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  • cjkar_ 67w

    Sitting By The Shoreline

    Sitting by the shoreline
    Longing about another time
    Remember when the grass was green?
    With a rush of the warm summer breeze

    Just laying by a fireside
    Looking up into the midnight sky
    Did you see the children dancing?
    Watch as they twirl and prance around

    Why think about another time
    When all you need is right in front of your eyes
    You and me can sit and watch the night sky

    Until it's time to say goodbye,

  • cjkar_ 69w


    I saw your eyes underneath the starlight
    Flourishing and Dancing in the moonlight
    Your eyes were alight
    So bright that it lit me up like dynamite

    Sometimes moments like these just don't see to last
    Sometimes I feel like moments like these shouldn't pass
    Sometimes emotions like these seem so vast

    Understanding the universe in contrast seems like a piece of cake
    Understanding my own emotions on the other hand makes me ache
    Understand I just want a break

    Can't these emotions just go away
    I just want to have a normal day
    Maybe drink some coffee at the cafe

    Looking at your eyes is beautiful
    But I rather be pitiful
    After all, moments like these don't last
    So why should I dwell on the past

  • cjkar_ 69w

    12 a.m.

    It's 12 a.m.
    Tossing and Turning in my bed
    Restless thoughts on how I should feel
    Flipping my pillow and cuddling my blanket
    Restless thoughts feel so real

    Sometimes it doesn't seem clear what's up or down
    Sometimes it's hard to tell right from wrong
    So I toss and turn in my bed

    Not knowing how to feel about life from my end
    Readjusting your perspective seems to help, but then it's hard to distinguish truth from fantasy
    And you end up toiling over how you should feel about things

    This unrest really could be put to ease
    Only if I could stop feeling such unease
    Life feels like a emotional rollercoaster sometimes
    Guess I should pour myself a cup of tea

    We all just need a road map
    A guide that can tell us who we should be
    That way life doesn't seem so confusing at times
    Or mabye it's just my imagination running wild

    Doubt fills the brain,
    Dissatisfaction, and Distraction
    Don't no how I can deal with all this Disappointment in myself

    Do you feel the same?

    Cause damn man,
    Life can be rough
    Especially when you feel like your stuck in a rut

    Fuck it

    It's only 12 a.m. I'm going back to bed.

  • cjkar_ 72w

    The Tale Of a Salesman III.

    The Salesman could sum up our lives,
    But there's a better way, to say the least

    Don't live your life like a sheep,
    Manifesting the Antichrist doesn't have to be bleak
    Grab the forbidden fruit and eat it with glee

    Come with me!!
    There's no time to waste!!

    Let's paint graffiti over street signs,
    Run naked, wild and free from smoking too much weed
    Let's burn this mother fucker to the ground
    Nothing lasts forever, Come with me!

    We can laugh, We can cry,
    Laugh our asses off through the night
    Express our desires to our hearts' delight

    Express your personality,
    Express your sexuality,
    Express your being,

    Don't let the Salesman sell you a stupid fucking dream,
    Come with me! Live the moment while it lasts
    Maybe then my children, you'll understand what life truly can be,
    After all, life is just a dream.

  • cjkar_ 72w

    The Tale Of a Salesman II.

    He's witty, and charming
    Catching the eyes of his prey
    He has perfect precision
    Before you know it you'll be led astray

    He'll Offer a bargain that's out of sight
    You might think twice,
    But you'll end up taking it out of spite

    The hours will widdle away
    To miserable minutes feeling like days
    And all you'll do is wonder about your own demise

    Before you know it,
    All you'll want is that new Mercedes
    So you can drive through the California breeze Only to be filled with more emptiness and unease

    All of this was offered at a price,
    Selling your soul, only to sweat and slave
    Saving each penny for a rainy day
    Just to end up dead in a grave,
    Without your story ever being written,

    The Tale Of a Salesman doesn't have to end this way,

  • cjkar_ 72w

    The Tale Of a Salesman I.

    It began from birth
    A book just waiting to be written
    What fills the pages you say?

    Blank pages,
    Pages that aren't crusty and old,
    But crisp and bold

    It just needs a writer that can make a Odyssey
    Enough content for a best-selling Biography
    Or, an Oscar-Nomiated Movie

    Come with me,
    There's no time to waste!
    Wake up! I can hear the tears of the old
    Wake up! The salesman is about to arrive!

    Before you know it you'll understand why

  • cjkar_ 74w

    Pretty From Afar

    Things just seem so pretty from afar
    Neverland is more real than we believe
    Our emotions drift across the endless sea
    Almost like a lone wolf running through the breeze

    Swipes and Likes
    Pictures of sport cars
    Posts that grip your imagination through its flaws
    It all comes at a price

    Maybe we're just vain as a society
    Maybe reality just took a gun to her head
    I can hear her cries, pains, and heartache...
    Can you?
    Maybe it doesn't have to be this way

    Things do look pretty from afar, but you can only notice true beauty when you remove the veil of fantasy

  • cjkar_ 74w

    Let's Watch the World Die

    Let's run underneath the midnight sky
    Listening to the waves hit the shoreline
    Let's recognize our coming demise

    Let's celebrate our lives as the world dies
    Make art to express what's in our hearts
    Forgive, and Forget moments of the past
    Letting out cries of joy while the moments slip through an hourglass

    Good things never seem to last
    They always come to pass
    Don't let that keep you back
    Liberate yourself from the bindings that be

    After all, death doesn't send a text message breaking the news,
    It greets you under an unexpected blue moon
    Moments ago, all you could see was potential, possibilities that could be
    But they narrow as time ticks and tocks
    Don't let that be your fate

    Let's dance in the pouring rain
    Make love as fire falls from the sky
    Express ourselves under a full moon
    Let's watch the world die with a laugh

  • cjkar_ 74w

    Life is real

    With it's high's and Low's
    It doesn't seem to get any less real
    Real like turning water into wine
    It's all a intertwined deal

    The walks through the park
    The birds singing to the soul
    Saying don't look into the past
    Or the towards your future either

    All you need is right here
    Under the sunshine it's a wonderful surprise
    Happiness doesn't come from pleasure
    Or uncovering new treasures

    It could be heaven if you choose
    Or hell if you get screwed
    Either way, it's ripe for the taking
    It's just sitting there in the making

    No poetic words can describe it,
    Not a single verse or line from a song
    Nor can a photo describe it
    But your soul vibes with it

    It's life, it speaks through the soul
    It talks to you every waking moment!
    Can you hear it? Most ignore it!
    Will you do the same? Or let the birds chirp away.

  • cjkar_ 75w

    The Youth Of Tommorow

    Oh what a hopeless horror
    My youth fleets from me like no tommorow
    They say this is the best time to be alive
    But all I experience is sorrow.

    Maybe, it's depression knocking on my door
    Letting a gust of reality brush upon my cheek
    Or mabye it's just me acting a bit bleak.

    I try, to look at the positives
    Maybe, to cancel out the negatives
    So I can be free to do what I seek.

    The postmodern era brought more than swipes and likes
    It brought never-ending anxiety along with endless sobriety.
    Cigarettes and Alcohol put past generations to rest while
    Xanax and Snaps keep our sanity intact.

    Maybe, I'm just oversimplifying it all,
    Just being a bit overdramatic at best
    But this generation doesn't seem to be like the rest
    It's like a failed experiment at its best.

    With climate change on our backs
    Inequality creating divisions among us
    Try to make the future a better place seems impossible at first
    I guess all we can do is make the best out of every moment given...