i am a student frm mumbai

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  • catch__her__thoughts 5w

    Maturity is depends upon your understanding,not experience

    Sweety jadhav

  • catch__her__thoughts 5w

    Zindagi haseen tab hogi, jab tum muskarte hua sare musibaton se jeet jaoge
    Sweety jadhav

  • catch__her__thoughts 5w

    Hard situations always brings sharp solutions

    Sweety jadhav

  • catch__her__thoughts 7w

    Dard he isliye ansu hai..jis din ansu chupana sikh liye na usdin dard me jina sikh gye samjh lena

  • catch__her__thoughts 7w

    Khud ko har kar✨ apno ko jitane me alag hi majja hai

  • catch__her__thoughts 7w

    The only guardian which will lead you towards positivity is your own thinking.


  • catch__her__thoughts 7w

    "The boy I used to love"

    I remember your sweet voice, like an innocent kid you used to talk to me.
    I needed you but you were far flung from me and my problems.
    You sympathized for me, you cared for me.
    You stood by my side all the time.
    Even though, you were just taking care of me and not loving me.

    I used to argue with you so that you would stay with me for a long time.
    But You were unresponsive towards my emotions and I shed tears for you but you ignored them.

    I kept trying to hold you and did every little thing which will make you cheerful.
    I was despairing while your actions were insolent.
    I used to cry overnight
    I used to envision that you and I will be together and God will blossom love between us.
    I hoped you would come back to me as time passed.
    You were sweet to me initially and now there's nothing left.
    I'm still missing those memories. But after you started to hurt me and your emotion towards me were changed
    My feelings were fading.
    I couldn't believe that this was happening with me.
    Still I didn't give up on you.
    Until you broke my heart and left me there alone.
    Everything has changed now since you left me.
    And it was a good journey and my perspective has changed ever since.

    Written by
    Sweety jadhav

  • catch__her__thoughts 7w


    Koshish puri thi par kahi adhuri
    Zindagi jii rhi thi puri
    par khushiyan ki kami thi
    Har paal dastak deti hai
    Kab gum toh kabhi hasi deti hai
    Bhul gaye the kahi piche chhut rhe hai
    Bhul gaye the hum vahi hai jaha tehre hua the
    Aaj ehsaas hua toh socha chal deti hu
    Do kadam khud ke liye badhati hu
    Chal ne hi wali thi waqt fir tham gaya
    Firse pichla lamha zalak ban kar nazar
    Ke samne aa khada hua
    Socha tha zalak hai hata dungi badh jaungi
    Par zalak se bhi dard mujhe hi hua
    Koshish puri thi par kahi adhuri thi
    Samjhaya todha sa aur himmat dikhani hai
    Todha ek kadam hi uthana hai
    Aaj pata chala khud ko taiyaar karna bhi
    Mushkil hai
    Sab kuch toh Aasan lagta hai ,par hota nhi hai
    Hum bhi khud ko har dete hai
    Hum hote kahi aur jite kahi aur hai
    Kehte hai aaj yaha hu kl kahi aur hai
    Zindagi ki bhi koi hadd nhi hai
    Fir bhi koshish meri puri thi par kahi adhuri thi
    Abhitak samjhi nhi kaha adhuri thi

    Written by
    Sweety jadhav✨❤️

  • catch__her__thoughts 13w

    Be aware

    We'll want to be loved by someone family or either life partner
    But nobody remains same as them they showed
    Emotions matters and betrayals hurts the most
    Sometimes we forgive each other just for giving them second chance to be lived same forever
    when people try to count on you in something which means alot
    But when people's start to counting love ,care it's breaks you into many small parts
    Behave with kindness with everyone

  • catch__her__thoughts 25w

    sweety jadhav

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    Hum sab jante hai ,hum sabke sath hote hua bhi kahi na kahi akele hote hai
    Sab hote hai dost,humdard,apne,paraye,sab
    Hum unme haste hai muskurate hai
    Par andhar hi andhar hum kisse juzz rhe hai kisko pata?
    Humari muskan jhuti he ya sachi kisiko khabar hai?
    Jante itne log hai , par kya pura jante hai?
    Humari chupi aur humari khamoshi se samjhte nhi hai?
    Hum baithe hai uthe hai unhi me rehte hai
    Par hum andher se hi akele hote hai
    Akelepan kahi chubta hai kuch waqt chahiye hota hai hume
    Kuch akele lamhe jaha bas humari humse baatein ho
    Hum khud ka sahara ho
    Hum apni kamjori ko takat banane ke liye
    Joh sukhe ansu hai unhe firse bahane ke liye
    Hume bhi akelepan chahiye hota hai
    Kuch voh pal jaha udasi ,hasi ,fikar,afsoos sab basa hota hai uss mahol se bahar aane ke liye
    Hum akelapan dhundte hai
    Kahi chup se hi baithe baithe lakho vicharo me kho jate hai
    Kahi baithe hi ankhe fir bhar jati hai
    Haa voh akelapan jiski me baat kar rhi hu
    Ap bhi hai mujhe bhi har kisiko hai
    Bas koi pata nhi chalne de aur koi chupa nhi pate yahi farak hai