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  • chithuyiapfoze 5w

    Sometimes I think I'LL create a Very Big Music Stadium!... And play asthetic musics... 90s albums.. and vibe.. with EVERY body..!

    Let me know if you had a bad DAY!!

  • chithuyiapfoze 5w

    Tell me you are also MUSIC PARALYSE!!

  • chithuyiapfoze 5w

    "We heard of mock tales"

    Generalise as weak; women is she indeed a soul!
    Taught all the don'ts; her success was being troll
    The society seems another unpolished clutters
    Only they serve in judgment, was raising fingers

    Made her learn tales about monsters in the dark
    Can somebody also teach her how to also bark!?
    She was told exposing skin was greatly unholy
    Did you bother to tell she was beautiful tottaly?

    Taught her limitations and shouldn't go beyond
    Did you bother to know her potential beyond?
    Taught her marriage was ultimate end for her
    Did you try giving her; her own wings as men!?

    It's now a world where men and women fits in it!
    Did we try knowing how she made all through it?
    Did you wonder after ALL,her heart being so pale
    Still proved them wrong;that this was just a"Tale"
    __Chithuyia pfoze


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    Why gender!? Go for their ability their POTENTIAL!!...

  • chithuyiapfoze 7w

    "A note to paper"
    A saying goes like "a person can be a home"
    Certainly yet I not felt a_person being my home
    Surely quite enough there was a thing, i say
    Home; not thy prettiest of all, Fragile and dusty

    Wreaked and stuff elsewhere in the corner
    She's a little geek and has a little shy fever
    Yet Guess! what she loves, speaking in silent!
    Of million letters in your head stuffed in tight

    She likes it all, all of the way I was "being"
    She says alittle mess was I "you're feeble darling"
    Left.. say"you're a geek with wonders"
    She'd been Treasuring all the broken memories.

    Which i was to throw it away,away from my soul
    Like;of though which pricks in keeping memorial
    Wasn't i to trash it!?"Ought not ,keep treasuring"
    Said she.Why though!?"you'll be stonger darling"

    She builds a different world for I"The Better one"
    Into which we both fit perfectly from the old one
    "I" A queen within her; A royal crown of my own
    Self royal gesture was "I"pondering of my own

    With her It was a much justific different intuition
    I have had all over! Peace streaming down
    Once again within her.. if felt nice to be alive
    Little "shy fever paper" made me feel like home
    _Chithuyia pfoze

    #paper #queen #peace
    #home #royal #gesture
    #dusty #fragile #wonder
    #shy #fever #justific

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    Little shy fever paper


  • chithuyiapfoze 7w

    Sometimes I just wish...
    Somebody would stay to say..
    "Your mental health is more important"...

  • chithuyiapfoze 8w

    Oh men! from the west i see the clouds darken
    Cries of infants in air, women with tears, broken
    Shouts "the prophecy must have returned!!" End
    Of HUMANITY! People dies before their dead

    This isn't a tale, it happend ,happend years ago
    Though ago, this ago could be now, now...ago
    And their will be once again rain of bloods
    Carcasses of foothpath into the woods

    You'll hear only prayer around would be "peace"
    The women picking the burned letters of love
    Children wandering shelter with empty hands
    "keep them happy" just the last prayer of soldiers

    Nightmare it was wasn't less then a living hell
    If only we could do I shall do away with a spell
    And the people along with me.. no more fear
    Spell...."mercy! mercy! mercy! oh peace over war"

    ___chithuyia pfoze


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    Do a peace over war......
    ____Somebody hear her plea of "oh! Peace"

  • chithuyiapfoze 8w

    "Tragic bloom"
    She was a tragedy to many said some!
    Well an eclipse of peace said some!
    She'd bloom like wild fire on the snow
    Was a piece of winter on summer glow

    She ought not to be as how she was seem!
    And wished though was full of delight and charm
    Her story of her demons were widely told..
    Not a soul notice she was being bold..

    As how she was seem and i met her..
    Both the demon and angel seem like her..
    She broke into smile with hidden bruises
    Unlike what i heard in all of her tragic stories

    She only just needs few pieces of hearts
    A pair of love, and few of their smiles
    Join them withinn the chain of peace
    And cram them wearing it on her face
    ___chithuyia pfoze

    #girls #strong
    #demons #angels
    #bruises #peace
    #smile #tragedy

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    Some pieces of fear only needs understandings.....

  • chithuyiapfoze 8w

    "Perfect of us"
    During the mid spring of blooms
    We'd walk down the asile like in our 20s
    Holding hands,weary skin heart with joy
    And a bouquet of wild white lillies by

    We'd be dancing but with a little bend
    This time, not how in our 20s we did
    Standing tall in the midst of crowd
    Driving their eyes on our flaws as all did

    We'd end old still growing love full of gries
    Munching down your burned cookies
    long hours of patience to hear you speak
    But a word or two is all you'd ever speak

    We'd be sitting down beneath the sunset
    Watching us, us together beneath it
    It has not need be us... as flawless
    But as little imperfect blends to perfect of us
    #oldlove #love #life #perfect
    #blends #flawless #asile #20s
    #80s #wildlillies #cookies
    #sunset #dancing #patience
    #blooms #bouquet

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    Putting the child within us......OUT!!♡

  • chithuyiapfoze 8w

    I lie beacuse they trust me!

  • chithuyiapfoze 8w

    "Romantic Chaos"
    We lied all over on the brink of truth
    Like never did cared though we did though
    We feared to unleash; only left us pathetic
    And on both side being dramatic

    Why was it feeling lighter inside
    Though we're miles on opposite side
    Just so our names would bloom
    As spelled ; though non was in room

    A quick reveal of our glimpse
    Would've thousands of heartscape
    As though history was repeating itself
    Our glimpse loitering on dustiest shelf

    Because neither of us was to open it
    So let it be as it is suppose to be 'bright'
    Certainly we'll still hush untill the 'dooms'
    And to reveal all of this "Romantic Chaos"


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    Two little souls which is not atall perfect..