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  • cleomoon 20h

    More questions

    Answers will forever
    Be in short supply

  • cleomoon 1d

    Can't help it

    I know it's
    Natural to pull at thread
    But I do hope
    That you remember
    You are to blame
    For your undoing

  • cleomoon 1d

    You and food

    I've made a vow
    With the highest
    Parts of myself
    To only dream of what
    Nourishes me

  • cleomoon 1d


    Now that I've stopped speaking
    You finally hear what I'm saying

  • cleomoon 1d


    I claimed my place
    You scrambled for the throne
    I made smarter moves
    You made empty threats
    I've got a place at the table
    You're lucky to get scraps
    I kept my mouth on mute
    You never knew the power in silence
    I came prepared
    Youre sinking with the ship
    I gave up power only to take it back
    You will destroy yourself all at once
    I will not be sorry for you
    You will pity yourself
    I will keep on living
    You will die in vain

  • cleomoon 1d


    Instinct has never
    done me wrong

  • cleomoon 2d

    Only way

    There is a weight upon my shoulders
    No one mentioned heavy lifting
    No one forgives healing

    New skin forming
    Scars remain as glories
    Bright thoughts growing

    In absence I have seen intentions
    In silence I have said more
    Than I ever did before

    The tide has been turning
    Flowing to the sea
    I find it natural to
    Keep moving

  • cleomoon 3d


    My love,
    You're a sight to see
    I won't ever look away

  • cleomoon 3d

    This isn't a compromise

    I didn't arrive
    At this destination
    Only to turn around

    You will have to catch up
    Or let me move on

  • cleomoon 5d

    Here with you

    This is the only place
    I ever want to be