Cercando La Verita

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  • cercandolaverita 1w


    My body wastes away
    as my soul cleaves to you.
    Every bone and all my blood
    resides in you.

    Nothing can part us
    not a breath can separate.
    As one we move
    and as one we still.

    There is nothing left beyond this
    nothing to turn back to.

    ©D. Struckel

  • cercandolaverita 9w

    My love, my dear, is it the truth or the lies that you fear?


  • cercandolaverita 10w

    Licentious fire caress,
    the bone, the blood, the liscivious red.
    On lingering table, sensuous undress,
    risqué whisper undo sanity's thread.
    Enamored dance shall my soul possess.

    D. Struchellii

  • cercandolaverita 20w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short write-up on Entire

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    Eyes, green, an entire word within.

  • cercandolaverita 20w


    Sweet and swift,
    are the kisses of a madman.
    Dancing catastrophes
    in those psychotic sensations.

    Slowly, secretly,
    shall his suicidal seduction
    succumb to your satiated

    So sweet is cyanide
    if it lingers on his lips.
    You sit, savoring those seconds,
    as your sanity quickly slips.

    For as he shatters your desires
    with his unsophisticated pleasures,
    you stay trapped, willingly,
    in a madmans idle worship.


  • cercandolaverita 20w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word micro-tale on Nature

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    We destroy, consume.

  • cercandolaverita 33w

    Do you know?

    Do you know what hides
    beneath your bed at night?
    Do you know what happens
    when you turn off the light?


  • cercandolaverita 35w

    When we can't remember,
    we forget.


  • cercandolaverita 45w

    The puzzle

    There were once two puzzle pieces.
    A Man took these pieces to see if they would fit. So, He turned them around in His fingers and lay them next to each other.
    They fit perfectly.
    The picture was whole and it was beautiful.

    Another man came and saw two other puzzle pieces.
    He took them to see if they would fit but no matter how many times he turned them over,
    they just would not fit.
    So he forced them and kept on trying but the picture was all wrong.
    He forced these pieces together until both were broken and ruined.
    And when there was nothing left, he threw them aside.

    The first Man came and saw the two ruined pieces. So He took them and started searching for the right fit.
    He searched until He found the right pieces for the two ruined pieces.
    He took one ruined piece and lay it next to the new-found one.


    They fit perfectly.
    And no matter how ruined one of them were, the picture was beautiful.

  • cercandolaverita 53w


    What is truth?

    Is it an ultimate, unchanging
    predetermined thing,
    or is the truth whatever we decide it to be?
    Is it our own?

    If so, is it not possible
    that we choose to believe a lie
    that most benefits us
    that suits us
    And then call it truth?