I write beautiful sweet somethings, much like what you call true lies...

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  • cobydaniels 32w


    I thought that dimples
    Were my only weakness
    And then I saw you,
    Full figure outline
    Against the dull shade of night

    And then I questioned this madness.
    For how does a man
    Conclude on the brilliance of a vast universe
    When he has seen
    But just two tiny imprints
    Like shadows of the sun and moon
    On desert floors?

    And then I looked at your face,
    Into eyes fit to hold one in ransom
    And then I knew why:

    That sometimes,
    A man only has to lose himself
    In the smallest of things
    Like rare flowery smiles,
    And vision himself in Babylon's gardens hanging

    And sometimes,
    All a man begins to build from
    Is a dream half forgotten
    A vision wanting revival

    I thought that dimples
    Were my only weakness
    Until your contoured magic
    Made me say in wonderment

    Oh my God!


  • cobydaniels 58w


    We were made to believe
    The noises in our head
    Would be the thing to break us
    And no amount of penance
    Would break this curse upon us

    They showed us false images
    They pandered empty dreams before us
    They put our faith in exile
    And blew our hopes apart

    We were made to believe
    The voices inside our head
    Would be the thing to break us
    That we were not worth
    A seat at their tables

    They tried to make us perfect
    To fix their half-finished puzzle
    They believed they could heal our madness
    And now we have come to know
    We have always been alright.

  • cobydaniels 58w

    Never Mind

    We have braved storms
    And scaled mountains great
    To bother any more
    Who did not stand with us

    Despite the prayers never said
    The heavens wept for us
    And on angels’ wings
    We have crossed valleys dark

    Never mind
    That we find sudden strength
    When you ask to shoulder our burdens
    We would rather cross the finish line
    On weary hands and knees
    Than with tattered pride and dignity

    A man on his hands and knees
    May yet live to fight another day
    But of what worth is a man
    With tattered pride and dignity?

  • cobydaniels 61w


    They tell me
    My mother is a lunatic
    She lost it the day
    My father forgot her
    They tell me
    A lot about my mother
    Like how she is the root
    Of all these problems
    They demonize my mother
    And I listen to them
    Create pictures of a suicide mission
    My grandparents should have aborted
    They tell me
    Not to take sides
    With my last line of defence
    They tell me
    She is a problem
    The kind nothing can ever fix
    They tell her
    Swallow your pain
    And walk past this suffering
    Like it never happened
    I watch them excuse the validity
    of my mother's existence
    With a lack of respect
    They tell me
    Your mother hates us
    They tell me
    She dissed them
    They tell me
    She is a loner
    They tell me
    One day you will end up
    The same as your mother
    They tell me, I listen
    They tell me
    She is a burden
    A weight that would drown me
    They tell me
    But I don't hear
    The noise begins to drown them.


  • cobydaniels 71w

    Body and Soul

    April: Two-faced Coin.

    Some days are full of light
    Light hearts filled with song
    Bright eyes full of gratitude
    Full lips that sing praise:

    For a while pain does not exist

    Some days are drab and grey
    Pregnant with a myriad problems
    Clouds of trouble rain on us
    As if to remind us:

    Life is fickle

    The homeless may seek shelter
    Beneath some tree or under bridges
    But where do distressed souls go
    To find peace?


  • cobydaniels 71w

    My Color Purple.

    Like days without number
    And seasons without end
    Or like the oceans without shores
    And rivers that endlessly flow:

    My love for you has no boundaries
    Borderless, without fear or prejudice
    I love you like the Father loved us first
    And gave His son begotten to lead us safely home
    The one true light that ever brightly shines

    And when I look at you
    You dazzle like the perfect image of the Son
    My sun, you warm my heart with joy and peace

    I could give you
    13 reasons why I love you
    And yet none of them
    Would compare to the unspoken truth that
    I love you, not for gold nor silver
    I do love you for being the embodiment of the greatest gift God ever gave man
    And I hope you will be forever Christlike

    God grant you fortitude
    Cos trust me, you'll need that
    For the times when I be like a crown of thorns on your head;
    Don't hate me, please love me more
    For the times when I be like a spear piercing your side;
    Hold me close, don't love me less
    For the times when your strength fades;
    I will be your Simon,
    Help you carry this cross so you don't fall

    And when them nails seem to break us apart
    Look to the Trinity for guidance
    I will look to you for counsel

    When God said:
    Be still and know
    That I am about to give you
    The greatest love story ever told
    I most certainly went like Who? Me?
    And God said:
    Yes! You!
    I didn't see how but I just believed and now look how

    *My faith has found a resting place*

    So now when I say I've got everything, everything
    Best believe it cos I got God and I got you
    I look at this day and i thank God for making you
    For now I have come to understand
    There would be no me without you
    You are that part of my destiny that would be incomplete
    If we never met

    Now we are two stars colliding and turning into fireworks
    Just look at us glowing
    Let us burn brighter for the rest of eternity


  • cobydaniels 78w

    Crimson Blues

    Once love used to be a two letter word,
    You and Me
    But now I don't know
    Maybe I should have learnt my alphabets well
    Because in truth,
    You and I were miles apart
    Oceans between us
    Fire raging in valleys we could not cross
    I wonder what kept us
    Both marching in this fools' parade
    When it was clear
    We should have shut shop
    And cut our losses
    Maybe it was the tempo
    The seamless flow of band music
    Maybe it was the sun
    Afternoon sunlight that made us blind
    We had no way to see the truth
    That you and I were miles apart
    Oceans between us
    Fire raging in valleys we could not cross
    Maybe I should have learnt my alphabets well
    Instead I thought
    Love is a two letter word
    Just U and I.


  • cobydaniels 85w

    Wonder Woman

    Dear woman,
    May I remind you
    Your body is a blueprint
    For all the things that hold the world spellbound?
    Those lost in the light
    Contemplate these forks of lightening
    That stretch across your body
    They know not what they see
    They will never understand

    These marks are a confession
    A revelation of your divinity
    Bear these stripes with pride
    For they are like scars from battle
    Each one, like a record
    Of all the times
    Those that came before you
    Had to save the world

    You carry the brilliance of the Heavens
    Like an endless tattoo on your skin
    So never apologize for your majesty
    For being this god-like.


  • cobydaniels 85w



    I love to spend time

    Lost in that timeless void

    That yet still

    Decides the fate of my tomorrows


    I love to wander

    Lonely as a cloud

    In that place of innocence

    Where no soiled hand can reach

    And only pure intent reside


    I love to feel

    Liberated from all these scenes

    Of chaos and falling walls

    From all the troubles of the world


    I love to be a witness

    To hope’s birth

    Every moment these eyes

    Fall shut


    I love to spend time

    Lost in that timeless void

    That gives me room

    To grow my madness in

    I love every opportunity

    That lets me dream.


  • cobydaniels 85w


    This is for all the women
    That have ever been body shamed-
    You are more than enough
    Just the way you are
    You are a masterpiece

    When they look at your body
    And label you a freak
    Do not break your stride
    March on with pride
    For your out-of-shape body is a testament
    To the formlessness of life itself
    Before time. Before the beginning.
    Tell them you are the source of all life
    That the source of all life is formless

    We choose to give things perspective
    We stay boxed in by prison bars
    That are all up in our heads
    So no matter what they say
    Do not lose your mind

    You look in a different place
    They look at the universe for a mirror
    They search for beauty in chaos
    But you, remember always
    You look into your soul
    To see what you are

    A masterpiece
    Fearfully and wonderfully sculpted
    So do not let them blind you
    You are more than enough.