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  • cheshtasharma 6w

    Self worth self importance ,
    Really !we know what it is ?
    Time for physique, mind exercises , me time, self care , time to expel out emotions alone , self talk , self love really what it mean .
    But so called society define it selfish behaviour.
    We by listening them stop prioritizing ourselves ....
    What result it gives ?
    Nothing except troubles, distraction and instability which really comes from inside .
    Have you ever thought , who will be helping you at your difficult times ?
    Answer is I . Yes ! Except us no one can help to live life which is only yours .
    When you are broken , lost its only your mind and it's stability only can help to come out .
    Then from where so called society comes.
    Just think about it !
    Value yourself and start prioritizing!

  • cheshtasharma 18w

    I am alone !
    I am alone !
    Fighting in darkness ,
    Broken in many parts ,
    It's not always to be strong,
    But it's to be lost ,
    Lost in thoughts ,
    Lost someone who is irreplaceable ,
    Lost who I am ,
    Lost the hope of light ,
    It's me !
    Yes, it's me !
    Shouting and screaming from inside ,
    Having a smile on face,
    How hard it is to be strong !

  • cheshtasharma 18w

    People never know your situation which you are going through ,
    But yes they know how to judge.
    That's life!
    You can't change people ,
    But yes we can change ourself by being deaf .

  • cheshtasharma 27w

    Walk away !

    Walk away ! Walk away ! Walk away !
    Want to walk away from crowd of people .
    Want to walk away from so called friends .
    Want to walk away from tantrums of life .
    Want to walk away from politics and
    Want to walk away from unnecessary fight .
    Want to walk away from thought that close one will remain close to me .
    Want to walk away from everyone,
    And Finally want to go in peace ; in peace of my dreams !

  • cheshtasharma 30w

    In my journey of life ,
    I achieve ,
    I fall down and
    I stood once again ,
    Again to achieve my dreams ,
    To live it ,
    Sometimes I get tired
    Where the other times circumstances are unbearable ,
    Time I feel to give up ,
    A ray of hope shine upon me to again stand me up ,
    I know it's hard it's difficult
    Ya, but I also know it's not impossible ,
    Working for the day ,
    The day of mine
    When the stars in the sky shine so bright ,
    But not brighter than my life
    Waiting for the right time ,
    The time of mine and
    Finally there will be a day it's only me and my dreams waking hand in hand ...

  • cheshtasharma 31w

    Sometimes I feel someone to share my problems my views who listen with full of patience and interest . But other side I knew this is only a thought and will never happen .
    So I am lucky to have skills to write down and share it with beautiful pages .

  • cheshtasharma 32w

    अब तक लड़ी हूँ ,
    आगे और भी लड़ना है ।
    जानती हूँ लड़ाई और भी मुश्किल है ,
    लेकिन मेरे सपने उससे भी बड़े है ।

  • cheshtasharma 36w

    उन राहो पर अकेले ही चलना है
    सपने मेरे है जिनके लिए मुझे ही लड़ना है ,
    अब लड़ते लड़ते थक गई ,
    जानती हूँ सपने बहुत बड़े है ,
    और लडाई बहुत लम्बी ,
    उन तन्हा राहो पर निकली हूँ ,
    सपने पाने ,
    वक्त है कुछ नया बनने का ,
    वक्त है मै बनने का ।

  • cheshtasharma 37w

    मेरा वो सपना जो अधूरा रह गया ,
    अब अधूरा नही होगा ,
    उसके उड़ने का वक़्त आ गया ,
    गिरी जरुर थी मै ,
    खुदा अब तेरी शक्ति से ,
    मुझे उठना आ गया ,
    अब जिन्दगी में और किसी का तो पता नही ,
    पर सपने के लिए मैं मरते दम तक लड़ जाऊंगी ,
    क्योकि ये है तो मैं हूं।

  • cheshtasharma 37w

    We as humans always get attracted toward a few negativity a person bears and forget all good aspect of that person .
    Growth as person is only possible when we look good aspect in person because that will drive positive energy in us !