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  • ckfilvan 5d

    O fear,

    We have been so intimate, O fear
    Since the hour they lay me all alone;
    A ghastly sight, a creepy sound I hear,
    And too loyal to leave me on my own.

    I've ever wanted to hold you no more,
    Yet you pull me closer than before;
    You bend my knees before my ol' shame
    Who scoffs, and robes in rags my frail frame.

    You mime when I tremble for no man came
    To take my shame and douse your ugly flame;
    But farewell you my fear, for comes my lover
    Who takes my shame, holds me to his chest.

    A story to tell how once upon a time
    I subdue the one who straddled my mind;
    O fear, where are you? Or you just lurking by?
    With my lover beside, I can only say goodbye.

  • ckfilvan 1w

    The rain wept

    Oh how we sometimes welcome
    Each other as we do the rain;

    When incessant rain pelts the roof,
    That's when sleep is cherished most.

    I learn this morning about last night--
    The rain wept, and the roof alone knows.

    I fresco now on this sad, sodden wall of mine
    To remind how the rain wept one night at a time.

  • ckfilvan 2w

    #beauty #wod
    Beauty and love are truth too beautiful to explain simply ~ ©ckfilvan

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    On beauty

    Weary school boys say nothing beats
    The sweetness of the closing bell;
    The suckling boy, the mothers touch,
    The beloved daughter, her father's love.

    He walks on the roof and gazes
    And wonders at the bleeding west;
    Like bloody roses on the cheeks
    Of one for whom his young heart beats.

    A lovely woman spend many hours,
    Looking for beauty inside her mirrors;
    She hears him not who calls her 'beautiful'--
    Who bought her crown with thorns and blood.

  • ckfilvan 3w

    favourite dress
    /ˈfeɪv.ɹɪt dɹɛs/ (noun)

    She looks pleased
    In her favourite dress--
    His warm chest
    Against her back;
    Hands that gently cup
    The swelling hills that hide
    The shivering heart,
    Along with polka dots kisses
    Warm on her shoulders and neck,
    And a million 'I love yous'
    Perfuming her little frame.

  • ckfilvan 6w

    To the bride and her groom

    Where and how shall I begin?

    Shall I speak of my joy in the knowledge of your marriage or of my disappointment in my failure of attending your wedding which I promised to do so? Whether should I speak for myself with words of apology, or on behalf of the PYF Umrangso a word of congratulations? Had not my work in office stood in my way and held me back, right now I’d probably be singing for you. (you must forgive us-- I and Jabeth are achingly sorry.)

    I have to admit I badly miss not only the wedding ceremony but to witness the groom’s hairstyle as well. Dear Thiam, I suppose you have talked him in getting him a haircut that would go along beautifully with a handsome suit and a lovely bride. Don’t resent me, dear NUTHIAM, when I confess that he is one rank higher than me when it comes to counting men with a dull taste in grooming. Well, that’s a fact—a bitter truth. It’s better left unsaid.

    Nevertheless, I must admit, you know what I don’t, that he’s the right one—you’ll never find someone who is as silent as he is. Look, I had dined with him, maybe, twice or thrice, yet I know nothing other than the fact that he doesn’t talk when he is silent or vice versa. And it comes to me as a wonder which still confuses me that how this quiet wonderful fellow works on his magic to make you fall for him (to begin with). He saw you somewhere and he said nothing—and there you are his ‘’blushing bride, a lawfully wedded wife”.

    And if ever you are disappointed, leave him in silence and he will have time to wonder at the intricacy of woman which will send him to a dining table for some romantic chitchat. And I hope you be a loving wife to your husband.

    Here, I must warn you, dear Seikhongam, of the danger of depending too much on keeping our mouth shut — It doesn’t always work. Tell her often. I hope you look upon her as you would a woman who in her youth had served as a faithful servant of Christ. As a teacher who had taught little children of a church by the name PCI Umrangso. Also as a member of the PYF of the same church whose fellow brothers and sisters in Christ ever remember. And let her know that a member or two of a little group of Bible Study are thankful to her. She is a gem and you’re blessed to have her as your wife. I’ll say no further. It’s past midnight, and sleep has called me to bed.

    I, myself and also the PYF, Umrangso PCI, congratulate you on your wonderful beginning. We pray for this beautiful marriage to be held in the hands of God, and may you both be parents of the children of your own and as well the children of the saved ones in Christ.

    With love from

  • ckfilvan 7w

    #nurseryrhyme #wod #writersnetwork #julietscorner #ceesreposts

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

    To learn something new, one must know one has little or no knowledge of it.

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    Empty the can

    Empty the can! Empty the can!
    But I’ve got marbles in my can;
    Where shall I put my new playthings--
    Gives my head a whirl to think.

    So I empty my can, empty my can,
    And you should empty yours too;
    You can get a new thing or two;
    Only if you can empty your can.

  • ckfilvan 7w

    #writersnetwork #julietscorner #yamini #ceesreposts

    Let's blame none; we both work hard,
    Maybe bad time robs what is ours--
    I fail to bring you roses from work,
    And hugs fail and clock strikes sad hours.

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    Lovers in Laugh

    I work hard in parting your lips,
    For I've always loved to see you laugh,
    Now it has become a cliche we scorn
    One that once worked in falling in love.

    I look forward to a time, my dear
    When in harmony our voices will duet;
    We shall laugh at each other no more
    For we will have a baby to laugh at.

  • ckfilvan 8w

    Without your ghost

    I was a child terrified of ghost
    I dared not venture into the night;
    I slew my nights inside the house--
    A lantern in hand, and matches to light.

    Now I laugh as I think of the past,
    Bless the nights for I have seen nought,
    Memories decorate my walls as pass
    Days of times money can't afford.

    There come to me hours in my life
    Of pining of one I need the most;
    Every night a long fight to survive,
    And cruel hours without your ghost.

  • ckfilvan 9w

    #tailrhyme #wod

    I'm sorry I couldn't take time to thank you...
    I got busy reading your beautiful poems

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    Rain or shine,
    And in every clime,
    She looks so fine---
    My pretty cat called Silver.

    It's not at all nice
    For all the mice
    Whose leisure costs high price;
    Oh, what a horror living with Silver!


  • ckfilvan 9w


    I dream of breeze surprising the trees
    And sweet blossoms that call the bees;
    I ask if we find respite in our gold,
    Or is it a thirst for a fleeting goal.

    We row this boat looking for land,
    Just for our feet to kiss the sand;
    I ask if this a sea without a shore
    Where no man had set sail before.