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    Grace Banu. First transgender woman to become an engineer. She worked seven years as software engineer.

    All this seems pretty ordinary for us. Yet when you realise how full of hurdles her path has been and continues to be, is when you appreciate her enormous feat.

    She faced brutal discrimination all school life being a dalit child who was going to school unlike most other dalit children. She was not allowed to sit with the other students in the class and asked to arrive and leave earlier than other students so that she doesn't pollute them.

    Then she grappled with gender dysphoria and when she confessed the same to her parents they withdrew their support. She left home to live with other trans gender women and though their help continued studies.

    She earned 95% marks yet was allotted a private college for engineering. She had no government scholarship or support to study yet with help from some individual charities she continued. Became the first trans engineer and had her SRS too.

    She got placed on campus because of exceptionally good performance on her interview. However the job scene was very discriminating, given her dalit queer identity. They paid her less but her work hours were more.

    After persisting for 7 yrs in software engineer field, today she is Founder of Trans Rights Now collective. She teaches other trans ppl to help them achieve government jobs to prevent them from begging, dancing and sex work which they often resort to for earning their daily bread.

    She raised over 10 lacs during pandemic lockdown for trans ppl and helped over 300 trans ppl and continues the good work.

    She adopted her trans daughter and helped her gain seat in medical college. She fought long legal battles to include trans category in admission forms for college.

    The queer scene in India has got acceptance very recently, yet I am sad to see the hegemony of upper caste trans ppl like Lakshmi Narayan Tripathi and Trinetra haldar gummaraju there. They bring in their privileged brahminism and do not allow discussion on dalit queer struggle.

    According to grace Banu, reservation for trans ppl is the only way to create safe space and opportunity for them to lead a respectful life. I agree with her.

    Let's remember this great lady and share her journey of grit and persistence.

    Love you Grace Banu Akka.

    © Harfkaar 15-04-21

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    Jai Bhim ��

    Happppyyyyy Ambedkar Jayanti to y'all!

    BABASAHEB Dr. BR Ambedkar was independent India's First Minister of Law and Justice. He was the Chief Architect of Indian Constitution.

    Today is his 130th birth anniversary. Let's pay respect to the great leader, Feminist, a double Phd holder, jurist, economist, and politician Babasaheb.

    He started Buddhism movement in India. Worked laboriously for uplifting women and Dalits.

    It was his hard work and dedication that women like me get several rights and protection in form of Hindu code bill he drafted and presented.
    He gave us through it foll. Rights:

    1. Paid maternity leave to women
    2. Right to women to take divorce
    3. Right to women to remarry
    4. Right to women to have abortion
    5. Right to women to adopt children
    6. Equal pay for equal work for women
    7. Equal rights on property for women

    Let's fully be grateful to him. He made representation of women and Dalits possible through positive reservation.

    RBI was his concept and creation (but hilariously Gandhi's face appears in Indian currency notes).

    Love you Babasaheb �� for giving me a dignified life amidst such suffocating patriarchal system.

    #jaibhim #ambedkarjayanti #babasaheb

    © Harfkaar 14-04-2021

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    Often times we avail special benefits on a daily basis and therefore tend to normalise the special nature of the benefits or forget the genesis of those benefits.

    Many times, those benefits stem from a long and strenuous struggle by a forgotten hero. Why was such a hero forgotten? If his/her actions brought much needed relief for millions together? The reasons can be many.

    I take up today the case of Sexual Harassment (prohibition, prevention and redressal) law that came out in 2013 and which benefits millions of Indian working women, me included, thankfully so.

    Who was behind this much needed law? Not a eminent politician, not a judge or a lawyer or a famous activist. But a poor, illiterate, scheduled caste woman BHANWARI DEVI of Bhateri village, Rajasthan.

    In 1992, she worked as a Saathin, who is a voluntary worker working with the State government, under Women Development Program. She worked to help government in eradication of social evils, like child marriage. She had to report child marriage cases to the local police so that they can take actions to stop the crime.

    Once she reported the marriage of a 9 month old girl from the upper caste and politically-economically powerful Jats of the village. She had informed the police that she might face the anger of the more powerful Jats. Police took no action and as rightly pointed by Bhanwari Devi, she and her husband were socially boycotted.

    While working on her field, a few days after the incident, five Jat men from that family came and started beating her husband blue and black. On protesting, Bhawari devi was brutally gang raped.

    What made this another case of caste based gender violence different, was Bhanwari Devi's courage.

    In those days, she came forward to report that she has been raped when talking of rapes were taboo to the extent that the rape survivor was blamed of lying and shamed for having being raped.

    Yet she reported her rape. She was made to run from pillar to post to get physically examined and to get the FIR done. Yet she persisted an finally got the case made.

    However, the court acquitted the culprits saying that upper caste men won't rape a lower caste women as it would make then impure.

    Her appeal in the high court still is pending after more than 25 years.

    She lives in the same village and still works as a saathin though socially boycotted. Yet she persists in fighting for justice.

    It was her tremendous spirit that motivated the NGO Vishaka to file a PIL in Supreme Court demanding that the State Government be held accountable for the rape to Bhanwari Devi as she was employed by them. This led to the landmark Vishakha guildelines for workplace safety for women in 1997.

    Which ultimately served as the base for the 2013 law for prevention/ prohibition/ redressal of Sexual harassment in workplaces for women.

    All thanks to her hard work and courage, working women today, get assistance in cases of Sexual crimes at workplace even though she herself awaits justice.

    Why have we forgotten her? It's obviously due to her lower caste and class status.

    Let's correct our mistake by thanking her and sharing her story.

    “If at all you find my story inspiring, don’t just stop there. Empowerment is not just about listening and knowing about injustice; it is also about speaking up and acting on it" - Bhanwari devi.

    © Harfkaar 10-04-21 #women_i_love #idols_of_j
    Her words are a motivation for me:---

    “Why should I leave my house for someone else’s crime? It’s the criminals who should run away. I will not go anywhere".

    “The only option I have is to fight. I may not get justice, but others will.”

    She says: “We will get justice. My fight today is not for me. I am old, I will die; but my fight is for the future generation — for every girl, every daughter, who wants to pursue her passion free from the shackles of patriarchy.”

    Over the past years, she has been awarded by various organisations for her exceptional courage. The Delhi Commission for Women recognised her courage on March 8, 2017. In 1994, she was awarded the Neerja Bhanot Memorial Award.

    Though she never got justice through the judicial system and the accused were acquitted, her case opened up a Pandora’s box of taboo topics into the public realm. Bhanwari continues to fight for the rights of every girl in her village despite the threats to her life.

    She says, “I am not afraid. What more can they do? I am not alone in my fight. The justice and the case is not just about me anymore. I am fighting for a society where there is gender equality; where there is no discrimination between two siblings of a household; where both brother and sister get equal rotis and education opportunities.”


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    I look at you
    And think of how you'll appropriate my statements
    As just one experience
    Incapable of encompassing the lifetimes of the shared history of my folks.
    I look at you
    Knowing full well
    How you'll snub me shut
    For talking and keeping my points
    When you won't be able to match my arguments.
    I look at you
    Seeing how privileged you are
    To not know how terrible the conditions are for my lot.
    I look at you
    And know full well
    How regressive your thoughts are
    And how mentally infantile you are
    And will always be
    For you put no efforts to recognize your unfair share
    And will do nothing to hurt the status quo which benefits you
    I look at you
    Only to turn away
    And walk away
    To a place that doesn't stink of your prejudices.

    © Harfkaar 28-3-21

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    A world without books, is an interesting thing to talk about. See in our present times, the book reading populace is decreasing. Most of us are glued to the screen, be it smartphones, laptops or television. Most do not read physical books per se.

    There are podcasts, videos and ebooks. So a world without books means we still have got a lot of sources to get knowledge from.

    Actually a world without digital writings or videos will be the one that'll sharply drag us to the pre cognitive revolution epoch.

    But with no printed books around, not much would change. Of course bibliophiles like myself will cry for a few days but then we cannot cry for long and will inject our minds with podcasts and blogs for our daily dose of reading or knowledge.

    Coming with the pandemic, was the epoch of e-learning and work from home. So most of the work is taken up online itself, both by the kids and adults.

    So radically thinking, a world without digital presence of writing or words, that is without access to ebooks, social media, writing apps, podcasts will be the one that will be detrimental to the data processing and knowledge grasping capabilities of humans.

    Just no physical books will not do much harm. Yes it's true that much digital presence is not there in rural and urban poor backgrounds but that is changing rapidly. Come to think of only ten years back and you see, that the smartphone spread was much less, data speed was lower and cost much higher. But now learning is shifting online much faster.

    If books disappear, one impact could be people might be more addicted to the screens or maybe they will be more creative to let their feelings be known through lot of art and spoken poetry or storytelling. Many might read faces more!! Or talk or act or start artificial intelligence memory keeping. Record opinions on voices more.

    Around 30,000 years ago, humans made hand prints on cave walls in southern France. Letting us know their presence and history. From that point to today a lot of knowledge is gathered and is effectively shared through books. As books are our agents of recording information, stories and views.

    A world without books will be handicapped but not paralysed given the rise of new recording technologies.

    © Harfkaar 21-3-21
    Ps. So free to talk gibberish on Sundays.
    PPS. The book I'm reading currently is Annihilation of caste by babasaheb. And the podcast I'm listening currently is the Anurag minus Verma podcast.
    Also I just finished reading Sapiens so the post is influenced by it.

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    Ah the sweet poison!
    This money I earn
    But the interest I pay
    Of desires that fly in my face
    Coming up like zombies in my dreams
    Where the places go stale
    Untouched for so long
    Unkempt wanderlust
    Turned morose
    And lost touches
    Are never revived.
    The contact list is shrinking rapidly
    And it's sustaining on intensive care
    Nobody to talk to
    Nobody to go meet
    The people so uninviting
    And ever so busy in chasing things.
    I am left alone
    Just like everyone else
    And alone I brood over my lost happiness
    Cheers and laughs
    Replaced by tears and graphs
    Graphs of wealth and career
    A timely suicidal marriage
    And token pregnancy.
    This suffocating submission
    To the worldly order
    Is your future too mate
    Thanks for giving up your today for this hell ride!
    What you get is a torn soul
    Purposeless and pale
    It would be better if you actually did what you wanted
    But you couldn't coz you were alone
    And it takes at least two to live.

    ©Harfkaar 17-3-21

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    I'm not the brightest mind
    Or the kindest heart
    But ~let's fall in love for the night
    And forget in the morning
    Play me a song that you like
    You can bet I'll know every line~.
    I might not be the bravest soul
    Or have the prettiest smile
    But ~sun in your eyes
    Navy blue skies
    You are the reason I can survive~.
    I might not be the most social person
    Or the best at the moves
    But ~hey you! Out there on your own
    Sitting naked by the phone
    Will you touch me?
    Don't help them bury the light
    Don't give in without a fight~.
    I come with an open mind
    And a candid heart
    Not niceties or fakeness
    But with a genuine belief in you
    That ~you are all
    I was hoping for
    It's you I'll call
    My evermore~...

    ~Hey you!
    Out there on the road
    Always doing what you are told
    Will you help me?~

    © Harfkaar/Hollow Coves/Pink Floyd/Zeremy Zucker/ Finneas
    All lines within ~ are from songs closest to my heart...

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    Given an identity number
    Hoarded in a cubicle
    Handed a series of mundanities
    A life all secluded
    But as I had once read
    A person's attitude
    Is last of human freedoms
    So I let my mind wander outside
    In Indonesian archipelago
    The biggest in the world
    Next moment I'm high on wall street
    Both with Dutch legacies
    And I am judging what's left of the French
    In Puducherry
    As I break free from my chamber
    In a summer dress
    With my bohemian partner
    Our favorite songs
    And random chatter
    Will you be there too?!

    //Cars are underneath us now
    The stars are underneath us now
    We walk above the city
    You and I

    Flowers are underneath us now
    The towers are underneath us now
    We walk above the city
    You and I

    And we are breathing more
    Than we ever did before

    ~Walk Above the City by The Paper Kites//

    //Let's never
    Stop at
    For a day where
    We are free
    ~ A Gogyohka//

    #couragec #gogyohka

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    //Pack yourself a toothbrush dear
    Pack yourself a favorite blouse
    Take a withdrawal slip
    Take all of your savings out
    'Cause if we don't leave this town
    We might never make it out
    I was not born to drown
    Baby come on//

    Everlasting wanderlust
    Incurable longing thirst
    For things outside my window
    Everytime I'm lying low
    Will it ever be possible that I'll fly
    Is it all too long shot to even try?
    That river beyond that mountain
    And the lovely vast paddy plain
    A field full of flowers beneath those stars
    Beyond this hustle and sans all these cars
    A lifetime so short to behold an eternity
    A viewpoint so small for my frailty
    I often wonder that if I truly try
    Will I be able to see all under this sky?

    //If the sun don't shine on me today
    And if the subways flood and bridges break
    Will you lay yourself down and dig your grave
    Or will you rail against your dying day//

    #star #eternityc
    © Harfkaar 12-3-21

    ~Song is Sleep on the Floor by the Lumineers.
    My forever song. A song that captures my soul. Addicted.

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  • colourfulgreys 7w


    Beyond the fall
    Fall from ideals
    Ideals of truth and honesty
    Honesty to my genuine dreams
    Dreams which got crushed by reality
    Reality capitalised for money
    Money neatly bought all
    All our humanity and individuality
    Individuality bartered for fakeness
    Fakeness to hide diseases
    Diseases of mind, body and soul
    Soul still thirsts for freedom
    Freedom for a moment of it's own will
    Will that survives and strives to achieve
    Achieve true consciousness
    Consciousness of who I want to be
    Be myself
    Myself only.
    Myself only
    Only for a while silent
    Silent from hunger
    Hunger of justifiable words
    Words of meaning
    Meaning to the mindly
    Mindly depth of thoughts
    Thoughts of salvaging humanity
    Humanity from our own shambles
    Shambles that make us stamble
    Stamble and mumble
    Mumble for words
    Words of hope
    Hope for humanity
    Humanity to the world
    World filled with love
    Love with peace
    Peace and Live
    Live in hope
    Hope and Joy

    © Harfkaar and @pj_animation ( second part) 1-3-21
    Had an amazing collab with my dearest mate Pato ❤️ on a moment of epiphany from the world towards our true being. #chainverse

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