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  • chitraadhikary 68w

    The Origin

    The origin of the first life was from me.
    Journey of becoming human being
    started from one cell was also in me.
    So the entrance of life on earth,
    I am one of the principle key.

    Yet people have forgot my gift
    They are wasting me more than their need.
    Unknowingly ending their own source of life
    by digging me out here there
    in the name of uplift.

    Their life will be merged with dust,
    If they keep wasting me in the same way.
    Oneday they will not get one drop of me
    To quench their ultimate thirst.

  • chitraadhikary 68w

    Silver Mist

    I Woke up in the morning and
    saw the surroundings covered with thick silvery mist.
    There was no crowd in this fog-shrouded area
    Which made the environment whist.

    Suddenly I heard someone,
    Calling my name .
    I moved slowly towards that voice,
    Gradually, I began to see everything clearly
    in a dim flame.

    I saw my mom calling me to arise
    Now there is turbulence all around.
    If I could stay forever in my dream!
    I would arrange my life in peace,
    Surrounded by silver mist.

  • chitraadhikary 69w

    Nothing has changed ,eight years passed.......

    From Nirvaya to Hathras __The humanity is being ashamed again and again .We live in a society,where the police and the media are gradually getting intoxicated by running 24X7 after drug addicted.In their eyes, Rheya and Kangna, These two women are only living in India.Thousand of girls like Manisha ,who lost their life for some monsters ,remain abstract .!!!.We live in a society ,where instead of finding evidence,Police try to hide them.It's proved that the eyes of law are truly blind,where the judiciary system has been already hanged before getting justice.

  • chitraadhikary 70w

    Abode of the clouds

    Just reached beyond the clouds of high,
    And the blurred vision of mine is being trembled
    for thy spirit,shivering clouds touched,
    And I felt that my pain has gone by its sigh.
    The godsend with smokey gray packaging.
    Thou slowly opened the mystery of colors by the key of rays.
    Now in my clear vision I can see a
    White-capped mountain man ,who's welcoming.
    He's started to reveal his secrets of touching the azure,
    And despite this, how he's been staying away from arrogance
    by wrapping up the dear -clouds with his soul!
    And created a peaceful abode, covered by the nature's allure.

  • chitraadhikary 70w


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    Tuesday, June 30, 2020

     I was walking alone  on the way  at night and saw a boy in the glittering silver moonlight.At such a time I wanted to be someone for walking partner So I called him from behind  in a polite manner.Hearing my call, he stood and started walking with me.He looked like alling , his eyes were pale.He seemed to be wandering all day looking for someone.I asked him his destination.He said it was a little far.

             After walking for about half an hour,he suddenly stood up and pointed in the direction of a bush. I saw a light on the edge of a bush. I was little surprised.I went ahead out of curiosity.Then I saw a car overturned and it's front lights were on. It looks like an accident.I ran to help if anyone was there.

         What I saw inside the car made my blood cold, my whole body trembling.The boy who came with me was lying in a bloody state. Surely dead.I immediately looked back ... but no one was there.Suddenly the phone of the boy inside the car rang.I picked up the phone .... a woman shouted loudly and said ----"where are you? if you don't bring the medicine within an hour, your mother will not be saved"..


        Then I noticed some packets of medicine next to him with the prescription of the hospital .. I saw in Google Map that the hospital was less than 1km .After walking a while I saw the hospital and delivered the medicine to the boy's mother. 

             A son kept his word  .Even after his death he did his RESPONSIBILITY through me.. My eyes filled with tears.

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  • chitraadhikary 70w

    To the medical staff

    We smile
    When you shine.
    We breathe
    When you treat .
    We recover
    When you care .
    We live
    When you save.

    Our safety
    Your priority
    We are guilty
    To hurt your dignity.

    Now you stand
    Like a barrier
    Protect us
    As a true warrior.

    Thanks to all medical staff..

  • chitraadhikary 70w


    We see when you look
    We eat when you cook.

    We break when you sad
    We shine when you glad.

    We follow when you guide
    We miss when you hide.

    We confuse when you engage
    We lost when you change.

    We cry when you deprive
    We live when you survive.

    We stand when you support
    We fall when you oppose.

    You are the creator
    We did not exist without you
    In this beautiful nature.

  • chitraadhikary 70w

    Mind Heist

    Human's mind wanted
    So the mindkind was created.
    Human's mind wanted
    So the society was created
    We are human for mind of ours
    And created everything with sense of humour

    But besides creation,
    It also has the power of destruction.
    Human's mind wanted
    So the air has been contaminated.
    Human's mind wanted
    So water has been polluted.
    Human's mind wanted
    So their own mind has been corrupted .
    Human's mind wanted _______
    So they themselves has been infected.

    Human is driven by his mind game.
    If their minds were deposited in bank like money
    I want to do heist those negative minds ann
    hide secretly
    So that no one can ever find them.

  • chitraadhikary 70w


    I run the country, again hatred and violence created for me.
    I am the maker of life, again everything is exhausted for me.
    I put the food in people's mouth to fill their stomach
    Again thousands of people die without eating for me .
    People work all day and night to earn me,
    Again many people earn by licking some leader's feet for me.
    This blind society of crime has been created for me
    Where innocents are being punished, criminals are ruling.

  • chitraadhikary 70w


    A ceaseless competition is going on for me,
    Because Everyone wants to occupy me.
    Winners are those who can afford to buy me
    Pretending to be a fake in society.
    Who could entitle me, has the key to power
    Life and death are determined by their one signature.

    Thousands of hypocrisy,duplicity ,corruption mixed on their body,
    Which also blends into every pores of me.
    Foremost I am stigmatized to the whole nation,
    Because people get acquainted for their own position.