Cercando La Verita

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  • cercandolaverita 59w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short tale on Unfamiliar

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    My darkness is unfamiliar to humanity

  • cercandolaverita 59w

    The Rotten Ones

    are poison.

    A disease.

    Can you feel the maggots in your mouth
    As they consume your tongue with ease?

    You are a plague

    Your rancid soul stifles the air around you
    Your rotten mind sickens life

    You are a walking degenerate
    Choking on your own vomit
    Drowning in your own blood

    You are a stray dog

    A disgust to all who see you

    Your life is senseless
    And your death
    will be meaningless

    Your name will not be remembered
    Your face will be forgotten

    This is what often happens
    To people that are rotten


  • cercandolaverita 82w

    To the one who knows me

    I've been
    for too long

    But it took me a while to realize
    I belong to no one
    I am bound to no one

    The mountains know my name
    The rivers know my voice

    I am a life half lived
    I am a friend to wild, voiceless things
    and one day I will be remembered
    only by the earth that covers me
    and the wind that seeks me

    The rain will kiss my pale skin
    when I am but a corpse in a shallow grave
    embraced by silence and decay

    I belong
    and will always belong
    to the mountains that know me
    and the storms that adore me

    I belong to the wild things
    that will one day
    consume me.

    ©D. Struckel

  • cercandolaverita 96w


    Everything makes sense
    where sanity ends.

  • cercandolaverita 100w

    Dark Sides

    The slow decent of a soul into sickness,
    and the aching decay of a mind into madness,
    Is a soundless but violent disease that turns people into predators.


  • cercandolaverita 107w

    Night sky

    My mind is somewhere up there, untouched by the moon, but overthrown by stars and dying angels.


  • cercandolaverita 109w

    #abuse #anger #dark #evil
    This is written to everyone who has ever abused, humiliated, molested or raped or hurt an innocent child, man, woman and human being. I may not give in to the dark man, but one day, he will come for you. And you will have no savior.

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    Death is too good for you

    Maybe peace is in taking you away.

    Maybe silence is in taking your life.

    Maybe serenity is in mutilating your most inner human qualities and cutting your soul deeper than a knife could go.

    Maybe freedom is bought with your blood taken through endless hours of excruciating pain.

    Maybe my peace and my silence lies in the inhumane, sick and twisted things I could return to you.
    Everything you gave to others, if I could bring it down upon you in the darkest most sinful ways possible.

    Maybe my silence and peace is in your destruction and agony.

    Maybe I could, for a moment, give the dark man an open door.

    Maybe he could show me how to annihilate you.

    But would all of this not make me as fucked up as you are?
    So I won't allow the dark man in but one day, he will follow your shadow and you will have no savior.


  • cercandolaverita 109w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short tale on Confusing

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    Confused little child, what monster took your innocence from you?

  • cercandolaverita 109w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word one-liner on Silently

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    Bloodthirsty battles are silent but it consumes you from within.

  • cercandolaverita 109w


    I close the door that leads to my mind for the entities are hungry, they crawl through open spaces seeking someone to devour.