Writing what's on my brain Hoping I'll still be sane

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  • christian_ogarro 138w

    You're just as loved, as necessary and as important as anyone else is.
    Don't ever bring yourself lower than you are.

  • christian_ogarro 139w

    Dear Females,

    You say you want our attention.
    When you have it, you do nothing with it.
    Yet, when someone else shows us that they want it, you get jealous and angry.

    So, here's a tip from the few good men out there.
    Show us that you appreciate our attention and efforts the first time, and you'll get to keep it all.

  • christian_ogarro 141w

    We all make mistakes.
    We all have regrets.
    What's my biggest one?
    Losing your love, because I lost a part of myself too.

  • christian_ogarro 141w

    My prayer to God was to keep her, and if I lost her, to show me the lesson in that loss.
    I think the Devil answered instead.

  • christian_ogarro 141w

    All I wanted was to make her feel like she deserves everything.
    She does deserve everything.
    I guess I did so well, that she no longer needs me.

    Now, I feel like everything is gone.

  • christian_ogarro 141w

    I promised myself that I wouldn't fall in love again. That I wouldn't let down the guard on my heart again.

    But then you came, broke the walls, and warmed my cold soul. Was it all for nothing?

  • christian_ogarro 142w

    The bigger I smile, the more I'm hiding my pain.
    Right now I'm smiling pretty damn big.

  • christian_ogarro 142w

    I know things aren't supposed to be all what you want, but I feel as though everything is against me.

    Hell, even I'm against me now.


  • christian_ogarro 142w

    I'm tired.
    Physically, mentally, emotionally..
    It's been draining me
    But I bet you wouldn't see.
    You'd only notice the part of me
    that plays a part in your fantasy,
    But for me, it's not a nice way to be.

    I'm tired.
    Tired of the way we act,
    We don't see each other's struggles,
    Like we all have cataracts.

    Tired of others.
    Tired of me.
    Tired of being who they want me to be.
    Tired of listening to their complaints, while they just sit there acting like saints.
    I'm just... tired.


  • christian_ogarro 145w

    Dear Females.

    Keep in mind that guys, we have feelings too.
    We have insecurities too.
    We have paranoid thoughts too.
    You aren't the only ones that can get hurt.

    The same way you don't want us doing anything to hurt you, think before you do or say something that would hurt us.