Write the words like you're in pool of emotions.

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  • chagan_arshiya 16w

    Dil se niklegi Na mar kar bhi vatan ki ulfat
    Meri mitti se bhi ḳhushbu-e-vafa aayegi


  • chagan_arshiya 17w

    Thokre kha k to aaya hu me duniya ki
    Gham na hota gar tere kuche se nikala jata

    Zindagi ke aise ik mod pe aa baitha hu
    Mout aati nahi, Na saanso ko sambhala jata


  • chagan_arshiya 17w

    Chalti phirti bheed ke dhakke Seh pata, Acha hota
    Khol ke dil ko apne sapne fir se batata ,Acha hota

    Reh reh ke ye biti baate zehen me aati jati hain
    Hichki le kar haste haste mar jata , acha hota


  • chagan_arshiya 18w

    Jhoota tha wo yakeen e dil, jhuta tha khud pe aitemad
    Tab bhi tha qalb haara hua, ab bhi koi zafar nahi


  • chagan_arshiya 25w

    Please please let me know how is this?


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    Mujh ko ranj hota hai

    Ye kaali shab ki tanhai me mujhko ranj hota hai
    Hai aankhe nam or yaaden purani, to mujhko ranj hota hai

    Me ghurbat ka hu mara mujhe tasalliyo se nafrat he
    Me kuch na le sakoon bacho ko to mujhko ranj hota he

    Ye jhute sabr ke waade ye taane mere rone par
    Ki bache bhook se rote, to mujhko ranj hota he


  • chagan_arshiya 37w

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    Kuch khayal

    Kash jo soch raha hu, hu ba hu wo likha jata
    Lafz ba lafz khayalo ko panno pe utara jata

    Thokre kha k to aaya hu me duniya ki
    Gham na hota gar tere kuche se nikala jata

    Zindagi ke aise ik mod pe aa baitha hu
    Mout aati nahi, na saanso ko sambhala jata

    Aye khuda kaisa he ye andaz mera dushman se
    Bad dua deta nahi, duaon me na bhulaya jata

    Aire ghairo se bhi tune yun shanasai ki
    Me to samjha tha bin mere na jiya jata


  • chagan_arshiya 40w

    Forget your miseries

    Have a refreshing sleep

  • chagan_arshiya 59w

    Today I got to open Mirakee and saw the Writersbay post of the demise of Jo... My heart skipped a beat and sank as I proceed to check out the news����

    I never got to talk to him much, but his writings, his poems were so smooth to read....always best.

    I once told him that soon he should publish a book as he was a good writer, then he replied me that If I will be the sponsor...he always put smiles on everyone's face����

    His comments on my posts were so honest, he always appreciated, always ready to help. I will miss waiting for his comments, as he was the most sensible person I felt. Yes felt, i didn't know him personally but he is a feeling really, he is remembered by his words. I can't imagine he's no more, he was such a lively person...i can't get over it , it's heavy to realise that he's really not alive. ����

    I'm requesting his close friends to Please take care of themselves, time will heal you all.

    #kehta_hai_joker #readthisJ #rip

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    Whole Mirakee is mourning

    Joker you left a void no one can fill

  • chagan_arshiya 60w

    The discussion was going on about the song "Aafreen Aafreen", our sir said that boys write everything that appreciate women, but there's no song appreciating men....I don't listen to songs...but I had written this poem. Please let me know how is this??

    Aakhen wo teri darya he jaise
    palko pe bhi ek duniya ho jaise
    chehre pe tere, dhundla sa noor he
    muskan teri, mera suroor  he

    baalo me tere jese, chanda ki chandni
    jhurrriyo me teri meri basti he zindagani
    Mehki si khushboo he baato me teri
    Hasti si chidiya he aakho me teri

    Ab tere hath me bas mera hi hath he
    Hum jo rahe sang to duniya bhi sath he
    Dard me bhi pas ho, khushiyo me sath ho
    baat ho jo teri meri, Ek hi wo naam ho


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    Aakhen wo teri darya he jaise
    Palko pe bhi ek duniya ho jaise
    Chehre pe tere,dhundla sa noor he
    Muskan teri, mera suroor  he


  • chagan_arshiya 61w

    Read a story about importance of trees��

    Mirakee held contest, but to participate we have to take sone kind of membership �� so I posted here. Please let me know in comments if you like it, if yes then please tag your buddies ��.

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    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    "You are barrier to my way", he told.
    The branch of date tree rolled her eyes waving to the North as the wind passed by.

    He was a instigator of coal factory. He already owned three more factories which cleaned and scoured the raw coal brought directly from the mine. One very old was built by his father near Majiwada and other two in Koligav.

    But he wanted to build a bigger factory amidst the spreaded 18 acre land abundant in coconut trees, Kapok trees and many other palm trees. He told his servants to start wiping the area as he showed the confirmation paper from the Forest Department and swapped the two bundles of notes.

    Sky was illuminated by the hot sunrays, trees waving and stooped to one side, some folded papers, black polythenes with yellow dried leaves were rolling to his feet. As he ordered to outset the ribbon cutting ceremony which too was tied on the two coconut trees, he heard someone screamed,

    "Don't try to harm us, we are here to save you".

    He ignored. He cut the ribbon, his men along with the Forest Officer clapped, who smiled, sweat dropped from his brow. Another voice came in the hot shiny space amidst the four trees.

    Now it was the peeling trunk of the coconut tree, "Today you cut me, tomorrow you will be cut".

    He got scared a little, a bit confused what if he's doing will cause him pay for that. He left this thought here, and started celebrating for his new factory, that this will make more money so he will be richest in the country.

    After two decade, he was bed ridden due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and tuberculosis too caught him, his only son passed away due to heart failure. His both parents left the area. Two years ago, flood took many lives, and the reason of flood appeared as clearing of vast jungles and the slipped soil. Air got more polluted, percentage of Carbon dioxide exceeded the limit and more air-borne diseases killed people.

    He remembered the line which echoed in his ears now, "Today you cut me, tomorrow you will be cut", he sensed he lost his only child, parents got away, money left as bank balance but of no use...