5w

    Missing feeling

    My body need hugs because my mind is now filled with useless fucks.

  • consciousteja 5w

    Cursing only happens in deep friendship

  • consciousteja 5w


    Give space to love ones but when even they need to be distance don't be surprised.


  • consciousteja 9w

    Leave when it's over

    You get signs you know when it's time
    You try to save but there nothing fine
    Communication is the key but never mind
    No one talks to you because during day
    sun alone shines.


  • consciousteja 9w

    Addiction over people's make your forget your self-respect.
    You just need to remind yourself those days when none was there when you needed them most.

  • consciousteja 10w

    Life likes rhyme

    Life shows your good before hard times
    You gotta be calm and see the moon shine
    Don't find yourself guilty for unknown crimes
    Just go with flow as life just likes to rhyme.