Bye bye, me is no longer in mirakee world, thank you and take care ❤️ try to remember me

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  • carefree_07 13w

    Bye bye y'all, I had so much fun in mirakee, spending time with you guys, meeting you guys, it was really fun! I am glad I met you all,
    I am going, I have to.

    For those who use to read my post:
    Thank you reading them, I am glad you all liked them, take care of yourself, do your best!

    For those who used to read my novel:
    I am really glad you read all my novel, thankyou for reading and liking them,
    And sorry, I couldn't write the next novel, forgive me, do your best!

    For those who are my friends:
    Forgive me, but I have to go, sorry for not being a good friend and a constant readers, I am busy with studies and all, I will miss y'all, sorry and thank you for being my friend. I am glad I met y'all, and do your best!

    Hey otakus, bye bye y'all, take care, it was really fun with you guys, it was really nice meeting guys who watches anime!
    I really had fun with you all, take care! Have fun! Do your best!

    Another fact:
    I recently wrote a bio,
    In which this was written:
    "~bye bye y'all~
    Nobody cares I guess"

    To which only one person replied, that persons replied was quite lovely...
    Well, I considered many as my friends,
    And I guess nobody noticed, well, I deleted my post, no one replies to it, well, it's ok tho, since I am going anyways,
    And people might read this many days later or something cz I am not tagging anyone, well,
    Whoever is reading this, take care, write beautiful post, do your best!
    Try to remember me...
    Those who haven't read my novel... Read it... I hope you will have great time reading it!
    Well, I guess this is farewell,
    Bye bye!
    Take care, have fun!
    Maybe... I will come here again... One day...!

    And I am not deleting this account...!

    So, bye bye everyone! Take care, have fun,
    Good bye ❤️��

    #lastpost #my_original_content_

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    Bye bye

  • carefree_07 15w

    ~ A farewell letter to 2020 ~

    Hey 2020, finally, it's about time we say goodbye. Are you sad, that you are finally leaving? Or
    Are you happy, that you are finally going?
    You gave us many troubles, hardships, unlike other years, you leave a mark behind, in our life. We will all remember you!

    But again, I think, is it really your fault?
    You are just another year, with twelve months,
    You were supposed to be a normal year, but, we blamed you, saying it's 2020 fault.
    I think it's our fault, for spreading such disease all over the world,
    To make it a little easier, we gave our blames to you and kept blaming you...

    But anyways, on the bright side, isn't it a good thing? Humanity will remember you,
    We already had make some movies about you,
    Then later, the ones who are kid today, will tell a story about you in future,
    Then later, you will become a fairytale.
    You should be happy about that!

    So 2020, farewell!
    We all will remember you,
    Try to remember us too!

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    // Bye bye 2020
    May a year like you never come again,
    May people never do reckless things again,
    Hey 2021, I wonder,
    What you have in store for us,
    I wish, it's something good //

  • carefree_07 15w

    Tried writing one liner for the first time!!
    Honestly, it's lame! ಠ◡ಠ

    But still, thanks for the read!


    @writersbay @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    But darling, 'sorry' can't erase memories.....

  • carefree_07 15w

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay

    So don't let it bother you, live your precious life happily! ��✌��

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    The hypocrites sees faults in everyone, except in themselves

  • carefree_07 15w

    Hola everybody!
    So, I am thinking to write a super-natural novel, romantic, and inspirational,
    So, what do ya all say? Who wants me to tag them in that novel? And, please say honestly whether you are going to read or not, cz, I don't want my time to go waste! ^~^

    Anyways, here is my on-going novel, previous novel was, Can't let you go, it was Romantic, inspirational, emotional, find it on, #cant_let_you_go_part
    A True Warrior

    Type: Action, emotional, inspirational,
    Historical, thriller



    // Their bond //

    They started travelling to United States,
    "Ahhh!! I am getting excitedd, when we reach there, we will have so many to fight with, so many to kill, woohooo!! Aren't ya excited, Elda?"Lucia said.

    Elda was thinking something and didn't paid attention to Lucias words.
    Lucia said, "hey... Elda? ...... Elda?

    "WOAH.... I mean, what?" Elda said.

    "Nevermind!" Lucia said with disgust face.

    After some hours, they got out of the village,
    Lucia said," jeez, travelling with you is so boring, you don't talk, you... You don't have guts!"

    "Guts? Me? Well... Let be!" Elda said," anyways, we should rest for some hours now, it's sunset!"

    There was an ocean, and sun was setting down slowly slowly,
    Elda was looking at it, ans so was Lucia.

    Elda them went and sat on a rock, took out her knife that she found lying on the grass,
    She took some water and cleaned it,
    Then, she begun to stare at knife,

    "What the hell? You always do that when you are free! Srsly? Just what is the good thing you find in that knife?!" Lucia said.

    "I don't know the answer to that question...... I dunno why... But, whenever I see this knife, whenever I hold this knife in my hand.... I... I gain interest in this..." Elda said.

    "B-o-r-ing yo-u aa-re ! And... Why don't you ever use that knife in fight?" Lucia asked little curiously.

    "Bcz... I don't want to use this knife in small fights!"


    Then, they were silent for a moment, then, Lucia asked with a pretty serious face," hey... Are we friends?"

    "Fri...ends? I dunno......" Elda said looking at the sun.

    "Maybe we are....!" Lucia said, "so... Tell me, will you cry if I die? I mean, what will you do after I die?" She said with a sadly smile on her face.

    " (What the hell? Why is she asking me things like this... While making that face?! )
    I.... I dunno... But... You... You aren't that weak that would die that easily!" Elda said.

    Then wind blew.

    Elda stood up, and they both were looking at each other,
    Lucia said," hey... Raise your hand... Like this ... You know... When you are about to punch... Someone... You make that kind, I mean, this kind of palm, *closes palm*"

    "Eh.... What you doin?" Elda asked.

    "Shut up and do it .. I mean.. it's for friends... I think it's called.... Bump? I mean... Hand bump or something....!"

    "I've never done that before... But whatever, I will do it.... *Closes palm and raises it towards Lucia's hand* ... So... What do we do now?"

    "We... I think... We bump our fist?"

    "Let's do it"

    Then they both bumps their fist with each other.
    Then they stared at each other and did it again and again and again.

    After some min, it was already night,
    "That felt good... Right?" Lucia asked.

    "Yeah.... That felt good ... After we reach finland... And after when we win... Let's do it again!" Elda said, but, with no expression in her face.

    "Yeah... That's a promise! Now, let's go to sleep, we have to start traveling right after sunrise"

    And then, they went to sleep in their tent.

    Lucia after a while, wake up and sees elda is asleep,
    She came out of her tent, and looked at the sky and said to herself," what is this feeling?
    Why am I feeling that .. I am soon... Going to die? ........ Nah... I won't die! *Makes a serious face*"

    Then goes to sleep.

    To be continued,
    So, how are y'all doing?
    Hope everything is good to go!


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    A True Warrior

    // Thier bond //

  • carefree_07 16w

    Got the joke? "-"

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  • carefree_07 16w

    Well, you guys know me, I was boring, I mean, literally bored I was, and there was pencil and book near me, so, I just took it and did this!


    Well, I've been kinda busy nowadays, so, how have ya all been?
    Hope everything is good!

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  • carefree_07 18w

    This is just a chatroom for otakus!
    The previous one has already crossed 600!
    And it's gotten pretty old too,
    So, lets have fun!


    #anime #manga

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  • carefree_07 18w

    I am always happy, you know why?
    Because, I don't expect anything from anyone.
    Expectations always hurt. Life is short. So love your life. Be happy. Keep smiling. Live for yourself, ans before you speak, listen. Before you write, think. Before you spend, earn. Before you pray, forgive. Before you hurt, feel. Before you hate, love. Before you quit, try,
    And,Before you die,

  • carefree_07 19w

    My boring mood! '-'

    Little inspired by your knowledge! ^ᵕ^

    Also, inspired by a maths book!

    Do you like maths? Why?
    How do you like it after reading this?
    What is maths to you?
    And, ever wondered what would have happened if there was no such thing called as numbers?
    Comment your reviews about maths.

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    I like to think about the first humans, the people who came up
    with the idea to count things. They must have noticed right
    away that figuring on your fingertips works great. Perhaps Og
    (a typical ancient cave guy) or one of his pals or associates said,
    “There are one, two, three, four, five of us here, so we need five
    pieces of fruit.” Later, “Hey, look,” someone must have said (or
    grunted), “you can count the number of people at the campfire,
    the number of birds on a tree, stones in a row, logs for a fire, or
    grapes in a bunch, just with your fingers.” It was a great start.
    It’s probably also how you came to first know numbers.

    You’ve probably heard that math is the language of science,
    or the language of Nature is mathematics. Well, it’s true. The
    more we understand the universe, the more we discover its
    mathematical connections. Flowers have spirals that line up
    with a special sequence of numbers (called Fibonacci numbers)
    that you can understand and generate yourself. Seashells form
    in perfect mathematical curves (logarithmic spirals) that come
    from a chemical balance. Star clusters tug on one another in a
    mathematical dance that we can observe and understand from
    millions and even billions of kilometers away.

    We need numbers— they're part of our everyday life, we use them everyday without noticing.
    Think about when you have to call someone, you need numbers for that,
    — to turn on the the Air Conditioner, you have set particular temperature,
    And you need numbers for that as well.
    — what is the date today?
    — how old are you?
    — how much is your height?
    And many more.

    If, for some reasons, you're not crazy about maths, read a little further.
    Hope you do like maths, well actually, hope you love maths.

    But no matter how you feel
    about math, hatred or love, I’d bet that you often find yourself
    just wanting to know the answer right away, without having
    to write down everything carefully and work slowly and diligently—or without even having to stop and grab a calculator.
    You want the answer, as we say, “as if by magic.” It turns out
    that you can solve or work many, many math problems almost

    Dr. Benjamin got into this business of lightning-fast calculating just for fun. We have to figure he impressed his teachers and
    classmates. Magicians might make some in their audience think
    that they have supernatural powers. Mathemagicians, at first,
    give the impression that they’re geniuses. Getting people to
    notice what you’re doing is an old part of sharing ideas. If
    they’re impressed, they’ll probably listen to what you have to
    say. So try some “mathemagics.” You may impress your friends,
    all right. But you’ll also find yourself performing just for yourself. You’ll find you’re able to do problems that you didn’t think
    you could. You’ll be impressed . . . with yourself.

    Mathematics is a wonderful, elegant, and exceedingly useful lan-
    guage. It has its own vocabulary and syntax, its own verbs, nouns,
    and modifiers, and its own dialects and patois. It is used brilliantly
    by some, poorly by others. Some of us fear to pursue its more esoteric uses, while a few of us wield it like a sword to attack and
    conquer income tax forms or masses of data that resist the less

    Maths is my sword to me in battlefield,
    First, I am given a small knife, with that, I have to solve little problem, easy problems. Then, if I pass, I am given a two knives,
    And, so on, but, in this battlefield, there is no end.
    There is no particular enemy which I have to kill,
    "In this battlefield, we can't kill, our only job to to solve problems"

    If you ask me why I like maths,
    Well, it's because, In short,
    'I like maths because it is complicated'

    "Knowledge is important."

    "No maths, no world,
    Know maths, know world"