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  • comando 170w


    The Race of Saints.

  • comando 170w


    When it all falls under....

    Hope is the only Hope..

    To Hope on.

  • comando 170w


    Prayer is a sign of weakness,

    You are saying Lord i cant, but you can.

  • comando 185w

    My Flesh, Soul and Spirit.

    My Flesh: I don't really want it but it's calling my name
    "Moses, come and get me, I can take away the pain
    Come a little closer you got everything to gain"
    But I got too much to lose.
    No self-control again, I'm too good at giving in
    Feeling like throwing in the towel, the guilt is closing in
    Sometimes I climb the heights but I'm at my lowest end
    Cloaked in deception and overdosing on potent sin
    I'm so gone Lord , wanna be home again
    Wanna feel whole again, come fill this hole again.
    At your side is where I wanna be Lord.

    My Soul: I fall face to the pavement
    Once again faced with the same sin
    I don't think I'ma make it
    Don't know how much longer I can take it
    So I'm caught up in this sin
    I wonder if I'll see your face again Lord Jesus.

    My Spirit: Every time I fall, he's going to pick me up
    The Lord is my shepherd homie, he's going to pick me up
    I'm feasting on his Word, all my sin I do despise
    So now I'm down before his throne praying on my knees
    Asking "Lord, give me grace please"
    I don't wanna be falling.

    My Flesh: I fall, so I gotta face this
    But I know there's nothing that he can't fix
    Looking to the cross where they placed him
    'Cause I know his grace is amazing
    He's covered all my sin
    It's gone, never to be seen again.

  • comando 185w


    Me: I don't believe in karma

    India girl : why don't you believe in karma,
    Karma is the punishment of all your past sin.

    Me: You See the difference, am a Christian not a Hindu... And for your information Jesus Christ has paid for my past sins... So I don't think I own anyone a debt.

    India girl: it seems you are missing it my friend. Karma is actually real.

    Me: I don't disagree with the reality of karma, but Karma or whatever you called it doesn't apply to me as a Christian. And by the way am not a Hindu guy.

    India girl: your conviction is strong, but some of my friends that goes to church still believes in it.

    Me: am not a church goer, am sorry.
    Know the difference between a Christian and a church goer

    Know the difference.

    Grace don't judge my past sins, just like your karma.... There was a perfect certification on the Cross the day Grace was hung on a three

    And He said it is Finished .

  • comando 185w


    Why did we divorce
    Why did we hate
    Why did we envy
    Why did we kill
    Why did we steal
    Why did we jealous
    Why did we fight
    Why did we feel angry n bitter
    Why did we seek attention
    Why did we wanna see another man's down fall
    Why all the crazy for power and money
    Why did we want to gain the world
    Why all the greedy
    Why are we selfish
    Why are we stubborn

    And the list goes on... All bcoz of P. R. I. D. E

  • comando 186w

    A Girl At The Library!

    I was at the library at the first time in my life. saw these damsel,which was radiating like the book she was reading.
    And the caution said BOLDLY on the wall SILENCES.

    I need to freestyle, i don't know whn I might see her again.
    So i quickly tear my note write to her
    saying Baby gal, beautiful shoes u got on those sparkling toes of urs, she reply with a big smile on my note tanks

    I had to draw an emoji of joy...send to her we were communicating in silence, while the library was still as quiet as cemetery... She was indeed fun to be interesting master piece. we chatted all thru the night without saying a word
    Not until 10:00pm ...when she cries.. ...i had to go please, PORTAL CALLS.

    She promised to see me again.

  • comando 192w

    My frnd that's is married open my eyes on the temptation married men face.

    He: Moses don't be quick to blame married men on flirting outside soon as you get married all those ex n gals that u toast when u are single we start calling n showing sexy interest on u. Guy the temptation is too much..even the ones that said no before will start saying yes now! U just have to be strong in God to resist the temptation... Anyway we are just helping the singles girls...thy need us!

    Me: if it so, then I can't wait to get married ooops just kidding.


  • comando 193w

    Am in Love, with an India Girl

  • comando 194w


    L: living

    I: isn't

    F: fucking

    E: Easy