words have the power to make the weak become strong

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  • clifton 181w

    Heavy Pathway

    Guilt lays a heavy pathway,
    Across to the fields of shame,
    How many times have you said,
    I won't go there again?
    It's the blessings of hindsight,
    That make you curse your luck,
    Re-running all you ever did,
    As if all of that's enough,
    To take away the hurting,
    You placed at people's doors,
    Only now you've come to realise,
    That fate really does keep score,
    Of all your bad decisions,
    Your selfish, stubborn streak,
    Has lead you back to this path,
    Where your pain and misery meet.

  • clifton 181w


    What hooks will catch you?
    You always slither free,
    It's like you don't want to be caught,
    By someone like me.
    What bait will snare you?
    You're so hard to pin down,
    When I try to find you,
    You're never around.
    What looks will stop you?
    You're always turning away,
    It's like I don't have the power,
    To make you stay.
    What words will enthrall you?
    Because when I try to speak,
    I get lost within your eyes,
    Leaving me so weak.

  • clifton 181w

    Vicious Games

    Like a stone.
    Falling from your hands,
    As soon as I became,
    Surplus to your plans.
    You couldn't get away,
    Just fast enough,
    When things got heavy,
    And the road got tough.
    Like a fire,
    You burned your hands,
    You played with my feelings,
    And you didn't give a damn,
    You couldn't wait long enough,
    Before you ran away,
    I hope one day you're hurt by,
    The vicious games you play.

  • clifton 181w


    I starved myself,
    It was my only control,
    Or I binged on food,
    Then made myself sick,
    Wretching over porcelain,
    Tears welling in my eyes,
    All because I had no voice,
    To defend myself.
    You kept finding fault with me,
    But I was already wrong,
    Making excuses to hide food,
    Because I was so fat.
    Or at least to me I was,
    Wearing more clothes to disguise,
    How frail I had become,
    Because I felt I had no life.

  • clifton 181w


    Before I was strong,
    And this whole world,
    Seemed determined,
    To destroy me,
    I used to cut myself,
    And cry,
    From the guilt,
    And the gnawing shame.
    I used to hide,
    In the bathroom,
    Slicing slowly,
    To relieve my anguish,
    For no matter what,
    Behind long sleeves,
    The escape cutting gave me,
    Outweighed all the pain.

  • clifton 181w


    I don't think we get a second time,
    To make changes once we've gone.
    Everything past is indelible,
    Like the notes within a song.
    Why do we strive for immortality,
    Whilst ignoring what we've got?
    I look around at how we are,
    And it's so clear we've all forgot,
    That we don't get long to matter,
    In this story of mankind,
    Soon we've become a chapter,
    That's been left far behind.
    So when we're pushing for the future,
    It seems obvious to me,
    That the great and glorious life,
    Is something we're never going to see.

  • clifton 181w

    Dark Heaven

    Dark heaven,
    You surround me,
    And all I can think,
    Is I can't live without you,
    I'm scared,
    But so excited,
    I'm inseprably yours,
    Because of what you do.
    Dark heaven,
    You baptise me,
    In the greatest joy,
    Until I am saved,
    I'm alive,
    Because you live,
    And I love you,
    Because you're heaven made.

  • clifton 181w


    Jesus, stop me crying,
    They're humanity's dried tears,
    From hardened hearts,
    That won't open after all those years.
    They're the dusty tracks of guilt,
    That lead back to their free will,
    To choose not to listen,
    They refuse to hear you still.
    Jesus, stop me hurting,
    It's the innocent's raw pain,
    Tortured for their paths of peace,
    Please take them back again.
    So they can be beside still waters,
    In the bosom of your faith,
    Instead of being victimised,
    For wanting nothing but your grace.

  • clifton 181w

    Kill Fear

    Cross swords with your fear,
    In a bloodied, bitter duel,
    Push back against its violence,
    Make it yield to you.
    Meet it at the break of dawn,
    Pistols in your hands,
    Take aim and fire for freedom,
    So fear cannot destroy your plans.
    Shout it down with knowledge,
    Be strong, and stamp it flat,
    Nail it to the cold earth,
    So it won't ever once come back,
    Arm wrestle it with power,
    Formed from knowing you can win,
    You can achieve the highest highs,
    When you kill fear from within.

  • clifton 181w

    On Fire

    On fire,
    Dreaming of my heart's desire,
    There's no better prize,
    To which I'd aspire.
    Burning up,
    Hoping to lift the victor's cup,
    Pressed to his lips,
    I'd never get enough.
    Flames rise,
    Heating the gold within my eyes,
    I must succeed in my quest,
    Or I feel my heart will die.
    Emanating glow,
    I burn for him more than he knows,
    Wishing I was always his,
    I just won't let this go.