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  • childauthor_345 1w

    I'll dream for a equator for winter
    And solid clouds so that
    I can differentiate
    The poesy and
    The Enigma
    Hidden by
    You .

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    Remote rutilated remedy

    Receipt of richness remains rushed in rust if redolent roof didn't have ratified the rally of ravishing regale.

  • childauthor_345 1w

    I love how hope sterilizes the pain
    Fluctuating feet dancing with voice of rain
    Decent downpour demolishes the dirt of Downhill
    And arrival of piegon holding wunderkind will
    Decomposition of memories after feeling planted pleasantries
    I loved how treaties tantalized the trees
    & In between metaphors loved the ballad poetries .


  • childauthor_345 1w

    Lone lake of spring , departed by strings
    Grey rings of smoke , melting golden wings
    In the beautiful city of tune , monarch rests cocoon sings
    Rock candies furnished with sheets of bitterness
    Soil crawled with remains , storm blew and a straw brings

  • childauthor_345 1w

    At the shore of artful archive
    I am alive and You are alive .

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    The jingle by resplendent keys and
    that woman - made midnight breeze
    How will the moment soak and sieze
    The way she retreat , the obsoleted lullabies

  • childauthor_345 4w

    Call me wind if you do please
    For being placed for a period
    In flute of your sonnet , which
    Disappears at marginal moments
    After been bounded by unassigned
    Mondegreen and severe fears .

    A part of me is holding back tears
    But the sonority of sound of flow
    Of those salty crystals becomes
    Humid with dressings of adorn
    When the tik - tiks of the clock
    Insist me to recollect cassets
    Of the labyrinthe memories .
    Indeed the profile of your cheeks
    Stabilize my empty pocket with
    Heavenly weighed affection

    I breathe, wait and hope and
    Paste another page of love
    Prepared to deliver at the
    Address of the dear " cynosure "
    But the words travel back at
    Halfway seeking the chaos
    And laminating the calculations
    That gold is weaker than iron ,
    May I compare iron with love
    Or atrocities it is bringing
    Gold seeks luminous adjectives
    But all Beauty isn't in the eyes
    Of beholder some amount
    Of shares admirer too posses .

    What a strange time it is
    Elements of love is limited
    To mirror images of moon
    Who is unaffected by the
    efflorescence rays of sun
    And because of the untouched
    emotions , Luna opted to
    Make a displacement from
    Fellow colleague - blue queen too .

    When the world fights a war
    Dividing the proclivity on dozen scales
    I need a plot to refill the lacking
    Euphoria in my story sickened in drawer
    As lungs collapse without fresh air ,
    Heart collapse too if there is
    Deficiency in the pureness of sight ,
    Strokes of nemesis and carelessness
    Necessarily stand as pillar of brokenness .

    Beauty is upon you as
    Mellifluous Metaphors hidden
    In the chest of fond ballad ,
    Beauty is upon as unstoppable
    attempts of a losing selenophile
    Effortlessly practising to posses
    Himself in the deep blue eyes ,
    Beauty is upon you as you
    Wearing a blanket of smile
    And autonomous run of beauty
    Towards you
    And scorching more epitome
    Of the beauty , don't forget
    To make a ride toward
    Deciduous hut longing
    For your sight to
    Complete a
    Story living
    Waiting for
    You to complete
    It , giving it a vibrant
    Touch once again .

    ~ plucked by propinquity

    Inspired by ~ second latest post of the @unspokenpen1927

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    This is an ancient poem
    where my Canoe loading
    grey clay established a fort
    of known language but
    the existence is yet to know

  • childauthor_345 6w

    ��by hoping and finding goodness and faults in others
    We forget to work on ourselves , that definitely leads to a great downfall of society
    Cause you too are an essential and fundamental component of society .

    PS . Sorry for not being so active , give me a month more to settle completely , hehe busy-ness ��.

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    Once I was young ,
    With Rambling tootle of aerophone ,
    A world of curtained spectacles ;
    I sung .

    When I grown , as mid - Tuesday
    My blurry black holes clicked ~

    Heated narrow - wide alleyways
    Moreover , disciplined jerking walking sticks
    Some creepers and some canopies
    Rustling with rusts on their bark

    Civics' catastrophes cemented chests
    Redolent relations rectifies rope ,
    Jaggery melts at a boiling point , I know
    But how they overcame melting
    Walking sharply betwixt volcanic routes

    What Uprising suffering is for a nation ,
    And Malaya's words for dasharatha , a stigma
    Negative flowing thoughts acts alike for a life .

  • childauthor_345 6w

    Plucking torn petals ,
    within brown metals
    Sublimating drops are
    too brittle to settle ,
    Alike Anxious leaf of
    the sour green mangoes ,
    tommorows are coming ,
    But slow uprising of
    Suger alongside of
    Your dancing cheeks ,
    Makes the fingers busy
    In limiting chaotic nostalgia in
    Octelle beginning with
    Nourishment by your eyes ,
    Sublime adverbs that simplified
    And romanticized the hope ,
    Will you make an act of love
    To be a symbol of affection
    In my Reckless - symbolism
    Poetry !

    ~ acronym , a stranger

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    Dear magnificence of personified golden pheasant

  • childauthor_345 6w

    Sometimes , dove escapes
    & The tree disappears in lapse
    With Reckless bird in forecourt song
    Was writing on chirping leaf but not so long

    ~ young seagull with shuttered eyes

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  • childauthor_345 7w

    Unknown corks in pigmented polls
    Colouring empty chart with maroon
    Surreal facades exempted from goals
    Transcribed anklets unmatched with tune

    Periods of sijo in coarse of life
    Coined cloned laugh at bank of knife
    humility in harmonica hackneyed with homelessness
    Hapless April and halycon September though farness

    Sealing walls of knuckles , often soaring in chuckles
    Chuckles are petrichor and typhoon too under truckle
    Truckle the bygones with solace of laces extracting silt out
    Outstanding pages in book , keep records to the harvest in drought .

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    Roofless grandeur

    Indigo punctured on jute , acrylic on portraits
    Portrait is lavish with hyperbole , fabric is vibrant with traits
    Traits empower euphoria with imageries but can't enforce intimacy
    Intimacy works only while rose stains red , afterlife is extreme lacy .

  • childauthor_345 7w

    Green lights glow generating
    Mediterranean Spurge near sea
    As how a perfect hearted walks
    And wakes longing to see the city

    With black sight , with no height
    Covering blanket facing to night
    Revising , repeating and wrapping
    The bun with ballad to give a light

    Pour affection , adore the hands
    Flip stygian stigma by firing the bands
    Purple plates plants perky proposal
    Paint my sleepless sonnet in your eyes ,
    Let all become coastal

    How to dust the sequence of rosy fogs
    Just skip some lanes by glued , as isolated , paired logs
    Leave the scars terminating in thread , plundering my soul
    Blending the cracking metaphors and memories in Ageas bowl

    Breakdown blunders , forget the flaws
    Sustain serenity watering cocoa with clause
    Coat the arcs of poetry with layers of fructose
    In alliterations of volcanic life ,
    Freeze talismanic muffins for upcoming rain with sunset of rose

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    Dawning bunch of dough a while

    Give a call to the call , when you glimpsed on my window as snowfall
    Building treats of adorn in slices of poetry ,
    Been a guide while pathways transforming blind
    The warmness on the furnace of love enriched the sweetness in wind