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  • ckfilvan 8h

    #words #wod 0212810 #ceesreposts #soulraabta

    Dedicated to @unspokenpen1927 a champion of micro poems

    I'm not good at writing micro poems. Be kind, darling

    And also bad at expressing my gratitude. So forgive me for not responding to your compliments

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    The brief chirping of nomadic birds
    To a solitary acacia which stirred
    Is an enduring poem breathed in wild words

  • ckfilvan 1d

    #simile #ceesreposts #soulraabta

    Dedicated to an old soul
    @fairygurl @blue_lemon_writes

    An excerpt from 'The Driver's Daughter'. If you haven't read this sad love story, you can tap here #proze

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    The jolly moments died as sudden as it birthed. The moment that followed was silence which was accompanied by another heavy pelting of what I called a morose rain onto the old roofs.

  • ckfilvan 2d

    Since I walked the threshold of truth
    My mind has become a battlefield
    Where the sins of my bleeding youth
    War against my soul unwilling to yield.

    My heart isn't a home of a bloody rose
    But a valley of dry bones and slain knights,
    The sky of which is swarmed with crows
    Swallowing the sun and spitting night.

    I'm a battlefield where the war has no end;
    There'd be no parley, neither truce nor treaty
    'Til the wolves lose all and their knees bend
    Before the Lion who leads the lambs to victory.

  • ckfilvan 1w

    #feather #wod #ceesreposts #soulraabta #writersnetwork 0212010

    Dedicated to @blooming_fossil
    @murryben thanks for your concern. Yeah my mother is improving day by day. Her oxygen level is normal now. I have joined my duty too.
    @heartsease miss you, darla

    If you love sonnets read here #sonnetz

    Remember when
    We said when we turned gray
    When the children grow up and move away
    We won't be sad, we'll be glad
    For all the life we've had
    And we'll remember when
    - Remember when, Alan Jackson

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    I see the pages of my burning youth
    Blown away lighter than a feather,
    Yes, we've to deal with this bitter truth:
    Birds of a feather, we're in this together.

    The mountain of my arms have gone,
    So are the lovely sunsets of your hair;
    But when our voices have lost their tone
    Let our dying breaths remain one ever.

    Once I used to carry you like a feather
    Now I'm a feather divorced from the flesh;
    I've become so fragile I wonder whether
    I could survive if I land on the softest place.

    I had fallen badly for you in my early spring,
    In my late autumn be my softest place to land.

  • ckfilvan 3w

    #grandma #ceesreposts #soulraabta #julietscorner 0210810

    To Grandma who left years ago ���� I wish there were holes in the floor of heaven

    Read it at your own peril.
    Wish my poems were prettier!

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    She sat curled up by the smoky hearth
    Her frail hands engrossed in the art;
    The foam of rice rose and brimmed,
    Overcoating the blackened pot's rim.

    Culantro and mejenga lay genteel, fresh,
    And green like the spirit of young May;
    A pool of mushroom stew rose, dressed
    Like a young bride on her wedding day.

    By the fire a melange of condiments sat
    In obeisance to her patient will and cool,
    Ground rice joked and wagered that
    Dry fishes will sure drown in the pool.

    Let's put aside how she cooked and
    Dressed her tribal dishes her fashion,
    For all I want you and me to remember
    Is her sunny disposition pure as her silver hair.

  • ckfilvan 3w


    I love to climb and be on top,
    Revel in cheer rising from below;
    I ask myself who's there to stop
    When you will so badly to make it so.

    So I climb a castle and sit atop
    For all my friends and foes to see,
    There I enoy looking down untill I drop
    When I hear of a short man climbs a tree.

    Up the sycamore fig tree he climbs
    Unlike me - to see and not to be seen;
    Never in my good times and climes
    Have I learned so profound a lesson.

    Now I swim rivers and climb mountains
    To doff 'myself' off me for humility to reign.

  • ckfilvan 3w

    #katuata #ceesreposts #soulraabta


    "I never wanna wake up in another stranger's bed"

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    I long to meet you
    But you've build a wall too high
    For me to climb and see you

    Sure our love is wild,
    Does it mean we should get lost?
    Like a lone dog in the woods

    Now, the rain's falling
    And is lying on the ground;
    Whose arms are you lying on?

    We're 'forgive' apart.
    As sun and moon sometimes meet,
    Love, walk a mile, I'll walk ten

  • ckfilvan 3w

    Years ago cold flesh did desire
    To sit by a glowing hearth,
    And you were the desired fire
    That warmed my flesh and heart

    You liked one who plays with fire,
    Who dares to swim against the tide;
    Often my will got cold; my heart fire -
    For unsafe it was even your safe side.

    Last, I recalled, I filliped
    The young flame of your pride
    And mine caught fire too
    They danced like a wild tide;

    Last thing I remember:
    Our marriage bed and kitchen
    Burnt in flames, our home
    In a bubbling pool of tears -
    Desolate, and wet. And cold.

  • ckfilvan 4w

    Please, remove your shoes,
    Put it on the rack and
    Pull the door quietly.
    Prowl like a hungry cat
    Pacing like shadow;
    Pull a chair beside me - Shh! Let's
    Play this game before mama comes.

    Where does the sun sleep?
    Way beyond the horizon
    Where the city sits upside down.
    Wait, you mean like the ceiling fan?
    Why, of course, this strange
    World has rivers and seas hanging
    Where the stars spin crazy dreams.

  • ckfilvan 4w

    Cold, she slept alone
    Nights like these had passed so sweet
    In his warm strong arms
    She had fallen short of arms
    And so cold she slept alone

    A strange laughter broke
    The sky was strewn with bright stars
    His arms were empty
    He wondered whose arms held her
    He cried and sighed a strange laugh