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  • chanya 1w

    Sometimes you just wish you can be someone. Just share in their sorrows and troubles. If only somethings were possible then the world would have been a better place. Maybe it's starts with "hi" but literally a lot happens in a human mind. Maybe ten to four is the problem or rather eleven till dawn. 'But' comes around with a lot of suggestions, questions and reasoning. But only a numb human brain can bear anything and everything behind every but. Doesn't comes in simplicity but it's always as a result of a negative pressure. Negative forces with negative issues only meant to divert or rather distract a normal human mind. It kills, and takes the life in the mind. Might sound the same but actually, there's more to killing that makes it so different from taking a life. Might be loosing something or maybe confusing some sort of concept but actually I guess there's a lie in this truth and the vice versa. Is life for living or learning? I don't really expect answers but I'm desperate for some. Cheers to the mad people or those considered to be. It really ain't a bad thing. Actually saves one a lot of chaos and drama. Might be driven but with no driver, no technic and no magic. Just driven in tour or rather through tour the choice is yours. But what if you could change the settings to get a different mindset, what would be your pick? If you get to be in charge of all thoughts and workings of the brain, what would you change? What are your desires? Human brain considered compact or maybe complex is Kinder the simplest organ to deal with. Just like a baby getting used to mama and dada. That's how the mind or maybe brain work. Lest I get into details maybe it's better to be dormant, numb and lifeless just to win the miserable life looked down to just to get the breathe of life. Lil bit deep but shallow in a way... Maybe or maybe not makes sense. But sense ain't sense unless you once was not sensible. Get hold of the right settings to just get to set the right mindset, not for life but for you. Intelligence or curiosity, everyday you learn a new thing. Good or bad, can't be scraped off. Sense or nonsense, starts with a thought of a second. I guess am done confusing the human brain. Just a food_for_thought!

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  • chanya 1w

    But maybe we all are mistaken, we seem more taken by things less forgotten thus always dependent. All around us are hints, hints on how to make the next step, how to play the next round and to what angle the other turns should be... But we all are invaded, minds shaded into a dark complexion not even able for the light to illuminate. Maybe it's just another episode of a game or rather a movie.. With no one being sober. We all are manipulated into being characters, models in reality, undefined nature and imbalanced minds played as virtuals in reality...

    We seem lost but always found... We misplace roles once in a while but we always get through... Interesting, what if, what if it is a game, wouldn't it be interesting? Would all our roles be perfectly placed for none to notice or rather use it as a food for thought? Art or talent? Whatever it is... Real or fake? It's all vanity in disguise. Maybe.... D. E. E. P_T. H. O. U. G. H. T. S!

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    Black and white

  • chanya 3w

    Maybe tears are just pain in disguise or maybe just a symbol of forthcoming peace.
    Maybe smiles are just joy in disguise or maybe just a symbol of forthcoming outbursts.
    We tend to hide in beliefs
    Just to escape reality checks...
    We run from our own to meet with the so called magic.
    We forget or rather have the tendency to forget just what we don't wanna remember.
    We try to hide the bad in us and over show the good that's never enough.
    We portray love, not that there's no hate in us but we just wanna be perfect.
    No one ever wants to be told that they have acne, neither do most stammeres accept that they actually do stammer.
    Everyone wants to scrub off their dirty coating and remain like pure silver with no rust...
    Everyone wants to fall in love and have a happy ever after.
    No one wants to hear the hard truth, none is ready to work for what they want, but they all are interested in an easier way to get to their dream places.
    It's like the abracadabra that changes water to juice.
    Apparently that's just not how things work, hurts to know but it's the bear truth. Accepting is always the first step and all follows.
    Accept your flaws, your beauty with acne, with or without dimples, light or dark, plump or skinny... Just look at the mirror and be proud of the reflection. That's the beginning of abracadabra!

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    Magic begins with you.

  • chanya 4w

    Little girls soften their Daddys hearts.

  • chanya 4w

    Maybe it was mistakenly heard and seen, it was never meant to be visible, it was to be in secret for as long as it existed ��but maybe it was found as a mistake. Broke the rules, escaped, hid and now it's all over strolling like it owns the place��seems not to care of what will happen next ��but only does what benefits it's now. Whatever come after now doesn't really matter��maybe it's good. But who knows����‍♀️. Fan.Tasy. Imagi.Nation. Real.Ality. Tick the clock goes on with its daily job. Waits for no one☣️. Not the great, the confused, the famous but just none✨. It tries not to fit but keeps feets on track. Keeps things moving, not always but it doesn't care��. Sometimes it's just numb, the valor, audacity to ignore the compulsory undone only comes from the great, the chosen few, lost Gen, the meant to be ��. I thought of it as great and might but then it proved me wrong. Showed me how stupid I was to think of bad as good, weakness as strength��. It was just 54 minutes beside myself feeling unreal and unmoored��.

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    Find action in repeatation.

  • chanya 4w

    Or maybe sometimes it's always my fault.
    I got used to explaining my innocence so much that I lost my dignity to pity.
    I lost my price tag to vulnerability and forgot my worth.
    I would worry so much about what people think than worrying of how much I portray myself to them.
    I chose to be me... Fierce me. I adopted the I don't care attitude and still remained to be the bad one. I stopped explaining myself and still then I stopped expecting more than what I had already received.
    A lot changed and experiences made me wilder.
    I became what people feared in me. I thought it was for the best but still I lost myself the more. I didn't know what exactly would be best for me coz in everything I tried as a new experience changed to be the worst.
    Maybe I had no place to occupy. Maybe I just didn't belong.
    Was a long journey that was always endless. Full of light less tunnels, a zillion diversions and zero directions. That's like counting stars aimlessly and keep on giving the same star a different number. That's being more than lost... That's dissapearing into thin air.
    Coming from particles to molecules and still not getting the slightest idea. You can never be small enough to find the slightest peace. Use what comes to you.

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    In memory of peace.

  • chanya 5w

    You remember when life was easy and smooth,
    We would go and make snow angels
    Eat our bus fair
    Shop lift sweets and run away.

    You remember when we were silly as kids,
    Run over people and give a fake apology
    Sneak through the window
    Skip classes to go attend a show.

    You remember when we couldn't remember,
    We couldn't remember our age anymore
    We couldn't remember our names anymore
    We couldn't remember our happiness anymore
    We just couldn't remember us.

    We grew tearing apart what we had sewed together,
    We changed routes
    We changed characters
    We changed us.

    I sat wishing I couldn't have met you
    I cried my heart and soul to sleep
    I felt sold out,
    But actually I was soul-ed out.

    I realized even without you,
    I never had your memories
    But instead I had our memories.

    I realized true love isn't just love
    It's love minus all affection
    And you still feel the strong feeling of care.
    That's love.

    True love is the time between saying goodbye and leaving...

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    Maybe I lost you to find us.

  • chanya 5w

    The moment between saying goodbye and leaving is a moment never to grow fond of.

  • chanya 5w

    What died before death made me walk away from life itself.

  • chanya 7w

    If I could write all about it ��, the trash in me, content behind the mask, hurt n pain in me��.
    If I could ink it down, then I could have been doing justice for my soul����but Ave weakened my own spirit, shut my own eyes, broken my own heart, n slummed the door on my face��.
    If I could be crazy, and just shed blood cold heart, with no feelings of guilt, no regrets, no tears in sorrow, then I would have done justice for my life��. If I could be dead, haunt everyone who trampled on me, those who crashed me like a computer with no battery, like a body with no heart, like a gas with no content, in short I was useless in their eyes❤‍��.
    It hurt until hurts no more and I'll be hurting if I shut myself down again ��. Maybe am insane, drove myself crazy trying to find the lost me, little did I know, I was doing justice for my mind, I freed it little by little from diverse pain n anguish��.
    I freed it from chained thoughts, thorny ideas n dead memories ��. Maybe am just free in disguise... Maybe am lost... Maybe I died��

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    Suddenly it all came mumbling down.