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  • charybdis 9w

    desperate much ��

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    It's a good day to fall in love.

    Fall in love with me already.


  • charybdis 10w

    I entered a land having no clue what that land holds. It is inspiration that kept me going no matter how blind I was for the future that awaits.


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    Let inspiration beat your uncertainties.


  • charybdis 11w

    We wouldn't place much importance, heck its memory will probably fade away quickly, if it came at you willingly- without you even lifting a hand.


    Our life itself costs the saviour's son.
    Our sins buried with Him.

    After all this time,
    Have all that been blown away like nothing?

    Everything that you are - means something.
    Remember your worth.


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    Look Harder

    Anything that is too easy to obtain,
    Is probably decomposing inside.
    Not worth your envy, nor your pride.


  • charybdis 11w

    I'm used to poems that are free of rhymes and counts. I am not even sure if they possess any rhythm. But as I read other artist's work, I realize the wonders of poetry. How truly amazing each people can be.

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    Wonders of poetry

    Emotions are heavily cloaked,
    Hidden in a mirage of paradoxical words.
    Reality is either submerged in oil, clear water, or glitters,
    In concordance to an artist's volition.

    Words grow souls, harmonious with the writer's own.
    Profound, and unfiltered they are,
    Cutting through dense indifference,
    A treasure cove that's never fixed, thoroughly disguised.

    Words and us,
    Oh how our souls mingle,
    In each page,
    unbound by any standards.


  • charybdis 11w

    This morning, I heard a message that completely enlightened me. He spoke simple words.
    "The Lord sends His greatest favor to the least familiar". I considered it earnestly.

    He speak about not dwelling too much on what you are used to, that you create it yourself when its not even there!

    Just because it feels weird and novel, we should brush it aside. Don't be too used to rejection that you cannot accept the compassion a person is willing to give you. Don't be too used to misery that you can't accept anything that feels the opposite of it.

    He speak of not turning a blind eye on the great mountain range in your backyard, because we felt it was too familiar to pay closer attention to.

    He speak of shifting our emotional focus, not on fear, or frustration, but on His favor.

    For if we focus too much on what we expect this day to turn out, it will kill any remnant of His favor already working in front of us.

    Don't let yourself be too familiar, that gradually you blind yourself.


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    Its Quite Familiar

    Its quite familiar
    Feeling worthless and miserable.

    Sometimes because
    The word really is dark.

    But most of the time because
    I have my hands, over my eyes.


  • charybdis 11w

    I swear this sounded better in my head.


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    Fail big why don't you?
    Fall to the ground
    Scrape your knee
    Give your heart
    Mourn over your loss of innocence

    Let not comfort be your chains,
    Quickly, break away
    For they impede your progress!
    Instead trek on a path that makes your skin crawl;
    Your heart trembling in vigor,
    With every step,
    mind howling with uncertainties.

    Welcome failure, setbacks, tragedy!
    Like the eagle,
    willing to be dragged by the ferocious, howling storms
    In order to naturally glide beyond the dark clouds,
    Relishing in it's existence.

    Work incessantly,
    For your wisdom to be that of a snake,
    Your tenacity resembling poppies,
    With humbleness
    becoming of a man.

    For we breath
    to live, or
    Have we forgotten what that means?
    Perhaps. Couple of times.
    Who can say for sure?


  • charybdis 11w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short tale on Focus

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    Be firm, shift your focus on things above.

  • charybdis 12w


    Sat down, played around with my phone, the anxiousness is getting to me. I write. Tada!

    I felt relieved.

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    Our thoughts- said and unsaid, each pleasance, or every conscious and unconscious actions bestowed with wisdom or perchance muddled with acidic emotions, duly reflects our essence.

    For, what’s given is not gone, in something it lives on.

    What you have given thus far,
    Will be the colors painted in another’s canvass.

    Should you be a touch of refreshing moonlit hue,
    Or a passionate red, intent to lure, refusing to be claimed?

    Should you be a rush of yellow, embossed with playful tinders,
    Or maybe a stodgy grey, uncanny but unassuming, mysteriously sharp?

    Perhaps a vigorous black with self-sustaining confidence, unwilling to remain down
    Or a light and graceful blue prancing in delightful ambition?

    Maybe an intimidating purple, polished with willful desire to conquer, enemy of the norm!

    But most probably so, a kaleidoscope of colors, you yourself can appoint!


  • charybdis 12w

    When I got disappointed in myself that one time, I never really got over it. It kept coming at me in every decision that I made afterwards. It's eating away something I myself isn't aware of.

    Does that make sense? Oh well.


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    The Fickle Fate of Happiness

    Chasing after unrealistically positive expectations,
    Took a toll on my sanity.

    My pages are cramped with nonsense,
    Littered with disgusting attempts for self-improvement.

    A self-help card dangles mockingly
    Promising positivity - to be better than what I currently am.

    Instead, every defect, wound and scar
    Were emphasized, shining in bright neon light.

    What I should have been, but failed to be
    Became a haunting ghost in mind and memory.


  • charybdis 12w


    Greed brings hell to those who welcomes it, extending to whom he touched.