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  • concealed_tales 38w

    Im too fat"
    "Im too skinny"
    "My skin has too many scars"
    "My stretch marks are too revealing "
    Oh magic mirror tell me please!
    What could i do to make myself look "perfect" ?
    Growing up we were told certain standards of "beauty"
    You didn't see how beautiful you were,
    You were beautiful despite the flaws,
    Your imperfections were making you perfect,
    You are neither too skinny nor too fat,
    You are the perfect size,
    Your stretch marks shows how strong you are,
    There's dignity in your scars
    holding badges of your silent battles ,
    Don't let anyone tell you that you are less than a magic,
    Don't choose to be the subject of another's judgement
    of what is considered beautiful or not,
    You are so much more than someone's scoff,
    You are the courage that fights it ,
    If you had a list of people who loves you,
    Would YOU be there in it too?

  • concealed_tales 124w

    She is the poetry
    And I am her verses!

  • concealed_tales 126w

    Wrote after a very long time!!

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    Magical Night!

    The moon shines bright on this Misty night,
    As we look up to the sky,we see the stars dance,
    We laugh as we join hands,
    a shooting star race across the sky,
    creating a look of love in your eyes..I make a wish..
    Knowing that it all had come true with you by my side,
    The way you looked at me,
    It still makes my heart overwhelmed with love,
    flowing from my spirit to my tiny veins..
    I saw a reflection of myself in your eyes..
    I wish you could see my passionate heart..
    which shows the reflection of how you feel about you,
    When you were with me..hours flew like minutes,
    But deep inside I knew that our days together would end soon..
    With tears on my pillow,
    I would count the time that we have left,
    But for now let's enjoy this magical night together,
    The night always seems to be beautiful to me..
    And now it's even more beautiful as it marks our separation so gloomy,
    At nights,days,and things in between..
    Maybe we will be together for the best days we have ever seen!!

  • concealed_tales 139w

    I have truly never been diagnosed..
    With this fear of darkness..
    To scare my mind with these thoughts every night..
    Shadows, vilians or just my own self getting me..
    Maybe voices or images,the thought of disasters..
    Is this nightmares or just my mind not wanting me to sleep..
    With every beat of my heart the pain in my chest has got worse..
    Metaphors coloured my emotions with this numbness..
    Fear has prickled my skin ..the adrenaline has started running through my veins..
    Under an neverending sky surrounded by..
    people trying to weave their own dreams..
    This is where I stand with complete emptiness..
    The world I see ..seems to be so unreal,
    That I don't want to reopen my eyes again..
    The sunlight is simply out of my reach..
    unable for my eyes to reach for it's warmth..
    The city has lost it's colours yet the flowers are blooming in pride..
    My subconscious has made up a story ..
    And my nightmarish creations has paralyzed me..
    I don't know which direction I am going..
    My mind has created a mess..
    But there is something beautiful in this pain..
    It's like a masterpiece of art wanting me to know it better..
    Thank you for listening to my cry..
    To the talks and for your ears every night..
    I can't believe I am this shy..
    That I can't even wave you a simple goodbye
    ©Aparna Nambiar

  • concealed_tales 139w

    Happy memories of childhood...
    With you by my side u have seen the best of my life..
    Our fights are endless so is our love..
    Playing stupid pranks ..
    Has always been easy...
    I know we fuss and fight..
    But I love you with all my might..
    For you have always been there ..
    To rescue me from mom's scoldings..
    When we were Young I used to imitate you..
    And you always annoy me by saying "I was adopted"..
    But you could never withstand my tears..
    We are the flowers of the same plant..
    We are the birds of the same nest ..
    We are the creations of same blood..
    You are the life long buddy that God has gifted me..
    Because of you I know what it means to have a real mate..
    We are not always eye to eye but always heart that heart!!

    Happy brother's day��❤️

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  • concealed_tales 140w

    Collab done with @ewa_the_darksoulwriter ❤️

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    तुम्हारी प्यार की सब्र करते करते तो आज सालो बीत गए
    और देखते ही देखते मैने तुम्हारी कव्यो से मेरी ज़िंदगी की किताब भर दी

  • concealed_tales 140w

    Perhaps our story is like the sun and moon
    Never together yet chasing each other
    And the world too waits for our ellipse!

  • concealed_tales 140w

    Corrections are always welcomed☺️
    #pod #tod_wt #ameliablackdiamond #iam_fuddu_writer

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    ज़िन्दगी में नए रिश्ते जरूर बनाओ
    पर इस दौर में पुरानी रिश्तो को ना भूलो
    उन लोगों को ना भूलो जिन्होंने तुम्हे ज़िंदगी का मतलब सिखाया हो
    अक्सर रिश्तो को रोथे हुए देखा है
    टूटते बिखरते हुए देखा है
    आज तो लोग समय भिथाने के लिए नए रिश्ते बनाते है
    बल्कि हमे रिश्ते निभाने के लिए समय रखना चाहिए
    पता नही क्यों लोग रिश्तों का साथ छोड़ देते है पर उनकी ज़िद नहीं
    अकड़ तो सब में होती है लेकिन झुकता तो वही है जिसको रिश्ते टूट जनेकी फिक्र रहती है
    कभी कभी रिश्ते निभाने के लिए खुद खामोश रहना बेहतर होता है
    ये मत भूलो की यदि रिश्ते ज़िंदा रहेंगे तब ही यादें बनते रहंगे

  • concealed_tales 141w

    Sometimes words aren't just enough to weave what you feel...
    Even if you try to put the words together they don't really live up to what you feel..
    Some feelings aren't meant to be confined..
    They have to be concealed deep in our hearts..
    Because these concealed feelings remains forever with us ..
    Whereas those emblished words wither away as the time takes new turns!

  • concealed_tales 142w

    When they saw the distance ..
    It seems to be never ending..
    But who knew that the love was also never ending?
    Yes they were miles apart from each other..
    But their hearts were still entangled with each other..
    Even if they were under different skies..
    They wished there would be something which would help them to gaze at each other...
    Is there any magic to make this fantasy true?
    They used to fight a lot in the past just to irritate each other ..
    And now they are fighting against all the odds to make them together..
    But then let's not always blame the distance..
    This separation had given a meaning to their life ..
    Every day Every minute Every second the time they talked was precious to them ..
    Maybe the distance was less proportionate to their love ..
    For the first time in their life the prayers to god became stronger..
    Praying to god that even if the fate doesn't want us to be together..
    But please don't let this special bond break..
    Maybe one day hopefully they will sit together looking into the sky ..sharing all the good times..
    And the glow in their smiling face would make even the moon blush!