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  • confused_bandi 81w

    Stories on my Wall

    A blank Canvas with the shades of memories
    Bricks of poetry are going up one by one
    Words are floating with colourful paints
    Lets remove the dust of pain
    Given the arc of 3rd prespective to the stories
    Lets give a shape on spilled colour to make a new story
    Stories on my Wall ! On my Wall !


  • confused_bandi 90w


    समझ नहीं आया उस वक़्त रुक जाऊं या रोक लू
    शायद में समझ सब रही थी बस उस वक़्त समझना नहीं चाहती थी
    खोशिश कर रही थी शायद ये वक़्त ये फैसला बदल जाए मेरे ना समझने से
    वक़्त खाफी नाजुक सा था
    रूह उल्लजी सी कुछ परेशान सी लग रही थी उसकी
    नर्म सी पलके झुकी हुई थी
    ऐसा लग रहा था उसकी नजरें कुछ इकरार करना चाहती है कि कैसे तुझसे कहूं ?
    अल्फ़ाज़ भी गुम्से गए थे उस वक़्त
    उसका जवाब कुछ ऐसा था
    की मैने कभी वो सवाल सोचा ही नहीं था
    उस वक़्त ज़िन्दगी का इब्रार्त क्या बताना चाह रहा था बस अभी तक वहीं सोच में हूं।

    ~Vaishali Shelar

  • confused_bandi 119w

    Every moment replace the another moment
    Some are existed and some are created
    Every situation reflect the mirror
    whether u right or wrong..

  • confused_bandi 146w

    180 Seconds

    Yes this 180 seconds has change my perspective about feeling.
    As all human being are not same ,their emotions being happy,sad etc. Is not same.
    Your eyes speaks alot about relationship.
    Its not necessary every time silence describe the situation
    Some time words which is spoken through eyes are enough to realise the love
    Peace of mind bring us a step close.

    ~Vaishali Shelar

  • confused_bandi 147w

    Peace lies over here
    Stories are highlighted
    Smiles and emotion are expressed..

    ~Vaishali Shelar

  • confused_bandi 150w


    Yes we are modifying our interest
    We are accepting space entrance between us
    Nowadays words are becoming harsh
    Mind are not allowing to spend time together
    Crack has taken places in bonding
    Communication is just become fake faces
    And yes we are still together...!!

    ~Vaishali Shelar

  • confused_bandi 151w

    8 word story

    A prisoner feeling whispered
    "Believe laws of Aura"...!!!

    ~Vaishali Shelar

  • confused_bandi 153w

    Fourth dimension

    A mirror reflection
    With a dark beauty
    On a lazy mood
    To unturnable moment
    In a speedy crowd
    With a superior belief
    In a absentmind reverie
    Walking on known unknown path
    Just to fill the point in a time cycle
    ~Vaishali Shelar

  • confused_bandi 155w

    Chapter 1
    Crying smiles...

    ‌A loud cry announced that, a new member has joined the humanity.
    With a clean slate and an innocent heart... Grew up with lots of learnings and experiences in a jar of memories,
    from the scariest to the safest ,
    from the sadest to the happiest.
    Life had a variety of ups and downs,
    right from being ditched ,thrown ,fukked, slapped, slammed, hatred,.....
    To loved , cared , believed, trusted.
    Raised up with the pillars of life,
    Walking with new people every night on a road of finding inner peace....

    ~ Vaishali Shelar

  • confused_bandi 161w


    Being mature is easy
    But to behave like a mature is difficult..
    To fit in a picture when there is no place
    Might be performing maturity
    Maturity is not when we used to speak big things it is when we start understanding small things

    While struggling through the parts of life
    We learn the maturity phase during the resultant
    To judge or not the situation is maturity remarkable Sign

    ~Vaishali Shelar