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  • chaos_and_poetry 1w

    Stars dont bright up night,
    Its the moon thats been shining.
    We just need to wait till its dark,
    Its not a heartbeat, it is the rhyming

    I close my eyes, and its dark again
    My stars are forever lost and dead;
    But I see a sparkling fight the darkness,
    Its not a light, its your face smiling

    I quickly open my eyes; terrified of intensity,
    That your beaming brings to me.
    Darling, I dont believe in second chances.
    But your eyes make me lose counting.


  • chaos_and_poetry 3w

    The night is old

    While my rum warms my skin,

    And bones start to heal,

    I feel nomadic of my soul, in remembrance of my home.

    The streets are dead, with only coldness walking on pathways.

    I wonder how other's night are ever young?

    This silence speaks to me,

    tells me stories of everyone in distant.

    whooshing and breezing in my ears

    while my spine handle the shiver come by.

    The sound of cries and moans of desperations;

    The night brings out realness in souls;

    The night brings out monsters aboard.

    I, still, sat by the window.

    Not forgetting the cold,

    pondering into my well,

    with a pond full of passion,

    while the icy skin couldn't fell.

    The night is not young.

    Although, it's the loudest,

    The night is old and frail;

    With sleeping through our deafness,

    To have listened, we have failed.

    -pankesh wadekar

  • chaos_and_poetry 21w

    Kissing her felt like turning life into meaning,
    Her wonderful touches, soft caress;
    She always knew where I wanted to be touched.
    And melted. Melted into her arms everytime she held me.
    A young fine man with dreams and responsibilities, only wanting to be mellow in embrace and turning insensible child.
    While I tried to hold onto everything. I lost my senses for the smell of her hair and the musk of her neck.
    She pulled me more, leaving me surprised and leaving no space.
    Held my face with a stare that hand me trembling in my memories.
    She kissed me again, I tasted her salty tear dropped to her lips.
    In that moment, we made love and love made us alive.


  • chaos_and_poetry 52w

    When I breathe, I breathe you.
    When I breathe, I breathe you.
    Thats all there is..

    Without you, I'm suffocating.
    Thats all there is..

    I see my eyes closing, I see darkness;
    In the darkness I see you.
    Thats all there is..


  • chaos_and_poetry 53w

    She stabs my chest deeper.
    While she twists her blade,
    I get desperate for air.
    She stabs my chest again.
    While she push more for cut,
    Blade of her absence only sharpens..


  • chaos_and_poetry 54w

    We all are consumed by the thoughts of lust in the light,
    Yet, we moan the loudest in the dark.


  • chaos_and_poetry 60w

    Even if a poem goes unread, its value never ceases.
    It is a fine art on the paper, and and burning emotion in heart.
    And even when the earth refuses to revolve around the sun, the sun keeps burning, the fire dont go out.

    Even though you dont see a person for long, their picture inside your mind dont go.
    They were your sweet spot when you talked, their your sweet spot when you dont.
    And even when the birds dont chirp, they still fly around.

    Even if this poetry id left incomplete, the word fall into pieces because....


  • chaos_and_poetry 71w

    Curling inside, my bones turn soft.
    I feel it super easy, to flow into and flow away.
    I leave my boats behind,
    Now, only burried into the waters: this long, long of water that carry me with it with undue undesires.

    She waves her delicate hands of mercy,
    But afar of me, and safe distance.
    Safe: out of my unconscious, devilish, unhuman self.
    I pour out the sudden unwanted water from my mouth to smile.

    But my mouth is still salty, reminding me, of all the my very nature.
    Only our kisses turned sweet.
    And our breathing numbingly coarse.

    I could shout, outdoing my lungs.
    But my whispering manners will deceive when we reach shores.
    I smile, with my salty chapped lips, to see her one last time; into my memory.
    I drown like a mad dog of righteousness.


  • chaos_and_poetry 81w

    What was I supposed to do,
    Live in my fucking misery,
    While it creeps away my thoughts of sanity,
    When all I have done is given up on life,
    More than ever death pleasures me to endless vanity,
    How am I supposed to resist all of that?
    And for what?
    A fucking life of ruthless endeavors?
    My thin patience scars away little by litte,
    This melodic symphony of destruction,
    Turning pleasant notes into high riffs of rock n roll,
    While I dance shamelessly, all naked with my soul.


  • chaos_and_poetry 82w

    I wrote a few lines of art,
    Like ai puffed cigarettes
    - a tiny let out of pressure, through the system, scarring my heart, and living an injurious life, with a smile.
    With every kush, the cigarette, my life, and tue pages seemed shorter.
    Making up for all the moments that never realized to reality;
    Clouding my head, engaging a wild imagination that not only occupies my time, but emotions -an endless desert.
    I pulled another smoke through my burnt lips, a thought through my deadlines of mind, and most importantly time to cope up with the aftermath.
    Ofcourse, I felt shameless of depressing my art into absolute blackness.
    But what the difference between the dark and the shadow?
    Absence of light, or presence of light in another dimension.
    Whats thd difference between art and darkness of emotions?
    But the willingness to shield one and shield off another.