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  • chandrimas772 2w

    Repeated death rates, hiking cases, adverse symptoms etc on social platforms has led to undesired trepidation amongst the people.

    These days, social media and news channel has been a circulator of panic news. The second wave is definitely eroding lives at all levels. We are dwelling in an uncertain situation.

    But, the common public can still take precautions. They can take best care of their health. At this time of emergency, preparedness from the people matters the most.

    By adopting healthy lifestyle practices like exercises, drinking water, basic healthy diet, prioritising mental health, sharing their good thoughts etc , people can do a bit for themselves.

    Common people can make use of their limited resources to take care of their health.People with underlying diseases should take mandatory care of their health.

    The worrisome situation has triggered a lot of anxiety and stress among the elderly people. They should manage stress as far as possible by simple breathing exercises.

    It's understandable that there's calamity in almost every life today. But, the rescue operation also has to be taken by the people only.

    They should think about the further solutions of their prevailing woes. Moreover, people should avoid spitting in public places and dumping their covid equipments openly.

    People taking care of their health and helping the deprived is probably one of the best vaccine that the country needs today.

    -Chandrima Saha

  • chandrimas772 3w

    The middle of a soundless night
    My mind awakens the provoking sights
    Reminding me, the self incurred plight
    In fighting with the demon of Productivity
    Trashing with Voluntary self defeat!


  • chandrimas772 3w

    Relations get stretched
    By the grip of a single hand
    Breaking your self esteem in between
    And somewhere your mental peace
    It keeps extending over years
    Just relying on one sided contribution...

    There's grief, there's ignorance, there's anxiety
    For the one who still holds on bearing odds
    Troughs dive the soul into sorrow
    But, the stubborn feelings doesn't fade away

    This emptiness even after being in love is absurd
    May be the one sided efforts over the years
    Has failed to witness the reality

    Cease your sufferings that you brought to self
    Step out of these meaningless chain
    You might have invested all your pristine feelings
    But, it's never too late to END.
    The remaining sunrise of your life
    Deserves a better start ... !


  • chandrimas772 4w

    Never get tired of giving yourself a second chance.......
    .....because nobody else can wake you up from that pillow where you shared your despair...
    But You and a self healing second chance can !


  • chandrimas772 6w

    If you have bursted out in tears
    If you have brought your emotions into play
    If you have screamed wildly to release the demon
    If you have exposed your frustration and spoke to self


    You have undoubtedly practiced a step of SELF HEALING....

    When so many odd emotions pile up on the soul, it is necessary to reveal the burden and express in one's own way ....!


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  • chandrimas772 8w

    On a jolly Sunday evening ,
    Youth traverse around to refresh minds
    While some become caged,
    Unknowingly in the bond of responsibilities
    Fearing to take a decision by self,
    They incur a repeated war of confusion
    Grappling between the mind and the soul
    They just battle for their remaining hope..


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  • chandrimas772 11w

    In this era of women empowerment and gender equality, it is really disheartening to witness daily incidents of crime against women.

    Heinous crimes like rapes and acid attacks destroys the pillar of humanity. But now, this is high time to break this chain of barbarism.

    Upbringing plays a very important role to stop the crime rates in a country. The budding children from their teenage should be made aware of the ill happenings around. Parents and teachers should educate the children about these heinous crimes in a very sensitive way.

    This is the need of the hour that sexual education should be made a part of the syllabus. Students must be well aware of their reproductive and psychological health and how to take the right decisions in life.

    Awareness at a large scale is necessary in the remote regions of the country where the voice of women is suppressed. We often talk about feminism in social media. But unfortunately the concept of feminism doesn't reach women who are struggling and enduring abuse.

    So it is a real necessity for the respective state governments, NGOs etc to empower the women living in the villages and remote areas.

    Parents of the budding girls should train their girl child to be mentally stronger and raise their voice.

    Men in our society are more prone to the web of crimes. It is important to raise a boy with all the acceptance, adequate love and attention.

    It is necessary to make them aware of their approach and respect towards the opposite gender. Also, men in our society needs to take care of their mental health and express their emotions.

    Besides, the law and administration must strengthen it's roots to provide protection to the women of the country. Specially in the villages and remote regions, strict law must be enforced to break the chain of barbaric crimes.


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    Triggered by the daily news of barbarism, thought to address it.


  • chandrimas772 11w

    अकेलेपन से प्यार करना जिसने सीख लिया

    समझो की तन्हाई ने उससे मिलो का फ़ासला बना लिया |